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  1. I was having fun with my party In nadir dg and this happened because server Issues, wasted Stam gold and time 😢
  2. Kazakus

    Server lag

    Its happening again and again...
  3. Kazakus

    Server lag

    What Is happening with the server?
  4. Ty, for be the top pve shaman Just go with this build: https://db.warspear.pp.ua/calc/en/86499 for the skills depends on the level, If you are low lvl you should have heal totem maxed 4/4, when you are hight lvl and have good magic heal totem Is a waste better keep It at 1/4, so for beginners and low lvls go for heal totem and fire totem, for lvl 28 I would go 5/5 earth protection 5/5 heal spirit 3/5 quake, experts 4/4 light shield 4/4 fire totem for make op dmg In solos and dungeons
  5. The castle will be In the depths or on the surface of the Island?🐙
  6. I would suggest to make It consuming Mana Regen so you can have it forever
  7. Where Is ayvondil sector V second preview, I can't wait 😳
  8. After resist stat update lock is more weak in pvp, I would suggest to add a new stun for lock that wouldn't be resisted or something like that idk xd
  9. These are the new carnival costumes? 🤔
  10. Hello!😄Today I'm going to share some suggestions about shaman pve What, build should be good for pve shaman In your opinion? Here my builds: SHAMAN GROUP SUPPORT PVE: 5/5 Heal, 5/5 earth protection, 3/5 quake Experts: 4/4 Mana field 4/4 heal totem SHAMAN SOLO/DMG PVE: same basics skills like before: experts: 4/4 lightning shield/ 4/4 fire totem (Recommend lifesteal enchant) SHAMAN PRO HEAL PVE: basics build same, but experts: 4/4 Tribe's ritual 4/4 heal totem (Recommend CD gear) SHAMAN HYBRID PVE: same basics, experts: 4/4 fire and heal totem. DMG SHAMAN PVE DG: same basics but quake 5/5 and ball lightning 3/5 experts: 3/4 ritual 2/4 Mana field 4/4 fire totem (Recommend penetration enchant on rings/penetration amulet/penetration belt) These are the builds that can work in PVE but both with different situations. Someone know if new totem of weakness can work at 4/4 or it is just good at 1/4 for pve? I didn't tested it at 4/4 yet, but at 1/4 I find It not bad, any ideas? Btw I recommend nadir set and snow belt for get about 48% crit to sustain a good heal , maybe soon lvl 28 nadir armors for get 50% crit bonus. Here Is my shammy🙈, have a nice day! 👍
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