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  1. In my opinion it was fine tbh. It had some challenge by mobs hitting high and mass of mobs. It was do-able maybe u should nerf Hydro crowdcontrol in mermen Dried jelly fish doesn't work there I still get perma bubbled.
  2. Servers are in maintenance, but where is the test link? 😮 edit* Or do you mean closes to the end of the maintenance like before the update is live?
  3. I'd really like to see something like Seasonal buffs and nerfs. Like after every arena season buff and nerf classes and if that may be too much then every 4 seasons of the year spring, summer, autumn & winter
  4. Ah my bad then about that
  5. Hi there, I wanted to discuss today about necro their ranges on skills. I have a feeling necro's lack on PVP since the introducing of resist. I played priest and necro, but I have a strong feeling that the shield from priest is way stronger at 5/5 then necro his shield? is this something that could be looked upon? I noticed that in most of the fights vs these healing class that it is mostly one sided because of their longer range. There are also other classes like warlock who has a 4 yard fear I dont know if u can put the relic on it. My suggestion would be
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