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  1. He moves like whispers, claiming lives walking death, whom none survived Character in the shadows, keeping vigil to thwart any vile and sinister act.Puts on a mask with eerie smile, appareled in black, sending the malefactors back to hell. Origin The Legend says that in the world of tyrants and wicked,where they ruled over the innocent, a prediction was made by the necromancers that a boy will be born with a symbol of star on his hand, having exceptional abilities who would bring down the throne of cruel tyrants. And so it did happen. But before the boy co
  2. edited. i appreciate your concern.
  3. Menu > Interact > player profile an option which specifies the player's origin. for example: Name : "Someguy" Real Name: "Bruce" Country: "Narnia" it should also include total "death" and "kills" e.g; Death(s): 320 Kill(s): 4331 ("kills" only counts when you kill the players contradicting factions, not when you kill mobs/bosses/arena rivals.killing only counts when the player to be assassinated is of appropriate level. for example; if you're lvl 20 then the kill only counts when you slay a player from level 18-24 and vice versa) it
  4. https://youtu.be/UVFwC2NUtzA this is my very first edited Amv ever. i hope you'll enjoy it.
  5. i was just gonna suggest this suggestion, "Specific Skills Description".........
  6. i checked yesterday before posting this...i could not find any poll of this...anyways (@snorlax or R0land, delete this topic. ty)
  7. here's what I've been wondering. if a player's character dies by; -Fire-arrow: he would burn to ashes. -A Critical strike (by sword): his head would be chopped off. -Poison:his corpse would be deceased. -Hamstring: his hands and legs would be chopped off. -Chop: he would bleed to death. etc etc... (i used he/his for a character) it would be fun, watching a player's character rot off as he takes his last breaths....well...would be amusing, right?
  8. -Editing Software i make amvs so i know many softwares but most proficient Video Editing Software in my opinion are: 1: Sony Vegas Pro 2: Adobe after effects 3: cinema 4d my personal is Sony Vegas -Capturing Video i usually use: 1:Screencast-O-matic its easy to use and capture screen video
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