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Found 35 results

  1. Spayzerr

    Aigrind help us

    Dear friends of Aigrind, I now issue a big cry for help. At dawn on 24/04/2020, we, members of the xELITEBRx guild, of the Brazilian server, suffered an attack by a hacker who stole our leader Ridesh's account, and transferred our level 9 guild to a low level account called Rideshxxxx . We kindly ask you not to listen and help us to recover our beloved guild. It was 2 years of dedication, effort, apart from the money spent on the development of our guild. We have proof of payment of coins and we can prove that the guild was from its creator Ridesh. We love playing warspear and we didn't want to stop playing for this reason ... Once again, we asked for help from Aigrind to ascertain the facts and see in fact that we were robbed ... Thanks in advance, xELITEBRx team #BackEliteBr
  2. Make a suggestion that can benefit the dynamics of the guilds within the game and discuss the existing ones.
  3. Hello! I was thinking about how costumes are quite rare and very expensive. So why not add guild costumes that guild leaders can design for their members? One example is that more "plain" costumes can be for newbies while more "ordnate" costumes can be for heirs and guild leader. The guild leader can set the color and design any time
  4. So, unfortunately, this has recently happened in the US server-Sapphire. It happened to the Deep Impact guild under the leadership of Deeznutsss. He was kind enough to allow a lower level player (Necrofilia) to join. It seems like the player Necrofilia only joined the guild for the sole purpose of stealing everything from the guild vault once he reached a high enough level to be promoted. The only thing that remained was the gold, which has a daily cap of 50g per day, so couldn’t be emptied all at once. I am a current member under the name of Meriska-a level 15 character. I had a few items I was saving for when I hit level 18, that were generously gifted to me by friends that were stolen. The entire guild vault had been emptied. It’s rather disappointing and disheartening that there are players who are willing to sabotage years worth of hard work and time and effort put into a guild’s vault. I made a point of taking screenshots of everything as well as some chat by the guilty player. The consensus seems to be that the developers of this game don’t care enough about the players to punish cheaters and scammers or to make amends to the players affected. I don’t mind the swearing, but I do care about the injustice that happened. This is a form of cheating and unbalances the gameplay for everyone. This issue really needs to be addressed and amends made. Please, Aigrind, prove them wrong and help your player base.
  5. Hey there😀, I wanted to suggest some improvements to the game. Please make sure to let me know what u think. AND always give legit arguments why something is a good and bad idea, thanks. 1) CASTLE WARS Castles are awesome for the guild. The fear of losing and fighting for it, good thing that warspear has added it. BUT the wars for castles are really bad. At a Castle war day, a guild who controls a castle has to wait 1 hour for an attack in the castle! And what if no one is attacking? It will be a waste of time. This should change. Let members of a guild atleast join and protect their guild from the beginning. The way castles are conquered should change. 2) Castle Guild Friendliness The castle should be a cool place to hang with your guild members. The one we have is not guild friendly. There should be a teleport stand there where guild members could teleport to, instead of walking miles to get to their own castle. Next to that, add a GUILD WHAREHOUSE, like wtf why isn't one there??? And make cool play rooms like pvp-bar like the last Halloween. Where guild members could fight each other. This way the castle is more wanted, the skills and special pots u can craft are good and all, but not special. WHY u ask? people come randomly to a guild with the castle gets pots and relics and then leave. Nothing special. No one would stay in a guild with a castle if not needed. Change that. 3) Nadir Exchange: Crimson Corundum Cool a currency u get for epic quests and alot more when winning a weekly award. BUT what can you buy with it? 16 noob armour at nadir, some cool costumes but cant be sold, and some good armor for lvl 20 only... WHAT? GM really add something more man.. My suggestion is, since nadir is a city where the currency of crimson corendomn is most wanted. People should be able to exchange gold from crimson corundum. OR even more, lets make it possible to buy Impereal of greatness, miracle coins with crimson corendom etc! This would make the game more active and playable. Guilds fighting to rank top 3 would be more epic, and seeing guilds becoming more active this way. 4) Add - minigames to the GAME Seriously make mini-games where people can get CC's or Gold or Miracle coins. Like pvp Duels in Nadir and such sort. Now you can only do 3 things in this game. Quest, Dungeons and Arena. (im not counting the events thing since im boycotting it, specially weekly WARS). GM I ask u to open your eyes, go watch the guild leaderboards. Some guilds are like 100+ trophies while the 2nd place has 5 trophies or so. I mean come on so unbalanced. Those ''2nd'' rank guilds don't need to win, because the reward is not needed. That's all folks. Let me hear your opinions.
  6. Romulobr


