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  1. Nono, soon with mcoins discount at Friday I will, bcs I miss the game so much
  2. When there will be a discount for restore characters because 3999 mcoins is too much unaffordable, I miss my shamn 😣
  3. I agree, there are plenty skills In the game that don't deserve an hotkey
  4. It's almost 2 month and I didn't got a reply from support, he still didn't got banned, do something gm, he also logged his friends acc for afk them in arena 3x3
  5. Hes using parry skill at same time he starts to move (sometimes), wich Is a bit suspicious I think
  6. Chinese does that in arena aswell nothing surprising
  7. There are already many people that spends thousands of dollars and I don't like vip system the game would be unfair for f2players with chances that the game would die. More f2p more peoples playing the game more fun
  8. Gimme a stun skill or a summon Frogl for shaman maybe In the new update
  9. Shaman is the most complete class In the game dmg/heal/stun/deff Druid has less dmg than shaman because have more stuns and heal skills than shaman but I don't know if can work In pve since warden Is able to tank everything In the game without heal and mages have deff and shield absorb dealing massive area damage with lifesteal ofc they don't need heals
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