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  1. I think it's funny that you talk about nerf or readjustment, when your faction has the most broken classes. Where to start? How about starting with the paladin and his shield? or perhaps by the wizard, who throws himself in the crowd, stunning, giving group control and killing several players, in addition to, of course, having a shield that denies much damage all the time. We cannot forget the beloved BD, famous for his balance. You know, the forum is free to have a dialogue, but this seems to me like crying. Did you leave a faction with an excuse that the classes there were privileged, and now you are using the same argument against the faction you played before? Can not understand. I think the only possible conclusion of all of this is that, in fact, you are bad at the game and cannot accept it. Anyone with a little dedication could easily end the formation of MCs. dedicate yourself more to the game, the possible strategies, and only then, you can consider asking for a readjustment. Just to not forget, cry BADCOMPANY...
  2. Dear friends of Aigrind, I now issue a big cry for help. At dawn on 24/04/2020, we, members of the xELITEBRx guild, of the Brazilian server, suffered an attack by a hacker who stole our leader Ridesh's account, and transferred our level 9 guild to a low level account called Rideshxxxx . We kindly ask you not to listen and help us to recover our beloved guild. It was 2 years of dedication, effort, apart from the money spent on the development of our guild. We have proof of payment of coins and we can prove that the guild was from its creator Ridesh. We love playing warspear and we didn't want to stop playing for this reason ... Once again, we asked for help from Aigrind to ascertain the facts and see in fact that we were robbed ... Thanks in advance, xELITEBRx team #BackEliteBr
  3. First, good morning everyone. I would love to understand the reason for removing all the gold gained from sector 4? Is that a reason to force players to go to the wonderful sector 5? This sector has taken the patience and willingness to play from many people. So many problems make it hard to know where to start. Come on... Sector 4 was one of the few ways that non-paying players make their gold without much difficulty, and taking it away was cruel. Sector 5, and incredibly different, cool, new game mechanics, though, try to understand that no one was prepared for it. It is very strange this gameplay where it uses 1 oxygen per minute, but it takes 5 minutes to recover 1 oxygen. Have you ever wondered how discouraged players are about this? It does not stop there. I understand the monsters must be strong, but I still don't understand why you get on a screen, take 2 steps forward and a monster that is on the other side of the screen came to attack you if you don't even pass by. Please take a closer look at this new city, there are a lot of things that can be improved with a little attention. Thank you
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