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  1. So, unfortunately, this has recently happened in the US server-Sapphire. It happened to the Deep Impact guild under the leadership of Deeznutsss. He was kind enough to allow a lower level player (Necrofilia) to join. It seems like the player Necrofilia only joined the guild for the sole purpose of stealing everything from the guild vault once he reached a high enough level to be promoted. The only thing that remained was the gold, which has a daily cap of 50g per day, so couldn’t be emptied all at once. I am a current member under the name of Meriska-a level 15 character. I had a few items I was saving for when I hit level 18, that were generously gifted to me by friends that were stolen. The entire guild vault had been emptied. It’s rather disappointing and disheartening that there are players who are willing to sabotage years worth of hard work and time and effort put into a guild’s vault. I made a point of taking screenshots of everything as well as some chat by the guilty player. The consensus seems to be that the developers of this game don’t care enough about the players to punish cheaters and scammers or to make amends to the players affected. I don’t mind the swearing, but I do care about the injustice that happened. This is a form of cheating and unbalances the gameplay for everyone. This issue really needs to be addressed and amends made. Please, Aigrind, prove them wrong and help your player base.
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