    Recrutamos jogadores ativos lv20+ Interessados entrar em contato cmg ou com os herdeiros.
  7. Boua tarde! EStout com dúvida pois eu era dono de uma guild e na guild a tinha 2 a 3 herdeiros, porém eu fiquei um tempo sem jogar com o char, aí qnd eu volto a jogar eu perdi a liderança da guild... O cara que tá com a liderança não fica online.... Noobpve druid (18) server BR... voltei a jogar antes do halow... Só eu logo na minha conta então isso foi um bug... aguardo respostas
  8. Hola soy paladín lvl 8 de ememald, soy full Tank juego activamente y me abono.
  9. Hi guys! I started a new guild called "Hispania" in EU server (elf side), im looking for high lvls and active players. We only need GP i have enought gold and usigns to lvl up a lot of lvls.. U are welcome. U can find me in game at any hour by my name: Spanishboy
  11. SELAMUN ALEYKÜM KARDEŞLERİM İnşallah iyisinizdir, yeni başlayan, bir süredir oynayan veya uzun soluklu oynayan kişiler Türkçe foruma hoş geldiniz. Ben 5-6 yıldır bu oyunu oynuyorum bazen ara verdim bazen hiç durmadım. Toplanmak, yardımlaşmak, sorular sormak, veya şu forumu da birazcık canlandırmak için buraya toplanın :) Yakın bir zaman sonra oyuna döneceğim, hali hazırda bir loncamız da mevcut. Birkaç arkadaş elf tarafında oynuyoruz. Yabancılarla oynamak bazen sorun oluşturduğu için, gece vakitleri saat 1'de oyunun günlük görevleri yenileniyor. Hiç beklemeden Ayvondil haritasında ki 85k/95k/200k adlı bossları kesiyoruz. Yeni başlayanlar için biraz yabancı gelebilir belki ama bu konu altında siz de yorum yazarak Oyun nickinizi yazarak bize katılabilirsiniz. Oyunda para kasmak açısından sorun yaşayan kişilere de 5 yıllık tecrübem ile nerelerde ve hangi şekilde level atlayacağını anlatıp hızlıca Ayvondil haritasına çıkartabilirim. Bahsettiğim 85/95/200k boss görevlerini yaptığınızda en azından 20k-25k gibi bir miktarı yarım ya da 1 saat (Grubun oratalama gücüne bağlı) içerisinde bitirebiliyorsunuz. Şu şekilde anlatmaya başlıyorum. Eğer oyuna yeni başlıyorsanız ve bu tür "2d Mmorpg, Retro" tarzı oyunlara da önceden aşina değilseniz "Chosen" yani insan ırkından başlamanız sizi azda olsa sıkabilir. Görevleri birbirini takip ediyor ve uzun sürebiliyor bazen de karıştırabiliyorsunuz :) Elf ırkından başlarsanız görevleri çoğunluklar bitki toplama, bazı yaratıkları kesmek gibi kısa, basit ve açık görevleri vardır. Oyun içerisinde yaratık keserek Exp yani level kasabilmeniz mümkün değildir Hızlıca level atlamak istiyorsanız 2. haritada haftalarca mavi görevlerle oyalanmak yerine hızlı bir şekilde ana görevleri yaparak Ayvondil dediğimiz büyük adaya geçmeye çalışın. Orada istemezseniz de günlük görevlerden hem para kasabilir hem de level atlayabilirsiniz. 2. map yani "İrselnot - Ash Coast" adında ki haritada ilk köy "Gasphel" kıyısında ki limandan kalkan gemiyle "Norlant" adaları haritasına geçebilirsiniz. Burada ana görevlerle beraber, tamamladığınız bazı görevler günlük görevlere dönüşür. Zor düşündüğünüz görevleri yaparken itemlerinizi çıkarabilirsiniz. Mobların grup olmasından dolayı iyi ve tecrübesi olmayan oyuncular için ölüm kaçınılmaz oluyor. :) Bu da itemlerinizi tamir ettirmenize yol açıyor. Gerekli görevleri yaparak şanslıysanız "Norlant Aqueducts" adlı görevden Hpli amulet düşürebilirsiniz 13 ya da 18 levellik. Ben ikisinden de düşürdüm. Hiçbir item alamasanız bile ölmeden bitirebilirseniz, bu haritanın bir günde verebileceği ortalama Gold miktarı 3-4k civarıdır. İtem kasana kadar oyalanabilirsiniz :) Ben tamamen ezberlediğim için, şanslıysam yarım saat gibi bir sürede kısa görevleri bitiriyordum. Oyunda ölmekten kaçının, öleceğinizi düşündüğünüz savaşlardan kaçının. Eğer ölüm kaçınılmaz ise ve o alanda düşman bir oyuncu varsa ona ölmeniz daha iyidir :) Çünkü oyuncular tarafından öldürülürseniz itemlerinizin dayanıklılığında bir azalma olmuyor :) Ve köyünüze gitmek istiyorsanız, bulunduğunuz alanda dünman oyuncu görürseniz bırakın öldürsin, hızlıca kayıtlı olduğunuz köyde başlarsınız :) Dediğim gibi Eu-Emerald serverinde oynuyorum, Bahsettiğim loncanın ve kendi ismimi vermeyeceğim, forumun canlanması ve 1 yorum da olsa atılabilmesi için sizlerin Eu-Emerald serverine gelmesini, mümkünse elf tarafında oynamasını ve grubumuza katılmak için de bu konu altına değerli yorumlarınızı atmanızı rica ediyorum. 