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Found 16 results

  1. I bid you welcome, my dear guests, in this topic. Today I'm going to write something that many of our new members may have wondered about, which can be resumed in these few questions: 1. Is deathknight a good class to start with? 2. Can deathknight solo bosses/baits/raid bosses? 3. How can I build my deathknight in order to be able to solo stuff? 4. Is it cheap to build a deathknight? 5. which skills should I buy first? Well, my dear fellows, in this guide I will try to answer step by step to any of these questions, explaining also pros, cons, builds, why o
  2. Gostaria de fazer um DK dano, a base seria essa: https://wsdb.xyz/calc/pt/203264 (Não usando esses equipamentos, é só um exemplo) As habilidades seriam: Espinhos da Morte 4/5 Emanar Escuridão 4/5 Escudo Sombrio 5/5
  3. Olá pessoal, estou iniciando meu xama hoje e gostaria de ter uma ideia de qual a melhor build para matar monstros e solar bosses focando pouco em pvp. Se puderem me ajudar sendo sincero fico grato! agradeco dês de já, abraços.☺️
  4. I cant entry in the calculador since 3 days
  5. So ive been wondering if Paladins can withstand damager classes like Rogues,Rangers and especially Blade Dancers at LVL 28.I have seen paladins fight against Rogues,Rangers and Blade Dancers and easily get dropped by them.The ratios of Paladins winning to damagers like BD is about 7:3 which is pretty bad.Here I want to discuss about a Paladin with arena gear,1h arena mace and arena shield what build is best and is it possible to withstand damagers after thier first combo (Usually paladins even with tank build die from first combo of a BD for example.)I believe that this is the best skill build
  6. Hello!😄Today I'm going to share some suggestions about shaman pve What, build should be good for pve shaman In your opinion? Here my builds: SHAMAN GROUP SUPPORT PVE: 5/5 Heal, 5/5 earth protection, 3/5 quake Experts: 4/4 Mana field 4/4 heal totem SHAMAN SOLO/DMG PVE: same basics skills like before: experts: 4/4 lightning shield/ 4/4 fire totem (Recommend lifesteal enchant) SHAMAN PRO HEAL PVE: basics build same, but experts: 4/4 Tribe's ritual 4/4 heal totem (Recommend CD gear) SHAMAN HYBRID PVE: same basics, experts: 4/4 fire and heal totem. DMG SHAMAN PVE
  7. SELAMUN ALEYKÜM KARDEŞLERİM İnşallah iyisinizdir, yeni başlayan, bir süredir oynayan veya uzun soluklu oynayan kişiler Türkçe foruma hoş geldiniz. Ben 5-6 yıldır bu oyunu oynuyorum bazen ara verdim bazen hiç durmadım. Toplanmak, yardımlaşmak, sorular sormak, veya şu forumu da birazcık canlandırmak için buraya toplanın :) Yakın bir zaman sonra oyuna döneceğim, hali hazırda bir loncamız da mevcut. Birkaç arkadaş elf tarafında oynuyoruz. Yabancılarla oynamak bazen sorun oluşturduğu için, gece vakitleri saat 1'de oyunun günlük görevleri yenileniyor. Hiç beklemeden Ayvondil haritasında ki 85k/
  8. Thoughts? I think the extra PHYS % and CRIT % is much better than the extra damage from Fatal Shot. Fatal Shot might seem better at low levels because most of us don't have proper mana regen gear yet, but as Hunters most of us will want mana regen to eventually keep Combat Stance up at ALL TIMES. Therefore I think 5/5 Combat Stance is better at higher levels, especially if you amp your weapon to a high level since the PHYS % boost will be more effective. BTW, why is the Hunter forum so inactive? Easy class?
  9. Hello everyone!, I'm Dreeco, a New Player from Argentina. First of all, Came to this game since i love the 2d oldschool MMO/RPG theme of it, played for 2 hours and i loved it. But... I have some questions... Since i play from latin América, ✓I Want to know which server should i pick (latency terms), are servers located in US and EU? or servers are all the same with the same latency? ✓Classes, i loved the dk, charmer, druid, but... What is the best for solo PVE content aswell for PVP? Any updated build out there? ✓Is it worth to buy starter packs? Or it's only good for
  10. So in your opinion what do you think is the best char build for a dk? any help appreciated :)
  11. Good afternoon! I intend to create a DK and I intend to play in it until level 28 only in PVE and then if I feel free and I do PVP. So, would anyone know to tell me a better build focused only on PVE? And if possible, tell me which are the best items, attributes for PVE focus.
  12. Skael

    Seeker Builds

    Hey everyone, so Seeker came out earlier today and it already looks like it's going to have a lot of options as far as gear and skill builds go. Here is what I have right now for my build: Main dmg skill: 3/5 Shield: 5/5 Penetration buff: 1/5 Stealth: 1/5 The red circle dmg buff skill: 5/5 Alright so here is my logic behind these choices... First of all in my mind Seekers skills are all based on pushing you towards using autoattacks and dps to finish off enemies as opposed to using massive bursts like a blade dancer. This is why I put shield as 5/5 i
  13. Would it be a good build to get a bow (normal bow), armor with dexterity, FULL dexterity enchants? Enchants: Cloak: Helmet: Amulet: Crit/Heal Accu/MDef Accu/HP Bow: Armor: [no slot] Dmg/Dge Dex/Resil [cool Belt: Glove: costume] Crit/Resil Dex/Def Ring: Boots Ring: Mana/Dge Dex/Resil Mana(Or pne)/Dge Those items then would be(lvl18) Cloak: AZ Cape (mdef&dex&dge) Amulet: Medallion of Inward Power 1. Ring AZ Ring (Accu and Dodge, Energy) 2. Ring AZ Ring (HP regen and Dodge, Ene
  14. Hi Guys! Sorry my english, i am brazilian, dont know write a good english... I want to know the best way to distribute skill points to pve in level 26 rogue using attack speed equipment and swords. Thank you for the help! really sorry my english is bad.
  15. BREAK THE META! Go find builds which are just unusual! Not something everyone does! Rules You must point out what kind of pros and cons that build could have If you dont point out why you should use that build, your build is invalid trolling purpose can be a reason, but its not enough. I start: Priest DPS: Full dex for God's Help Full cd (isn't unusual, but to spam skills and make this build effective) Its designed for PvP, so Enchants can be resilence Skills: 5/5 Tear 4/5 Shield 4/5 Heal Those Expert skills: God's Help (Do you even know what that skill is? Its like Mage's Dragon
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