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  1. Kyrai


    Well, I'm still working on the costume list, something tired because they really are quite a lot of costumes there are several that I have not yet put them in other categories anyway because seeing all the work I started thinking more thoroughly a topic that had already been published From a player but I lost it, I'll be able to find it later. Not because the root of the problem is that the costumes are space accumulators in the backpack, practically if you are a collector you will get a moment that the costumes that you have collecting you will be removing you vital space, and then with all the photos of the costumes I have collected, it makes me clear that you can not have them all come a point that if you continue and continue to collect costumes either from the BattlePass or during the development of the game whether events or updates will arrive at the limit of the backpack. It is a silent problem that few notices it. And perhaps a future problem, but it is better to prevent before regretting erase the costumes in the future due to lack of space I would suggest creating a window called Closet, this must accumulate all the costumes existing to date, with a search bar included, I mean if I have 100 costumes I could look for the one who wanted to put me with putting the name and that each letter that Put Discarding Costumes Example: Search: w ... Water Sorcerer Whirlwind Wickedora Widow's Dress Wisteria Witchking William Brocard. Search: wi ... Wickedora Widow's Dress Wisteria Witchking William Brocard Search: wis ... Wisteria A small example would be something like that, I did it at least beautiful, sorry for me, but I care more the method xD Space of Closet: Unlimited A problem test is this gif that records all the costumes that you collect, are 556 photos (costumes) in total And the maximum of the backpack tells you the item 300 slots itself and the worst thing is that what I have collected is not even complete, I need to take screenshots from the costumes of the Miracle Coins store Important: Finally, I also suggest that they eliminate the method of selling the Personal (Parameter) Costumes to the NPC, I sold one that I liked a lot by accident, because the method of selling things is something complicated to understand when the game begins,with the closet you would have the costumes saved there forever, so isn't neccesary make costumes sellable items if they are under personal parameter, because cant be unbinded. and as they can not be sold by blocking them as the emojis, they can not be used if you already have it unlocked, so as not to have repeated costumes
  2. Here's my tought: I see you guys (devs) made Templar and Chieftain to balance (and create) some problems between factions, but with this, you leave another problem: Elves and Undeads now only have 4 classes, while Humans and Mountain Clan have 5. I don't know if you're already planning the new classes. If Yes, then just ignore this post, if No, my idea is: Make a Contest. How it will work? People will make posts on Suggestions with the tag "New Classes Contest", for it to be approved, it needs: • Name • Race (Elves, Firstborns, Undeads, Forsaken, etc) • Usable Weapons and Armors • Role (Full Tank, Tank/DMG, Healer, etc) • PvP, PvE or "Neutral"? • 5 Skills* • 5 Expert Skills* • Reference Image (for the Novice Costume) OBS: Make a class related to the Faction. What is the sense of a Firstborn Demon or a Forsaken Fairy? *For the Skills to be approved, it needs: • A theme (for the name, icon, visual effects and sounds) • Description (percentages, time of buffs, debuffs, cooldown, mana cost/consumption, etc)* *Doesn't need a exact description, just don't make it overpowered XD Some time after the Contest start, the top 3 (or 5, 10, idk) suggestions with more Reactions will be announced on a Poll, and the Class with more votes IF the developers like it, will be put on the game. Q: But no one uses the forum, do you really think it will work? A: My man, it's a New Class Contest, do you really think no one will try to make or vote in a new class? Q: What the winner will win? A: I don't know, maybe... a new class? Well, they can receive a XP Pot and a Novice of the class that they did, i think it's good...? Q: Why? A: The player themselves will know what is in need on the Faction (like a Physical Damager for Forsakens, Magical Damager for Firstborns, etc). The phrase "the developers don't play this game" will not be true anymore
  3. Relic Synthesizing Let me introduce a new synthesis system using relics. I don't think Warspear has enough gamble contents. I want to test my luck. It is to synthesize 5 relics to make 1 random relics. This can be synthesized by repair npc in the town. I'll collectively refer to great, magic, terrible, icy and mcoin relics as great relics If you synthesize 5 great relics, you get a random great relic with a 100% probability. If you synthesize 4 great relics and 1 small relic, you get a random 1 great relic with a 80% probability. If you synthesize 3 great relics and 2 small relics, you get a random 1 great relic with a 60% probability. If you synthesize 2 great relics and 3 small relics you get a random 1 great relic with a 40% probability. If you synthesize 1 great relic and 4 small relics, you get a random 1 great relic with a 20% probability. If you synthesize 5 small relics, you get a random 1 great relic with a 10% probability. (If you fail, you will get 1 small relic. And castle relics are excluded.) If you synthesize 5 small relics of the same kind(ex. 5 small relics of multiple spells), you definitely get the same kind of great relic. (I don’t know what to do about mcoin relics. I need your opinions.) If you synthesize 5 small relics in the same category(ex. 5 empowering relics) , you definitely get a great relic in the same category. The probability of obtaining each relic depends on the rarity or price. This is the area devs can decide. Pros: As the price of relics rise, farmers' income increases. Cons: Many relics are used for synthesis, so people may not be able to purchase the necessary relics. If you have any good opinions, please leave them. Thank you for reading my suggestion.