2 dakikalık bir kayıt işlemi ve birkaç dakikalık profil düzenlenmesinin ardından türkçe konuşabilen bütün kardeşlerimizi yabancılık çekmemesi için bekliyorum. Irkçılık, hakaret, ego gibi fitnelerden uzak olup, serbest görüşün, düşünceye ve fikre açık, dini, mezhebi, dili, hiç fark etmeksizin tüm "Kürt,türk,laz,arnavut,arap,ateist,deist,müslüman,hristiyan,yahudi,budist,şaman,anarşist,devrimci,aktivist,şeriatçı,laikçi,dirilişçi :D tüm oyuncuları bekliyorum, tek kural düşünceye, görüşe, inanca, kültüre, dile, ırka saygıdır. Hepimiz aynıyız, hiçbiriimzin bir diğerine üstünlüğü de yoktur. Ben bu kadar yazdım, beni kırmayın bir yorum da siz atın hadi bekliyorum.. İyi oyunlar dilerim :)
  12. Dearest GM, I would like to suggest you to change the Guild Points reset time in our Guild, please make it same as the Tournament ending time. This is very helpful for those Guild Leaders to kick those who didn't make the minimum Guild Points required on the said tournament. Please i think this suggestion is very needed, i know many people also wants to change this Guild point reset on guilds. Thank you GM !
  13. Cynosure (cy·no·sure) noun noun: cynosure; plural noun: cynosures a person or thing that is the center of attention or admiration. "This guild was the cynosure in the eyes of all" Guild Updates: Pushing towards level 2, currently sitting at 41k+ GP. Any new members that join and stick around to gain 700+ GP I will provide boosts for, including knowledge pots and Unity pots. Lets go! Fresh ACTIVE progression guild, looking for new members. My timezone is North America but accepting all time zone players. Anyone is welcome, new and old players. Looking to form a nice little active community that plays and communicates together. All levels are welcome, inactive players will be removed after two guild resets if no progression is made (some exceptions can be made for alts if discussed). I will be donating and using mcoins as needed for guild progression as we get there, I would like to progress this guild to endgame content. If you are interested in more info or joining the guild leave a message here or pm Mygot or Mygotx ingame. Hope to see ya soon, happy hunting! -Mygot
  14. So I've looked around, found a few Discord servers, but most of which were poorly managed, almost empty, poorly created, and disorganized. I've been using Discord for quite a while and am very familiar with it, so I took the liberty of creating a server that will not only be aestheticly pleasing, but also very user friendly and opposite of the aforementioned negative traits of the other servers. My server, as of now, is more geared towards the US-Sapphire community. I may implement expansion to other servers depending on how this one turns out. | The Goal | - Create a community of fellow Warspear fans outside of the game, so that they may keep in touch when not playing. - Utilize Discord's voice chat function to further enhance the co-op gaming experience. This will create a far better system of communication between players during events, dungeons, questing, etc. - Connect players on a more personal level. | Perks | - With my "Guild" channels I've incorporated into my server, it will be significantly easier to coordinate guild events, find a other guilds, and make recruiting/joining a lot less painful. - The "World Chat" channel in my server will make text based communication much easier and far less cluttered. Plus, you'll be able to share your dank memes with your friends. As an added bonus, there will not be any GameRusher spammers. - I have created a "Market" channel to help with the buying and selling of in-game items. This is especially useful because now if the buyer/seller is skeptical, they can provide screenshots as evidence. - Bots! In my server, I really like to utilize the bot function. - Stream Music - Play mini-games (We got Blackjack) - Rise through the ranks in the server and so much more. ... The list goes on... | The Future | As an additional perk to using Discord, I have ideas for the future that would allow for the orchestrating of large scale events such as (but not limited to) : -Gold give-aways -Raffles for rare items, costumes, gold. - Large dungeon "raids" for continuous raiding without having to spam the in-game chat for players. -Guild wars Etc. To me, it is blatantly obvious that this is an essential tool for the Warspear community. If you are interested, you may simply click this link; https://discord.gg/8jK7Rdj If you are not interested, for some odd reason, you may just go on about your day, playing un-connected. P.S. I apologize. I did not mean to offend, I only meant that the some of the servers I had visited had been less than "up-to-par". The overall theme I repeatedly saw, was cluttered UI, cramped menus, and no apparent organization accompanied by a barely existent community. Which may actually be the reason behind the decrease in Discord activity. Too many people joining the wrong servers and having bad experiences, then developing a mindset that all of discord is just as bad. If we're to do this, it has to be done right and is ultimately up to the people that take the initial step. I built the platform, now it's up to the players to stand on it. Take a chance, I'd be willing to bet you'll have a better experience this time.
  15. Hi im looking for interested players to join my guild its lvl 2 currently im looking for mates to go to nadir dg lvl +18 above im not strong or rich just trying to start my small group of friends or guildmates if interested u can contact me
  16. Benevolent Guild is recruiting memebers.
  17. So, years ago i was left in charge of guild ( Oblivious ), the one who made it is Skitzer ( haven't seen him online for ages ). For past years i was rarely online, since i don't play this game any more, anyways when i was online another guy that i knew for years asked me for guild leader. He's known as LordBasil ( known for sharing his Acc info with other people ), he told me that he don't share his info anymore. Apparently i was stupid enough to believe him and try guess what, he got scammed along with the guild. I don't try to blame anyone for my stupidity trusting the guy that i knew for years, i just saying that if you want to join that guild you should know how it ended up where it is right now. Any proof? Yes i will add picture from 2014. ( 2014-01-17 ).
  18. A lot of, and by "lot of" I mean huge number of people are tired of being deceived by being kicked out of guilds just before the end of guild tournament. This is a disgraceful deed by guild leaders that surely make them unworthy for their rank. Members of a guild work just as much or maybe even harder for success, so trwating them like this is damn unright. Maybe on other servers it's not a problem, but on EU it IS a REAL PROBLEM. Or to be exact, it's a problem on Legion side, in one guild, AoA. The commiter, the Satan of leaders is the one, Hassn, who thinks just because he pisses oil and poops oil barrels, he can do anything. Despite it's only a game, it's unacceptable what he is doing. He kicked a lot of hard working people because he had the mood for it, making those people lose the reward. I have personal experience, too, back in December (?) I was in AoA on a special tourney week, with over 10k gp. For some people it's nothing, but with school, study and family matters it was hell to me. On the last day of the tournament he came online and kicked some of us, even a player with 40k points. Asshole... I'm sure devs won't give a sh*t about this, afterall, Hassn (whatever his real name is) is their best costumer. And I can't blame them, why disturb a gold mine? (Or oil well, lol) And why do anything when this only happens in only one goddamn guild of the whole game? They'd say: Just don't join AoA. Don't join the best (best in developement, shitty as a community) guild on the server.
  19. Ninja

