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  1. The Master Paladin Comprehensive Guide By Gladiator - US Sapphire !!!This guide is up-to-date as of Warspear Version v12.1.0!!! Table of content: I. Introduction II. Novice Paladins III. General Skill Tips IV. Relics V. Builds 1. Tank Paladin 1.1. Solo Tank 1.2. All-Round Party Tank 2. Hybrid Paladin 2.1. Support/Damage Hybrid - The META 2.2. Crowd Control Master 2.3. The Ultimate PvE Paladin (Spoiler Alert: Spear!) 3. Arena Paladin 3.1. The One True PvP Build 3.2. Master of Duels - 1v1 VI. Talent Branches VII. Summary I. Introduction II. Novice Paladins III. General Skill Tips IV. Relics V. Builds VI. Talent Branches VII. Summary
  2. I have been playing warspear for over 6 years. At the time I was playing, the paladin was a good class to take damage or damage, but over time the class became nerfed, this shows that aigrind doesn't really like the class because instead of taking a buff with each update it is nerfed, I wanted to know if you can buff it, it may just be reducing the reload reduction that will already help a lot, I'm sure the game community likes the same class as me, but do not play because it is practically useless, a tip I give is for you to do even if it’s a rework to improve the class again because with 12 classes in the game that are totally unbalanced the paladin ends up suffering and falling into oblivion, if you don’t want him in the game just delete it because it won't make a difference because of the amount of nerf he took
  3. Hi all. It has been a while since I have last played Warspear and I'm just getting back into it. Could someone update the paladin guide to meet the changes to skills etc. please? What is the best build for PVE now? - tanking? Is paladin pretty much a tank/support now? Given that banner has been heavily nerfed with regards to dmg, how do people combat this to still cause a decent amount of dmg? Many thanks.
  4. Hi all, What is the best build focus for pala? What build focus do you use? I know it’s pretty much the jack of all trades but master of none. So I’m not sure what I should focus on. I thought tank but now I’m second guessing it. Thanks everyone.
  5. Atualmente no jogo há presente três habilidades de algumas classes que possuem uma área de efeito diferente das demais, (O chamado "Diamante"), que pega o contorno do personagem e um pixel a mais em cada meio do centro, tornando uma área 4x3 igual segue representado na imagem abaixo; As classes que possuem esta área de efeito hoje são: Paladino e Mago, oque acaba sendo uma vantagem em certos momentos ter este pixel extra em cada extremidade ao seu arredor, coisa que outras classes como o Cacique possui a mesma mecânica de usar a habilidade e ela sair em volta de si, porém não pega esta área de efeito na imagem acima, segue demonstrações das habilidades na prática; Paladino - O paladino há apenas uma habilidade, mas em certas ocasiões ela pode se tornar muito útil por ter esta área de efeito para atingir inimigos. Assumindo a posição de 2 (dois) de distância do alvo e em seguida um acima para demonstrar a área de atuação; Em algumas situações isto pode ajudar bastante caso não pegue ninguém ao seu contorno, segue outra imagem mostrando usando na mesma distância do manequim mas um pixel para cima; Acaba falhando, como dito no inicio, a área é somente um 4x3. Vamos seguir para a outra classe que também possui esta mecânica. Mago - Já o mago possui duas habilidades, que da mesma forma do paladino o ajudam bastante por este pixel extra. Assumindo a posição de 2 (dois) de distância do alvo e em seguida um acima para demonstrar a área de atuação; Para controle em batalhas PvP ou contra mobs PvE acaba sendo bem útil para manter distância, além de quando pega ele empurra mais um pouco o alvo e aprisionando junto. Como dito no inicio, apenas uma área de 4x3. Estilhaços acaba ajudando a dar um controle em alguém corpo-a-corpo mais facilmente (se upada há a certa chance disto) que o ajuda bastante nesse quesito. Como dito no inicio, apenas uma área de 4x3. ~ Sugestão para este caso; Para ser justo as outras classes que tem a mesma mecânica de habilidade ativar em torno do personagem ao clicar como a "Olho de Águia (Cacique)"; e a área não ser neste formato 4x3, as mesmas que atualmente são assim poderiam se tornar igual a todos que não possui tal mecânica, (reduzir para apenas 3x3) ou então aprimorar este um pixel nas que possuem a mesma função de clicar e se ativar em torno do personagem mas a área efetiva não ter o mesmo alcance, para que fique de uma forma igualitária para todos, por que qualquer pixel de área extra faz total diferença no funcionamento e efetividade de uma habilidade.