  4. - Name: Otherworldly Shield - Effect: Remove all negative effects from ally targets within 3 meters, protects targets with a damage-absorbing shield. - Type: Active - Cooldown: 30s - Range: 3 meters around the character - Maximum number of PvP targets: 5 at all skill levels, PvE targets is unlimited. - Shield power: LVL 1 -> 5% of target's maximum health + 70% of charmer's magic power LVL 2 -> 10% of target's maximum health + 85% of charmer's magic power LVL 3 -> 15% of target's maximum health + 100% of charmer's magic power LVL 4 -> 20% of target's maximum health + 115% of charmer's magic power - Shield duration: LVL 1 -> 6s LVL 2 -> 8s LVL 3 -> 10s LVL 4 -> 13s - Skill application priority: party members > guild members > randons - An example of the targets it affects.
  5. relics are an important part of our game, they add ''something extra'' to our skills, as well as being something both factions can use. Thinking about that, I came to bring you some suggestions for new relics, after all it's been a while since we've had any new ones in the coin shop :) unholy relic from the dead area type: attack example of skills: Basic damage skills such as tears of harad, shadow prism, shadow arrow, fireball. effect: with a 7-15% chance creates an area of 1m under the enemy target (3x3) the area reduces the enemies' movement speed, attack speed and skill cooldown by 15%. this relic is intended to be a relic geared towards group confrontations, and to give all the more reason to use the classes' basic single-target abilities. relic of the summons type: defensive exemple of skills: roots, armistice, oppression, deatthly eye, nighmares (basic control skills and debuffs) effect: if the enemy resists the skill's effect. summons a minion to attack the enemy for 10s, the minion deals 20~30% of the player's physical and magical damage to the enemy. only one minion can be active at a time (this is to avoid pet spam by the necromancer) this would be a relic that would give some reason to use pve control skills, especially against bosses. relic of duplication type: attack exemple of skills: Basic damage skills such as tears of harad, shadow prism, shadow arrow, fireball. effect: the skill also affects a nearby target (2m), dealing 25-50% of the skill's damage to the enemy. basically a relic that does its base damage skill, hit an additional target. the purpose of this requi is to give undamaged classes in area a relic option for this. acceleration relic type: defensive exemple of skills: healing and defensive skills. effect: with a 5-10% chance it increases the character's movement speed by 20% for 10s. this relic would be to try to balance the movement speed existing between the two factions. One way to avoid accumulations between the relic and the chieftain's and seeker's ability would be to make the relic's effect not stack with other movement speed effects. icy relic of the piercing attack (for the christmas event) type: defensive exemple of skills: roots, armistice, oppression, deatthly eye, nighmares(basic control skills and debuffs) effect: if the enemy resists the effect of the skill, increases the parameter ''penetrating attack'' for 10s an effect little used by players, it would be nice to have a relic that increases this status.
