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  1. i really like this idea of empowering your summons and becoming a beastmaster
  2. Hey everyone! I've been playing my charmer a lot lately and I really enjoy this class as being a character who can fulfill different roles in a party depending on builds. One thing that bothers me though is the charmers ability to use a one handed mace, with magic damage as the first attribute, and a shield. In a pve setting like running a dungeon or hunting bosses a charmers role is primarily, as i have seen, a backup healer. Since the amount of healing you do is based on magic damage many charmers use staffs instead of magic maces. What I want is a skill that makes using a shield
  3. Skael

    New Skills Test

    The inner rage passive seems kind of pointless right now a 35% dmg buff right before you die doesnt seem very practical to put points into. Bloodthirst is pretty nice though gives a lot of burst and the heal combo is also nice whether or not you can actually use it in pvp is another question because of the cooldown between using expert skills. Seems like at least for now with seeker not having any stuns if you can't kill your opponent in the first couple hits then you're doomed
  4. will the seekers inner rage skill be a onetime activation or will it be a continuous skill like exacerbation and sun power
  5. honestly i'd like some more support for our summon like a skill called charmers mark where you could mark a target and for it's duration your summon will be agrod to it and deal extra damage
  6. Skael

    Agro skill

    This expert idea seems perfect. Charmer needs more support skills
  7. Skael

    Seeker Builds

    Yeah i know what you mean about seeker not having any stuns and it bugs me too but at least we have the shield skill for defense so we arent a complete glass cannon. Remember there are still 2 more expert skills that will hopefully get released in the near future. Personally i hope we get a stun or silence and a passive like rangers bitterness that increases our attack speed i think it would fit the class pretty well.
  8. Skael

    Seeker Builds

    I upgraded the main dmg skill to 3/5 first just because its useful for the beginning quests. After that though i would suggest maxing the harads shield ability then maxing exasperation
  9. Skael

    Seeker Builds

    Nah the damage % bonus goes up with each level of the skill
  10. Skael

    Seeker Builds

    Hey everyone, so Seeker came out earlier today and it already looks like it's going to have a lot of options as far as gear and skill builds go. Here is what I have right now for my build: Main dmg skill: 3/5 Shield: 5/5 Penetration buff: 1/5 Stealth: 1/5 The red circle dmg buff skill: 5/5 Alright so here is my logic behind these choices... First of all in my mind Seekers skills are all based on pushing you towards using autoattacks and dps to finish off enemies as opposed to using massive bursts like a blade dancer. This is why I put shield as 5/5 i
  11. Could someone say the list of Seeker expert skills I missed the test server
  12. Hello everyone, in this topic I will give some of my ideas for new expert skills for the necromancer class. Blood Sacrifice: Whenever the necromancer spends health to use a skill he will gain one stack of "Sacrifial Power" equivalent to one stack for every 100 health spent up to a total of 10 stacks. These stacks slowly go away at one stack per 5-10 seconds. When the necromancer has at least 1 stack of "Sacrificial power he will be able to heal himself or an ally for the number of stacks times 100. For example 200 heal for 2 stacks or 1000 heal for 10 stacks. When this heal is activated it
  13. Does necros new skill work like the priests valor aura, where the effect is in a radius around your character? Or is it a aoe skill like redemption? Either way sounds pretty cool but still would have prefered a second heal seeing as we are the only heal class without one.
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