    Guild Wars

    Guild vs Guild war system: - Guild leader can declare war to other guilds (via Tour list) - Opponent leader can accept or decline war - During war, PvP points from killing opponents will count for own guild score - First guild to reach 1000 points (about 50 kills) wins war - World Chat INFO: Guild XXX won war vs guild YYY - Guild Chat INFO: Member X killed Y for 22 points (War score 282/211) - War opponents will be marked with orange names - If guilds in same faction, disable war in Towns and special zones/islands
  20. I have made many suggestions in the past but i think this one is huge. A massive guild update reprising on A new fun farm system for an entire guild and new guild activities im not Sure where to start but ill explain My idea and hopefully youll like it and support it. Around 2 Years ago guild Castles were introduced and Mentioned but No action was taken upon it guild that have true unity seek a new challenge. Guild Castle is unlocked as soon as you hit lv3 Guild. (Unlock and lv1 Is Free.) At lv1 Guild castle you Have a base area With a Wh keeper and a Dealer and 3 Doors. (to be explained in a minute) it costs Around 80 Unity Signs and 200k Gold To go lv2 Guild at lv2 you unlock The First Door which is Raid Bosses. now let me Explain the first door in depth. Raid bosses are CUSTOMIZABLE For the price of Gold you can choose certain bosses to put into this sqaure room door (Just the Boss no Mobs) This will have old bosses choosable as well (Beholder Slime Demono Snorlar Sam Hain 2013 2014 Versions Etc) For a price of gold or mcoins (Note the higher the boss the higher the cost. and ofc the more challenge for the guild) as you enter the door whoever in ur guild enters the door will automatically be put into a party Now this is where the system is unique all Doors put u in a unlimited party with ur guild no more 5 members a full on raid for a Guild . having multiple parties is simply stupid This activity and farm is all about Unity this also makes sure Each Guild member has a chance of drops (Bosses do not count for achievements) 2nd Door unlocked at lv3 (150 unity signs 400k Gold) Will unlock guild lab which is a Lab made by the developers for personal Guilds to run through acquiring new drops and bars and essences and craft mats. Further Speculation can be made on this hopefully maybe put Kadom At the end of the Labrynth? (Look boss contest ) 3rd Door (400 Unity signs 1m Gold) Will Unlock A Dungeon thats incredibly hard but can be done up to 20 Members in a guild and it gives more gp then a usaul Top Dg and will always give superior gp and with updates drop will change aswell. last But not least available at lv1 Guild Raid allows you to attack another guild in a arena such match. Except like war they have a flag and so do you its Basically a game of guild capture the flag Sections go 5-10 Members 10-20 20-30 30-50 50-100 As Raids will cause a huge war like game and can be demanded from the guild castle. This will Reward Ap Gp to the winners (Large Qauntities) and hopefully will be the only free feature besides the Unlock (10 Battles Per day More can be purchased for Mcoins) match making will be determined by Guild level Achievements will be Added aswell which Developers can Discuss. To Go to your guild castle in the blank space Noted in the Current Menu below there will be a option Hope this suggestion hits home i surveyed around 100 players and 90% agree with the following Suggestion. Lets Discuss And hopefully further the game and its Original Farm/Raid Based Platform Thanks!
  21. Hello, I am looking for an active guild on the europe server. I'm a level 18 rogue and fairly active
  22. Ubaidlee


    we need a good team players join with us permanently.
  23. serhannn

    Klan Arıyorum!

    US-SAPHIRE de 15 lv bladedancer im simdiye kadar hic bi guilde katilmadim.Guild puan lar boşa gitti.
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