  6. HEY Y'ALL! Among most of Warlock players it is common to hear the same complain about the Stone Body expert skill once in the most scenarios it will just delay certain death. Even we know that defensive power is not the main role of this class the purpose of this topic is to discuss possibilities of adjustments and improvements to this skill as far as possible. Below, the current state of the skill: Stone Body: Applies the Stone Body buff for a limited period. The character can't be attacked but he is also immobilized and can't use skills. Character also restores some extra health. Next, the latest changes in the skill(8.4.2 Release): Now after using the skill it can be cancelled during its effect. The skill now restores health every 2 seconds of its duration amounting to 2-3-4-5% from maximum health amount. The skill itself has been improved a lot with these latest changes BUT the main problem remains, in the most scenarios in the game it just delays certain death. Considering the PvE content, it's of no use. Going to the PvP content: Arena : Once you use Stone Body you're a dead weight and -1 in your party ,but at least you'll restore a decent amount of health, right? WRONG! Besides that to recover a decent amount of HP the skill needs to be amplified, and that using it already leaves your party at a disadvantage, the Warlock becomes an extremely easy and predictable target on which opponents will be spamming their click with some control skill or massive damage(R.I.P). GvG and War: There's not much to say here, the Warlock provides a lot of group control in the area and it is very useful in these battles. But just for the record, if he has to use Stone Body, the result when leaving the buff is the same as the other 99% of the time: DEPLETED! Now, let's discuss what could change in the skill if the devs agree that there is a need: In the 9.3 Update Preview we can see that the incoming damage reduction is, to some extent, in the range of possibilities of the developers for Warlock, in the additional effect of Dark Seal. Dark Seal: Moved the effect of bonus health restoration by "Life Exhaust" moved to the "Grimoire" skill. Additionally reduces the damage the target deals to the warlock by 10-15-20-25% if it is under the silence effect of the "Hex" skill. Considering that the path the game is taking is not directed to 1x1, this INCOMING DAMAGE REDUCTION would fit perfectly as a post Stone Body effect, with duration and percentage of damage reduction increasing according to the skill level. This incoming damage reduction could be applied to any damage from opponents within a specific area of effect. Anyway, the new description and functionality of the skill would look something like this: Stone Body: Applies the Stone Body buff for a limited period. The character can't be attacked but he is also immobilized and can't use skills. Character also restores some extra health.After using the skill it can be cancelled during its effect. After Stone Body buff effect fades, the incoming damage caused to Warlock from targets within (certain area) is reduced by (certain percentage) for (certain seconds). In my opinion this would be the easiest improvement in the skill providing more survivability to the warlock and not changing too much the skill mechanics. I have other ideas, such as a Push effect to solve the frustating spamming(mainly from melee classes) waiting to the end of Stone Body buff, similar to the Templar Reverse Flow or a 3x3 blocks 1 sec Silence to players around the Warlock. BUT, honestly i don't know if it would be fair(and that's what I'm looking for for the game). There is an ideia to make Stone Body more similar to Mantra of Healing giving mobility too but I'm almost sure I read it in another Topic. For now that's it, I appreciate the attention and share your ideas!
  7. Hi there, I wanted to discuss today about necro their ranges on skills. I have a feeling necro's lack on PVP since the introducing of resist. I played priest and necro, but I have a strong feeling that the shield from priest is way stronger at 5/5 then necro his shield? is this something that could be looked upon? I noticed that in most of the fights vs these healing class that it is mostly one sided because of their longer range. There are also other classes like warlock who has a 4 yard fear I dont know if u can put the relic on it. My suggestion would be to make necro their range also 5 yards or maybe rework the nightmare sleep into a stun and keep it 4 yards? Necro: Nightmares - 4 yards Necro: Ancient seal (heal) - 4 yards Necro: Boneshield - 4 yard Priest: Exhuasting burden- 5 yards Priest: Armstice - 5 yard Druid: healing dew - 5 yards Druid: entangling roots - 5 yards Shaman: Blind - 5 yards Healing spirit - 5 yards Barb and charmer both have 5 yard stun with relic 7 yards. btw, BD 16 secs resist and still killing my necro on 56% resi with 1400dmg+ ... Regards, Mistake
  8. I am suggesting to give Hunter stronger burst for PvP/Pve (Mobs) Because right now if you compare hunters to other classes they wont win in 2x2 arena good rangers, druids, shamans, tanks because they have few skill which dmg is low and works only maybe groupfights well, usually hunters in arena losing alot mana, cant burst hitting auto attacks also if enemies use physical toughening it makes them much weaker, so i suggest to give atleast one burst dmg skill and it has change to survive arenas. And if burst dmg for Hunters, then rangers should get some or atleast one strong aoe or control skill hunters can control enemies with fear, dmg them with 2 skill (multiple enemies) Hunter (Aoe, control) Ranger (High pvp damage, alot stuns) we should balance them pve is for both fair only for pvp.
