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  1. Yes shaman is too strong need buff bd and give him heal, rush with resist isn’t enough
  2. Give us something new, I don’t have any more feelings to continue play, atleast lvl 30 nadir set idk, I don’t ask much just a number of stats
  3. Pretty sure it’s Chinese new year event
  4. What experts for druid lvl 30? Main purpose is arena and pvp
  5. New skills coming out too? Last time I heard they would come on autumn but it didn’t happen, so that’s a yes, I guess?
  6. Shaman Looks like they are fighting inside the astral labyrinth
  7. Elfs still better for pve almost every class has a shield except ranger only, the mage one is ridiculously btw making it better than warden, bd shield also going to be buffed, the druid one same, mc has only 1 shield for necro wich makes them paper because every pt needs atleast 1 tank and heal or everyone is going to die because how I said it’s lacking of shields, I hope barb with new stone buff will be something, and every time I log on elf everyone asking for full dmg for dungeons making wardens useless, I seen 5 mages doing tech without any support or tank, can 5 warlocks do the same? I don’t think, and comparing charmer dmg with bd is ridiculous, charmer is the worst class for pve, it is good only for solo bosses but the bosses go down slowly compared to a dps class like bd with right set
  8. Shaman will be great again Nice changes more dmg for fire totem and life steal on lighting shield wich makes it more easily to solo bosses like mage as used to do! + 2 buffs for healing spirit that is good when there are 2 shamans in pt for dungeons so it won’t be useless anyway Nice buff for totem of weakness, I just don’t understand it since it is useless for pve because it takes aggro from monsters, it works good only for pvp that reveals stealth or inked players wich is good but I prefer sacrifice my hotkey slot for ritual, I use it only when there are like 2 rogues in arena revealing their stealth or they would bomb my shammy in a breath of air eheheh
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