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  1. :drinks: happy anniversary and gratz and thanks for chests :give_rose:
  2. since the beginning i intend to be full support so i went arena with 5 shield 5 heal
  3. im going bald :facepalm: :facepalm: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. dont go elf it can be funny at beggining but when u arrive in Irselnort,is very hard to find help,idk if the "good" players are resting(not playing) but 95% of current players are greedy.(i mean selfish) i'll creat a mc char to see how mc/forsaken are.
  5. Cursed Souls (Forsaken) Description: Shield - We cant be defeated Skull on the shield - Enemy's pain,sorrow and fear. Scythes - Our power to mutilate and kill the enemy. obs.:all images from google(edited....4 images)
  6. Wrong place for guild go to: http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?board=91.0
  7. omg.....its very nice but....outdoor
  8. Someone very retarded is Negrobr...bcuz i saw he spamming on others topic about pvpranger/shaman #1 pro player :bad:
  9. oh ok....but if think that two pieces of KW are better than Divine Endurance(even still lower def)..or maybe not ;D
  10. Imcomplete rune of defe will gives u exactly 178....if u use Miracle Rune....u will have chance to get Critical enchantment(if crit fails....then 178 (for lv13 equip))
  11. off topic: bd has chance if use full Killing Whisper gear?? wt do u think...hehe
  12. Guns,nirvana,pearl jam,red hot,foo fighters,metallica,black sabbath,iron maiden,kansas,avenged sevenfold,a day to remember,blink 182,system of a down,slipknot,steve vai,joe satriani,led,the ramones,ac/dc.....many others bands
  13. lol......very funny pics.... :lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. Hi Legionn pls,remove my name...u forgot was a honor be a member o this clan Regards
  15. im offline most of time...and not being actibe in clan activites...thats the reason
  16. Thanks to Leggion who accepeted me in clan...Champz ans Kupidoll who helped me alot...im leaving the clann....gud luck for u all
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