  9. The druid is a very underrated class for PvE and GvG. Elements are lacking for the class to be more attractive, just as it is being done with the shaman. However, i believe that you can perform well in GvG, and it is necessary to adjust in some of your skills. This is the first skill I want to talk about. It has interesting mechanics, but it cures very little and its additional penetration is bad. My suggestions are an increase in Health Recovery from the magic power from (%) 100 to 125 on 4/4, Yards to be 6 instead of 4, that the skill can be called upon (since it is an instant cure) and that its additional penetration is a fixed value. This ability would be good for the possibility of criticism, as it heals a single target and is instantaneous. In addition, it needs an increase in yards from 4 to 6. In the case of this last skill, the previous version of it (just below) seemed to be much more useful, as it helped more than the current version in group control. If you also have a suggestion, disagree with me on something or even agree, comment on this topic! References: https://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?/topic/231949-информация-по-навыкам-друид-930/ https://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?/topic/176563-информация-по-классу-друид-911/
  10. I think in test servers need to make a new option for equip urself equip as you wanna, like a menú of all armors, and it can be amplified to +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10, can crystals and runes we want (include d events and crystals runes, like cd, and vamps), so is more easy to test and m ore funny, I give example:
  11. Good morning Maybe I will start with the fact that when I remember, I played healers, my adventure has been going on for several years (I mean healers, I mean druid, shaman, priest, necromancer) in the game, the variety of characters is large, at the beginning it might seem that the priest is an analogous class to necro, shaman to druid, only the skills differ slightly, initially this is how the similarities begin to blur, and it is known that the greater the variety, the harder it is to balance. Currently, out of these 4 classes, necromancer seems to be the weakest when it comes to pvp and maybe in pve, although its ailment is mainly visible in pvp, lately, thinking about what could be changed, I came up with a few ideas, we do not want to make necromancer a class that will beat everyone, because that would not be good, there should be some counter for each class. I will give my suggestions and try to somehow argue why such a change would be useful, I encourage you to discuss and share your thoughts. Lets start it! Infection: Now instead of lowering defense, the skill increases the damage received by the target by 10-12-15-18%. The effect lasts for X seconds, after this time, it exposes damage around it, additionally, after the explosion, it silences for X seconds (The skill has become more useful after the recent changes, but still feels deficient, necro has only 2 control skills, nightmares which is not stun but only long sleep, and fear, silence sound good, not aoe just for target who had infection, combo faithful + infection could work still, just need to set max amount of player affected we dont want make whole guild silence by 1 necro). Dark Power: Increased the buff to physical and magical power: from 5-7-10-15%, to 9-12-15-18%. Additionally, necromancer gets 3/6/9/12% penetration, team members get half the effect (or crit power instead of pene) Poisonous Shield: Now skill additionally, it increases the player's magic and physical defense by 10/20/30/40% ( Skill puts the necromancer or tank at risk, incorrectly used can cause trouble, increasing defense could reduce the risk) Deathly Eye Complete skill change, necromancer summons serpent that deals magic damage (Action like Water Elemental druid, you can prioritize what target to attack with Poison Spittle. (It used to be able to change the fate of the fight for world bosses, now it is on the sidelines, now it only serves to launch a relic that gives resist (which is also unbalanced that you can, with a bit of luck, have a resist every 2 seconds) It would give a bit of freshness, and certainly would match the necromancer profile that is the summoner).
