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  1. Because only few charmers on the server actually knows how to use charmer in pve I actually found it amazing running mermen dg with a charmer with weakness 5/5 but idk for other dgs how it performs
  2. 110% agree chieftain Is a shame In pvp scenario what can you do If you can’t remove stuns can’t remove debuffs Its like shooting on yourself
  3. True chieftain uses cat reflexes 2/4 and blow of the spirits 5/5
  4. World tournament is unfair already minding mc losing all weeks due elves overcrowded population
  5. It could be good for mixed mermen light and cloth chieftain to gain pene and accu easily but overall seems useless since chief prevails on mdmg skills
  6. Probably a rush bd style aoe stun and a resist one wich heals or boosts your deff dunno and the other 2 last skills will be physical dmg ones coz it lacks of pdmg skills since the class is supposed to do mixed dmg
  7. Next snow event with horror theme
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