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  1. I understand your job of commenting and getting something positive out of a good conversation between two or more people with a good idea. But as I stated above, my idea of the skill is something 100% creative, imaginative and thoughtful, a suggestion to remove problems that I see using the skill, but at no time stealing from another class, I even used isolating and editing to make it more understandable for visitors, onlookers and searchers of ideas. It is not necessary for me to accept the invitation because I know the topic “Wizard” and I visit frequently to share and suggestions about the
  2. I am sorry for the size of the writing because my translator leaves it somehow, I will look for something to fix it. If you don't want to answer all right, I'm sorry again for wasting your time.
  3. I made a topic a few weeks ago about a suggestion to change the oil body, which fits exactly what is being commented on. In my opinion it would help the warlock a lot, because there are a lot of problems in the petreo when it activates, depending on the occasion, and that in my opinion adding a mobility in the petro body would help the warlock in several aspects, including pvp, pve and gvg, and it would not be something absurd because it would only add mobility and for a short period of time Adms was very sad for not even commenting, in an idea that would help the warlock class in times of gre
  4. I completely agree with the topic, because the sentinel classes have a great advantage in this GvG because of their mobility skills that give a great advantage in the hero's movement. I recommend an adjustment in the classes of the elves or legion to avoid this disadvantage, which unfortunately makes a huge difference in this GvG. I will contact my mind in search of ideas to balance the mobility of both factions in this GvG, for now it is very essential that this issue is reviewed by all developers, so that there is a balance for both sides
  5. Eu gostaria de agradecer a todo time da Aigrind, finalmente ouviram os excluidos, na minha opinião essa atualização corrigiu muitos erros que estava no jogo em referência as classes. Era cansativo ver poster de Pts mages solando TW sem um tank ou um Heal em sua pt, ou matando bosses e mini-bosses solo com staff +1,+2,+3,+4. Alem de varias motivos estranhos, exemplo a Aura do mago estunando seus adversários, mesmo se o mago estiver estunando ou silenciado. Otimo trabalho e muito justo. Como também os WDs que recusava classes heals para farms, pois simplesmente não p
  6. Ja tirei minha dúvida, vim apaga essa replica, não sei como apaga um comentário aqui
  7. É possível que um jogador te hackear sabendo apenas o seu login de e-mail da sua conta? Essa é uma duvida que eu sempre quis saber, pois ja vi pessoas que expôs o gmail do jogador na destriçao da própria guilda
  8. I also, I think it would help a lot the warlock, both pve, pvp and gvg, I gave some examples in the comments, if you also have examples feel free to share with us
  9. Very good, great examples, I can even strengthen your examples: pve: Warlock, was pulled by a mob that has the same skill as DK, you will use the body stone to remove the agro from the mob or Mobs that are around you, so you use it, but as the skill only has 3 seconds, you left and the mobs are still there by your side and attacked you again In pvp I have 2 problems with the body stone and I will quote them: 1st in the arena of rays, when you try to hit your enemy and you end up falling in a tower of rays, for you to leave we know that it will take up to 3 hits from the tower, if using the s
  10. Thank you very much it was difficult to make this little illustration, because you used an old cell phone So about your doubt, Lock will be impossible to click and immune to the effects of abilities while Lock is under the effect of the Spectral Body
  11. Okay, I am very grateful for your visualization in my suggestion, I am very grateful, it took some work to edit the images using an old cell phone. Thank you very much, I don't know if the Gms will see my suggestion or pass by, but I thank you for having seen
  12. I'm sorry I wrote it wrong. In fact, the Warlock in that time he was invulnerable, he cannot be reached by abilities, effects and controls, but he also cannot use abilities, just like the function of the petroleum body, only the difference is that the warlock can move. If I have missed something again please, you can keep asking, I will not leave here until everyone has no more doubts about my idea of rework.
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