  12. OLÁ A TODOS! Entre a maioria dos jogadores de Bruxo é comum ouvir a mesma reclamação sobre a habilidade especialista Corpo Pétreo uma vez que, na maioria dos cenários, ela só adia a morte certa. Mesmo sabendo que poder defensivo não é a principal característica dessa classe o propósito desse tópico é discutir possibilidades de ajustes e melhorias pra essa habilidade na medida do possível. Corpo Pétreo: Aplica o bônus Corpo Pétreo por um tempo definido. O personagem não pode ser atacado, mas também é imobilizado e não pode usar habilidades. O personagem recupera um pouco de vida. A seguir, as últimas mudanças na habilidade(Versão 8.4.2): Agora após utilizar a habilidade ela pode ser cancelada durante seu efeito. A habilidade agora recupera vida a cada 2 segundos de sua duração totalizando 2-3-4-5% da vida máxima. A habilidade por si só melhorou muito nas últimas mudanças MAS o principal problema continua, na maioria dos cenários ela só adia a morte certa. Considerando o conteúdo PvE, é praticamente inútil. Indo para o PvP do jogo: Arena: Uma vez que você usa o Corpo Pétreo você se torna um peso morto e -1 no grupo, mas pelo menos você vai restaurar uma quantia decente de vida, correto? ERRADO! Além do que para recuperar uma quantia decente de HP a habilidade precisa estar amplificada, e que usá-la já deixa seu grupo em desvantagem, o Bruxo se torna um alvo extremamente fácil e previsível no qual os adversários vão "spammar" seus cliques com alguma habilidade de controle ou dano massivo(R.I.P). GvG e Guerra: Não há muito pra dizer aqui, o Bruxo provê muito controle de grupo em área e é muito útil nessas batalhas. Mas só pra registrar, se ele tiver que usar o Corpo Pétreo, o resultado quando o bônus acabar será o mesmo que nas outras 99% das vezes: PULVERIZADO! Agora, vamos discutir o que poderia mudar na habilidade caso os desenvolvedores aceitem que há essa necessidade: Na prévia da Atualização 9.3 podemos ver que a redução de dano recebido está, até certo ponto, no leque de possibilidades dos desenvolvedores para o Bruxo, no efeito adicional do Selo Negro. Selo Negro: O efeito bônus de regeneração de saúde durante a habilidade Drenar Vida foi movido para a habilidade Grimório. Além disso, reduz o dano causado pelo alvo ao feiticeiro em 10-15-20-25% se ele for silenciado pela habilidade Mandinga. Considerando que o caminho que o jogo está tomando não é direcionado para o 1x1, esta REDUÇÃO DE DANO RECEBIDO se encaixaria perfeitamente como um efeito posterior ao bônus Corpo Pétreo, com duração e porcentagem de redução de dano aumentando de acordo com o nível da habilidade. Esta redução de dano recebido poderia ser aplicada a qualquer dano recebido dentro de uma área de efeito específica. De qualquer maneira, a nova descrição e funcionalidade da habilidade se pareceria com algo assim: Corpo Pétreo: Aplica o bônus Corpo Pétreo por um tempo definido. O personagem não pode ser atacado, mas também é imobilizado e não pode usar habilidades. O personagem recupera um pouco de vida. Após seu uso, a habilidade pode ser cancelada durante seu efeito. Após o efeito do bônus Corpo Pétreo desaparecer, o dano recebido causado ao Bruxo por jogadores ou monstros dentro de(certa área) é reduzido por ( certa porcentagem) por ( certo tempo). Em minha opinião essa seria a melhoria mais fácil dando mais sobrevivência ao Bruxo sem mudar muito as mecânicas da habilidade. Eu tenho outras ideias, como um efeito de Empurrão para resolver o "spamming" frustrante(principalmente de classes corpo-a-corpo) esperando o efeito do Corpo Pétreo acabar, como o Fluxo Reverso do Templário ou um Silenciar por 1 segundo de 3x3 blocos para jogadores em volta do Bruxo. MAS, honestamente eu não tenho certeza de que seria justo(e é isso que eu quero para o jogo). Há uma ideia de fazer o Corpo Pétreo mais parecido com o Mantra de Cura dando mobilidade também mas tenho quase certeza que li isso em outro tópico. Por enquanto é isso, agradeço sua atenção e compartilhe suas ideias! @Akasha ou @Nolan perdoe-me mas não sei se esse tópico deve ser postado aqui ou dentro da discussão de classes, caso puder mover se aqui não for adequado agradeço!
