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  1. Hi, some people are multiboxing, opening 15 warspear with low lvl accounts to activate this raid boss, farming books and costumes by breaking game rules. my suggestion is to ban them, or make it minimum lvl 18 or even higher to open this boss. @Nolan please fix it fast as possible before they get another books. oh i forgot to mentoin sometimes they open 25 lvl 2 and kill it with 1 group of people. all of theese players are breaking rules, by helping this.
  2. Elf has overpowered paladin shields, op healing, priest can remove debuffs from 5 or more ally members while mc side classes cant do this and mc side got only nerfed recently shaman totems, chieftains damage, magic dk damage, charmer 2x nerf row . and only place where chieftains shined was inside globe, maybe you guys should just shut down mc side people waste time, money for lvl there.
  3. Good big text by guy who cried about nerf charmer
  4. they just want to finish dgs fast as other classes and have fun not get nerfed every month
  5. xd charmer most useless class 2x row nerfed probably getting more xd
  6. this i mentoined at up u can lose crown if u make stupid mistakes xd i saw that video and many of them went > if u guys unitied so basically they didnt defend crown .
  7. Stage 1 Is it possible to make respawn time longer or remove courage scroll usage in stage1? or just make round faster because in every server every guild using tactic they take crown and stay in their camp and its impossible to lose if ppl dont throw it away. maybe should reduce time instead of giving respawn cooldown make stage 1 round 3 min or even less because after winning crown noone cant lose anyway. or maybe even better make the area bigger, if you want put crown town and get 500 points make this area be at 2 cross away from camp and 3 crown areas 5-6 cross away. Stage 1 would be more fun and playable to more guilds.
  8. Ok rip charmers better all play elf and nerf more mcs
  9. chief 1vs1 with orci? ur own video showed how chief tanked 2-3 ranger with this book
  10. is it fair that rangers can perma blessing and chief just cant die? better aigrind remove or nerf hard theese books
  11. Thoose 2 books are breaking arena and making characters immortal either in PvP, Pve and its only few classes which makes its unfair, unbalanced + 1-2 books shouldnt make character overpowered for example Chieftain with Magic Extension book can perma rugged, resistance, passive skill, speed skill, movement speed skill, ranger can perma blessing, Magic resistance if have maximum magic protection you cant be stunned and locks also every stun skills useless. Maybe add cooldown to theese passive books or limit or even remove theese books because they can break the sides balance. If you look mc vs elf side in every server there is 1 side stronger who always farming this boss because noone else winning it that means they are powerful enough why there should be overpowered book?.
  12. and how you call this error skill has written it gets character stats pene physical strenght etc there is no error idk about druid summoned monster i dont have druid
  13. is it about charmer summoned monsters? Why do you rebalance this now when there is no any prereview of balance classes. seeker, bd, ranger, templar been broken for year or even more and if there is reports you nerf them end of year but charmer been working fine and good noone was upset about this all topics came after charmers started winning some spring boss, but elf characters used to win everything before but i dont see any good nerf for them?. why you dont nerf them as other characters at rebalance time? you nerfed them once now again soon theese classes aint playable because noone invited them to guild already now in br tourmaline sure you will nerf more... whats point of holding such classes ingame if they getting only nerf after nerf and noone invites them even at guild?.
  14. There is one thing that isnt fixed yet Example lvl 11 guild meets lvl 12 cant use guardian at stage 2. But they can use before stage 2 and have still buffs is it fair? same thing if lvl 6 guild meets lvl 5 One can use shield before stagnatsiooni 2 other cant is it fair? just fix it please :)
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