  6. During the development of classes, some classes became outdated or simply do not fulfill the role for which they were originally created. This is the case with Death Knight and Paladin. Both classes have skill kits and relics that do not favor their second role, or simply fail to reach their full potential due to class limitations. The Paladin is currently a Tank / Magic Support and the Death Knight is a Tank / Magic DMG (if we take the skill kit of both classes and interactions with relics and buildings mostly Magic). This leads me to the question, what's the point of both classes wearing Light Armor instead of Cloth Armor? Firstly, the Kit of both classes benefits much more from the parameters acquired through Cloth Armor. An example of this is the Set 32 Mermen which would be much more useful than the current Set. If both classes do a build based on auto-attack, their kit becomes almost useless in the PvE aspect, which makes both the first and second skills of the set almost useless. There are some Paladins and Knights who attempt such a feat, but it is clear that it is not something that benefits the class's kit 100%. Paladin's Magic Healing and Death Knight's Magic Damage constructs would be extremely more effective and viable. I would like to know the opinion of other players who use the class on the subject. Do you think Cloth Armor would be more useful or the current Light Armor is good?
  7. Hey there guys! So, I'm a fairly new player, only started a few days ago. I love this game so far and the community 😄 I created a Warden and so far I really like it and I'm having a lot of fun with it! (my main reason for playing any class) I was wondering how different the Paladin is and if, in terms of FUN, is actually better than the Warden? I don't really care about who has the better damage or who is the most popular class (I am keeping the Warden as my main character, but I also wish to create a Paladin as I do love big hammers and holy things.) Thank you guys!
  8. Por dios señores de Aingrind, tanto odio y desprecio le tiene al Paladin, que lo han degenerado de una manera para que nadie juegue ni necesite un paladin, a parte de haberse discutido que sus newskill no ayudan ni son de utilidad como llamado de harad e iluminacion, ahora a la nueva skill de Luz defensiva, es un insulto y deprecio de ponerle 90 segundos se coldown, como si el equipamiento de heavy armor tuviera reduccion de coldown como el equipamiento de healers. Mejor desaparezcan ya esa clase que lo han dejado inutilizado y prueba de ello es la escasez y no necesidad de paladines
  9. Hello guys,as a pally player,i had study banner 4/4 and call1/4,and going to study third expert skill and level up one. I found illuminate's dmg higher than call by comparing to other pally,and it shorter CD.It seems its pretty good dmg skill for mdmg pally but it describe it would taunt surround mobs,for what i think i may killed in dg and lab. So pls tell me your feeling when use illuminate,should i level it up?i dont want level a skill couldn't use in some major situation. And which suggested for fourth expert skill? Thanks everyone!
  10. Recently i start join arena as a mdmg pala with hammer and 3 pcs common gears but enchant resistant. However i would killed by others in 1 sec like ranger do 1700+3000plus dmg in 1 sec. And my weapon do a few dmg to these ppls who full arena gears. So i want buy a arena shield first which provide def and ferocity since arena points are hard to make. Thats first question ask in title. 2.how strike works? i know it do like 80%dmg as purify in lvl 4.Does it stun effect increase too by lvl?stun chance or stun duration?
  11. So my friend Sage decided to start making new pvp gear and it was forcused on max cd (Cool down) so all your skills would cool down super fast.I personally think it is really smart choice,because... I believe this gear set up is even better than arena gear and probebly as good as greatness gear but for a really cheap cost.(Still pretty expensive but alot cheaper than greatness gears) http://wsdb.xyz/calc/en/93440 I believe these gears are super good in pvp as this will permanently stun any class and will give you time to do anything you want.And by that I mean you can heal up to the max while they are stunned or keep attacking and stunning.This would easily kill damager classes especially like bd because if you get the stun off first they are done.This setup has light armor but still is pretty tanky with pretty good def for magic and physical dmg.Has good auto attack.45% critical hit,55% ferocity,65% cooldown,55% phy def and 46% magical def. The only downsides to this setup is that you have a small amount o resilience(29%) and health which is about 5,600 health.If you want to have more health you can replace torso,belt or hands with sheer emptiness gear due to that there is 1 slot of cooldown which you can sacrafice for 500 hp and alot of def. What do you guys think about this setup?Dope or nope?