  13. I think this can be a good idea for new expert skill for chieftain note: I will write expert skill like Khrone, so I giving copyright Chieftain's Call Type: Active The Chieftain calls a herd of wild animals (Bear, Wolf, Tiger, Lion), each animal gives a buff to chieftain and chieftain's party. Buff's Bear: The Bear Buff gives a skin to the character (Or to the character's party) that increases physical and magic defense Wolf: The Wolf Buff gives some percent of evasion to the character (Or to the character's party) Tiger: The Tiger Buff gives attack speed to the charater (Or to the character's party) Lion: The Lion Buff gives some percent of physical and magic attack to the charater (Or to the character's party) Note: If any of the wild animal was killed the buff will disappear The HP of the wild animal and the skill duration is increased by upgrading this skill 1/4: The duration of the skill is 10 seconds 2/4: The duration of the skill is 20 seconds 3/4: The duration of the skill is 30 seconds 4/4: The duration of the skill is 40 seconds I hope you liked my idea and that it is added to the game. I was 1 hour doing this topic... ATT: Zedeght US-EMERALD Hypnop US-EMERALD
  14. this topic has been inspired by an already existing topic, created by the member @Gladiator. His topic can be found here As many know, Death Knights are the characters representing the Tank Class of the Forsaken's faction. Many discussed theories stroke this class, making it look like one of the best classes in the game, and in many aspects, this class is very strong and suitable for many scenarios, PvP and 1vs1 on top of that. In fact, on the recent balancement, we can state with no regrets that Death Knighs have received a very incredible buff. This, however, might have led this class to be neglected in other scenarios, where, if another tank is able to do one thing, most of dks, in order to do that same thing, must either be very high amped or at least have a very good party at their disposal (or tons of pots). The aim of this topic is to prove how Death Knights have been kinda neglected in terms of balancements, or more properly, how they are a step behind the other tanks. In order to give a sort of... order... to every idea, I will divide its skills in "Good", "Show Love" and "Why...?" Categories. I will just drop Basic skills, because I'm aware that these have indeed been taken into account in one of the recent updates, and many of them are supported by very good relics, which would make of me an Hypocrite, should I say the opposite. Good ▪︎Death Call: Buffed in terms of damage, strikes many opponents at once, very high aggression given. Nothing to say about this skill ▪︎Secret Reserves: necessarily adjusted (and extremely overrated...). Very good for a HP regen build. Nothing to say about this skill ▪︎Aura of Hatred: the best skills this class has got: it is able to buff every aspect of the class and the only one which makes it really worth levelling it to max. Nothing to say about this skill. ▪︎Sharp Shadow: Good skill all in all but the combo with saturation is pretty useless for 2 reasons: 1. This skill is definitely not studied for PvE, while Saturation is not (or was not) studied for PvP 2. People rarely use Saturation and magic damage at all. Don't forget that we have got way more capable classes when it comes to deal magic damage, and they do it definitely better than how a Death Knight could ever do in its entire existence. Show Love ▪︎ Steel Hurricane: For a long time, this skill has been neglected and actually nerfed in terms of hit-able targets. Pretty fine, but no Death Knight whose brain is not yet rotten would give it a single point, just to see this skill hit as much as your base damage (skill at 3/4). This skill needs a buff, and since the meta of this class mainly relies on Life Steal, a very intriguing attribute might be giving this skill a bonus of +20%* of hps restored through Life Steal, in case this skill is levelled at a minimum of 3. If not this, give this skill a reason to be actually studied ▪︎Blood Protection: Ok... ok, I know what you're thinking and I admit that I might sound really provocative here, but seriously, a tank can't act as a tank for 8 seconds only. In order to be decent, this skill must be necessarily maxed, and it's quite funny that a Shaman has got our same skill with the addition to be able to Cure every negative status of the character... Every other class has got an utility on even having one skill at 1/4; that's not the case of this skill and to every skill belonging to Death Knight in general, but