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  1. Probably a mixture of every items on miracle shop, xp boosts, emoticons and maybe repu boosts i think
  2. I agree its a buff mobs getting cleaned faster It may be a nerf if you solo tech for that eagle delay making your vamp sustain in a unstable way if you got low cd idk xd
  3. I tested it the only nerf is one tick loss from swooping army from 6 ticks to 5 Eagle still do 4 ticks but faster now
  4. Give chieftain a stun combo or something like that the only class with 0 stuns and silence even seeker got stun and silence Chief in pvp cant do nothing with a 3s resist its just a joke even if you lvl up support of the pack maxed 5 sec arent enought and you dont do dmg because you lvl up that skill and the enemy kills you istantly also where is the aoe stun mentioned in the preview post of the new classes?
  5. Give to chief a stun it really lacks in pvp Apparently chieftain is threated like seeker on release wich had no stuns but i believe slowly wil get stuns too, i would suggest to add stun on wolf alacrity or atleast a silence Maybe a % of stun on swooping army would be appreciated, at moment chief Is just a running sack of potato to nowhere
  6. Then give to a mc class 40% of any stat for equality or simply nerf bd power of blades
  7. I seen a dk from us saphire equipped with sword and mermen light armors it may work xd
  8. Because only few charmers on the server actually knows how to use charmer in pve I actually found it amazing running mermen dg with a charmer with weakness 5/5 but idk for other dgs how it performs
  9. 110% agree chieftain Is a shame In pvp scenario what can you do If you can’t remove stuns can’t remove debuffs Its like shooting on yourself
  10. True chieftain uses cat reflexes 2/4 and blow of the spirits 5/5
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