  12. So ive been wondering if Paladins can withstand damager classes like Rogues,Rangers and especially Blade Dancers at LVL 28.I have seen paladins fight against Rogues,Rangers and Blade Dancers and easily get dropped by them.The ratios of Paladins winning to damagers like BD is about 7:3 which is pretty bad.Here I want to discuss about a Paladin with arena gear,1h arena mace and arena shield what build is best and is it possible to withstand damagers after thier first combo (Usually paladins even with tank build die from first combo of a BD for example.)I believe that this is the best skill build for a tank paladin... Skill Build: Purifying- 5/5 Fetter of Justice- 5/5 Heavenly Light- 3/5 Repellant Strike- 4/4 Paladins Prayer- 4/4 Gear: Cape:Contenders Cloak Medallion:Contenders Medallion Rings: Rings of greatness Helment,Torso,feet,and hand all from arena. Weapons: 1h mace physical damage and 2 slots with ferocity.(1h Arena mace) Shield with 2 slots of ferocity.(Arena shield) http://wsdb.xyz/calc/en/92089 I believe this would be best to withstand and possibly beat Damagers especially BD because it is the most hardest class to beat for paladin at lvl28.This is not only for damagers but overall for 1v1 pvping.
  13. So what do you all think, is paladin made more for pvp of pve?I personally think pvp because they are tanks and damagers at the same time in arena/pvp.I am pvp person so I'm looking forward in pvp paladin. (What do you all think is this class made more for pvp or pve?)
  14. First of all, before anyone jumping in saying that I'm saying that because it's my class, I do think that Pala is too strong right now. But that was one bad way to balance it, and I'll explain. And after that, I'll try to suggest other ways to balance it. You can go directly to the suggestion if you don't wanna read the whole thing. Also I'm not the only one who thinks that, even people from legion side with good game sense would know that it's just too much. Nerfing Fetters in this radical way is a bad idea, and here is why: 1. Fetters is a basic skill: 1.1. Basic skills define the class. It's like nerfing the heal skill for healers, the damage skill for damage classes, and the stuns for stun classes. I know Paladin isn't explicitly a stun class, but it definitely classify as a crowd control character, and it had only Fetters and Harad Call to do that. And now with most classes having the ability to regain control during fetters, it no longer serves as any type of crowd control. Just like no one ever mentions Mage's Chains or Shamans Earthquake as a reliable control. 1.2. (Pala) Basic skills are dangerous to mess with. If this basic skill goes kaput, there is no other place to put the skill points on. Aura? It's already bad. Agro? No thanks. So there is really no place to put the skill points other than on Fetters. 1.3. The remaining "good" skills for Paladin are all Expert skills, and that's alone a big disadvantage because there will be no time to lay out a good combo due to the 2 seconds cooldown between experts. 2- Fetters has been this way since the beginning of Paladin. And no one ever complained about it. People might have started complaining after the recent 2 skill-related updates. So the skill itself is NOT OP. Don't tell me that it took devs 6 years to realize that Fetters shouldn't block skills usage. If you wanna argue that the class as a whole became too strong, sure, and we could agree to some degree, but you have to look at what made it OP. Let's look at the most relevant and recent skill changes for Pala: Illumination. Now, all mobs under this effect get magical damage.Harad's Call. No banner is needed when using this skill now.Harad's Banner. The number of players being damaged was limited. Depending on the skill level the number of targets is the following: 3-4-5-6.Sun Seal. The chance of success when using the seal on mini-bosses, bosses and raid bosses was significantly increased. It was 10%, now it is 70%. And only after that, Paladins became really relevant, so for you to come and tell me that Fetter is the problem, and nerf it in a way that makes it useless, there is really no way to justify it. I wish that devs tell us why they made changes for skills in general, especially if it has to do with such a change, because it's not the first time that they make a completely bizarre fix like that with no reasonable explanation. Like previously nerfing Warden's damage instead of defense. 3- Fetters is critical for Paladins. Actually not only for Paladins, but also all Sentinels. I don't know if devs know how much important Fetters was for Paladins, they are still the lowest HP tank, the lowest defensive abilities, and Fetters was one way to deal with this disadvantage, it was the only skill besides Banner that made up the Paladin, and now it's gone with no real replacement since it's basic, and as mentioned above, the rest of the basic skills are trash. And as for Sentinels in Arena, they are way underpowered in controlling enemies compared to Legion side as whole. If this fix was purely to balance wars, then that's one good way to lose players, because most players focus on Arena in PvP, balancing wars could've been done in other ways, because in this way, Paladin will be very weak in Arena. Paladin was strong not solely because of his stuns, because if you compare it to other stun classes, it doesn't really have much more stuns, and even when Paladin has more stuns, the other class excels in other aspects like defense (DK/Barb) or damage (BD) or better 1 target control (Warlock/Charmer). Other ideas to balance Paladin: - Fetter cooldown increase or duration decrease - Players affected by fetters will have increased defense against the Paladin or will receive reduced damage from the Paladin (PvP only) - Players affected by fetters will deal increased damage to the Paladin (PvP only) - Banner damage reduction - Remove Harad Call damage (PvP only or when using 1h mace and shield) - Return Harad Call Cooldown to 25 sec. - Or make the Fetter's silencing effect go up with the skill progress, this way, it will stay relevant in arena and reduce control in wars if that's devs' concerns. 1/5: catch 2 characters and silence 1 of them 2/5: catch 3 characters and silence 1 of them 3/5: catch 4 characters and silence 2 of them 4/5: catch 5 characters and silence 2 of them 5/5: catch 6 characters and silence 3 of them - Or finally make the silence effect a chance depending on level (No pls): example: 40%-50%-60%-70%-80% **Combinations and variants of those ideas are possible** But anyway, any of those ideas, wouldn't be as bad as completely removing the silencing effect. Come on, it really destroys the PvP aspect of Paladins. If devs insist on this nerf, the new skill better give 30-40% extra HP, and we should be able to use [Relic of Silence] on Fetters like Barbs and Deathknights, because we don't have anything special now, and they better start working on improving Pala's heal and defensive skills so it becomes a generic tank class like the rest. Heck, Barbs and DKs will have more defense and more control, BDs more stuns and more damage, what kind of logical balance is that?
