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  1. Worst And Bess Class? (PVP,PVE,ARENA)

    I like that lol, Deffo think worst is mage/hunter. Even though ranger is in a low tier concerning gameplay, I thoroughly enjoy the offensive manner of it. Nice effort u put into that also.
  2. Gold guide!

    Actually gave me a nice amount of gold, found the guide quite helpful for the time, but I agree with the farm bots. I feel like they had to nerf it plainly because of that. They should of found a system or something to get rid of the bots.
  3. Gold guide!

    Thanks so much for this guide helped me get up to 7k per hour or two. Thanks again
  4. DK newbie build

    Hey, thank you :) sorry for late reply also
  5. DK newbie build

    So in your opinion what do you think is the best char build for a dk? any help appreciated :)
  6. Worst And Bess Class? (PVP,PVE,ARENA)

    Same lol, i also agree seeker is incredibly fun to use
  7. So I realized, after searching, nobody had actually made a topic on this. It is a simple question, but I and a few others are also stuck about this question: How do I change or update my profile picture/image on the "profile" section? I hope someone comes through with a solution and helps a fellow forum noob out thanks :) Edit: Thanks for the quick reply :)
  8. Alright. (btw, I am sorry if this forum has already been released, but I am Updating it for the new 7.0 Update!) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So, In your opinion, What do you think is the Worst and bess class, with no buffs and amps? Mine personally is the Death knight. High atk, high def, and i just love the dks skills. What about you guys?