this is another topic. ▪︎Blow of the silence: One character only it's not enough anymore... my apologies, but I must say that when a glitch occured, according to which dk was able to multi mute many targets at once, I was going to max this skill because it would have been extremely useful in many situations. We are on a timeline where if you mute one, the other backs up, but this is only when we speak of this class; other classes can be extremely dangerous vs many players at once. In my opinion, give this skill the possibility to mute more targets at once, should it hit more targets at once. The higher the lv, the more players it can mute. That being said, on 1vs1 though remains a very strong skill. Why...? ▪︎Knight's Curse: might I know why a Warlock's skill has been given to a Death Knight? I mean, seriously, why a tank class should make a target more suscettibile to attacks, instead of, maybe, debuffing it with a Sap alike skill or turning it to a totally new defensive skill? I would suggest one thing only though: if you want to make this class use more magic damage on its build, give it a skill which restores him health through the use of magic damage (it will change the meta of this character but this will make magic damage useful); this skill could be the case. It's easy to run away from it, as an enemy player, hence, give this skill a 2nd effect which allows the Death Knight to Heal itself while standing on the flames. Too high Cooldown for a unnecessary skill, otherwise. ▪︎Saturation: Too high HP price for a skill which lasts too short, not even enough to get your HP back from the cost spent. A Death Knight bases its whole existence on this skill, exactly like a healer on its healing abilities. Make this skill worth to be used, and Imma give a suggestion: Permanent activity (Energy expense on Time) and increases by a certain percentage your life steal parameter. Easy and useful. Conclusions As showed, the 50% or so of its skills have been left alone for severals years, becoming undoubtedly outdated for the new contents that have already come in game. This class deserves love, and I'm hoping for more changes in this sense. I thank you for your time gifted to me, and I bid you a nice day. *These numbers have been taken randomly, and the whole post itself has been written in a provocative way, but it was intended so that people could actually realize that this class is not that strong how it seems. I welcome people here and ask them to write their opinion, whether they are dks users or not - it doesn't really matter. Your opinion, if supported by ideas and basis in general, is more than welcome and appreciated. Thank you again for reading this.
  15. Forsaken Mirror Applies the Forsaken Mirror effect to the Warlock for some seconds.Any negative effect applied to the warlock is also applied to the enemy.If the enemy resist to the Forsaken Mirror the warlock will also resist resist to the next negative effect. Also thought about if too op "also resist to the next negative effect" maybe replacing this to a DoT.
  16. Obs: They would drop in Technopolis onwards. Magic Gun: A weapon that needs magic to function. When used, it shoots bullets of pure magic. Two-Handed Weapon. Grey type:* Magical Damage only. Green type:* Magical Damage and Attack Speed. Blue type:* MDMG, Atk Spd and Penetration. Purple Type: MDMG, Atk Spd, Pene and Crit. *Of course it's just an idea, as there would be no Magic Guns of these types. Using Lv 30 weapons stats as example: 207 MDMG. 8% Atk Spd 8% Critical Hit 6.5% Penetration 3.1 Base Atk Spd What classes would use it: Mage and Warlock How they would benefit from these weapons: Mages: With 4/4 Dragon Eye buff, can reach cool Atk Spd levels, like 60%. Why not a Machine Gun Mage? xD Warlocks: With Atk Spd on gloves, boots and breastplate, we can reach 25% Atk Spd. Now with 800 MDMG + 25% of Relaxation, we reach 1K of DMG with 38% Atk Spd.
  17. Smoke Bomb Throw a smoke bomb, blinding enemies in a 3x3 area, decreasing their accuracy, silencing for 1 second and removing Rogue's "In Combat" status, allowing it to use Invisibility. If you think it is a bad idea and unnecessary skill, look at this part:
  18. Make a suggestion that can benefit the dynamics of the guilds within the game and discuss the existing ones.
  19. Please, suggest me a survival and good damage build Need to know which expert skill to buy. I need stun and health steal too Also please do mention some good relics Server : Sea Pearl Name : Urervenon (19) If you want I can give a ss of my armour and attributes. Thanks for reading.