  15. I need a skill for paladin to work from level 2 to level 10 for difficult tasks
  16. I want to build PVE pala that is good for lab, dg, all that good stuff. I want some advice on what experts to choose and which ones to lvl up to 4/4. I would like to have a full life steal Pala with [Magic Dmg] One Handed Mace + Shield and probably a lot of def. (Wanna hv as much M Power as i can get) https://ws-db.ru/calculator#23524 Consider the following build
  17. Olympian

    Paladin setup

    Guys I need recommendations.What skill setup should I do for my paladin?Magic or physical and what wepons should I use two handed wepons or one handed wepons?Which will be better for pvp.
  18. Thanks for watching.
  19. Hi, I Need U Opinion About Best Tank At Elf Paladin Or Warden Chose One I Need Recommend
  20. What is the best form of skill-set for a Magic dmg paladin at lvl 28? (2-handed primarely, but I'd be glad to hear if you have specific thoughts on 1-handed aswell). I am just wondering about some stuff as I am coming closer to the higher levels on my Paladin. For magic dmg Paladin do you put points in you Aura? Does the damage over time from Purifying+Fetters increase with more skill-points and magic dmg? What Expert skill do you max except for Banner. Illumination skill? I guess I'm really asking for what skill-set you guys would use for in your Magic dmg paladins and Why. Personally I am using 4 pts Puri, 4 pts Fetters, 5 pts heal, 4 pts Banner. (Lvl 23 atm, soon leveling up)
  21. Paladins expert skill "light defence" doesn't work as intended. The skill displays an increase in physical and magic defence by 40% for 60 seconds. My normal physical defence is 4237 but during light defence it is 5711. But a 40% increase would result in 5932 physical defence. Instead I only get (5711/4237=1.347) almost 35% increase. Please fix this.
  22. Magic primary PvE weapons for Level 20 (Two hand Maces , One Hand Maces etc..) and Magic Primary one handed arena Maces for all levels it would be a great help for level 20 / 18 Magic based Paladins and for some Death knights because when we equip a shield we can use Shield strike but paying the price of having low damage when it comes to magic based skills such as Banner,illumination and Harad's Call .. Higher levels can fix that from using Magic Primary PvE one handed mace along with an Arena Shield but when it comes to levels 18,20 we have no options in the game .. please consider this
  23. -Hope you Enjoy-
  24. First, Sorry my english is very bad Paladin Is a tank? I have a paladin, for me is good, but the paladin for me no is a good tank, because the expert skil are unutil. Why? 1.- Illumination: a)In PvP is very bad alone hit fosakens. Mountain clan, chosen and First born are inmune In PvE alone hit ghost and dead npc (no hit a demons) 2.-Sun Seal: a) In PvP: is good In PvE is bad you can have 4/4 but the boss evade the hit, alone can use in normal mobs 3.-Sacred Shild a) In PvP alone is good (2vs2) can protec your team in PvE is bad, example in the lab you active the skill, lost the shild in 3 seconds and need wait 40s for activve again The paladin is the only no have a pasive skill, and are very easy of kill barbarian ignore the damage, dnight recovery health and the Bdancer make more damage one rogue kill me with 2 critital hits, i have 3.5k of life in these moment my shild are active (400), alone active my shild and dead The barbarian hace two skill very good "last wish" "Stone Skin" you are inmune (3 hits), you can´t dead with the last wish during these time you can kill your enemy Blade Dancer he have "counter strike" with this and the high damage he can kill very easy Dead Night have the "Dark shild" with this and life steal you are inmortal example Omercix I want a Pasive for paladin please the paladin is the tank more weaknes. Change Illumination for a Pasive. Paladin What pasive you want?
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