  20. Bom, vim dizer umas ideias que na minha opinião deixaram o jogo mais interessante. 1 - Como tá dito no tópico, todos os maps tem dungeon menos o map 3, imagina só uma Dungeon onde seria difícil a party chegar, mas que os drops seriam únicos no jogo, tipo trajes que não podem ser obtidos em nenhum outro lugar, novas armas e armaduras talvez. Seria como a bg do MAP 2. 2 - Uma outra ideia é dar um baú para cada local conquistado por uma facção durante a war. Porque ela não da nada a não ser aquelas estrelas e um baú onde pudesse vim coisas mais únicas e interessantes seria muito bom, assim todos iriam participar. 3 - Também seria bom diminuir o preço cobrado para amplificar uma arma ou armadura, além de gastar com sing e esferas teria que gastar muito só pra amplificar. 4 - Outra sugestão é mudar os intens lvl 16 de Nadir para " equipando " assim, os players poderiam comprar por gold de outros players que tenham corimdons, assim como fazem com equips lvl 20. Porque cá entre nos ne, quem lvl 16 consegue as moedas de Nadir tão fácil? 5 - Uma ideia divertida, seria legal conversar com a facção rival somente em arena, imagina só falar com o inimigo no bate papo da área, a luta seria bem mais provocante.
  21. Book of Knowledge is an item that once consumed apply a buff that last about 12 hours on you that allow you to speak the language of opposed factions enabling you to talk, trade or maybe even form Party's thou you are only capably of speaking in personal and area chat even if you can speak and trade with opposed factions they are still capably to attack and kill you and same goes for you i feel this item will change the market Prices drastically because it will allow us to exchange items with the opposed factions and trade items that a faction might have a lot of but the other don't or items that maybe useless to people but useful to people in other factions
  22. Hello GM, I would like to suggest to you developers to add a Solo DG on our game even there is no event. It would be great for those players who want to spam alone and enjoy some dungeons alone. I would like to suggest to put the same drops and same gp and difficulties for each Solo DG. For example, Solo DG of Kronus, 400 gp per run without upot and same equipments received like the original dungeon. This might be helpful to satisfy players who are really bored without an event, this is a great suggestion, trust me. I hope you will add this to the game because this is maybe one of the best upgrade to our dungeons in-game. Thank you GM !
  23. Dear GM, Please fix the area bugs in Kronus and Techno Dungeon, where it shows some delay and differences of the position of our character from the real position. Our skills is getting delayed because of that, even though we doesn't have any lag. It shows that we are standing near our ally, but it still takes time before the skill activated to the ally or to the mobs. Please fix this ASAP Thank you GM.
  24. Hello i believe i deserve a drop,from lower lvl bosses. Im lvl 28 and i cant farm islenort bosses to make quick gold. Im EXTREMELY TIRED OF PAYING FOR MCOIN
  25. Greetings Warspear Commumity. As some of you probably agree, there are some things "missing" on our beloved game that could lead things to a lil bit more excitment/enjoyable way. NOTE: The following list is based in my opinion. 1. Character customization. It is true that when it gets to create a new char we can define some of its physical aspects such as gender, hair style and color but ot could be possible to add some extras such as marks, accessories or even eye colour. 2. Titles Some people dedicates their time completing the hardest achievements that WS provide us regarding PVE/PVP but wouldn't be better if we could win unique titles by completing them? Titles would be shown between our nickname and guild name. 3. Add gender change option. Can be usefull for some people. By item or menu option we could be able to change our character gender. 4. Sub-hotkey tab for consumables. I've seen lots of players complaining about the skill tab size, most of them android users due to screen resolution. It's true that we can't use all skills and we must get a build that suits us with the best skills but in my opinion, a sub-tab for consumables such as potions, scrolls, etc would save lots of space. If not a poping up sub-tab It could be used as a fixed side-tad. That's all for now. I got more suggestions but these are the ones I've been struggling for. I'd like to know your opinion about it! Thank you all. NOTE: I apolagize for any mistake in my topic. I'm not english so... Danwar
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