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  1. Hi Lady Livi Would you by chance have the expert skills description of the other class? Thanks!
  2. Primeiramente gostaria de parabenizar a equipe pela atualização, certamente vai elevar o jogo a um outro nível. Akasha vi você respondendo sobre a questão das experts skills, que a descrição das mesmas só estavam disponíveis em russo. No caso elas só estavam in-game ou há algum post em russo sobre essa questão? Caso haja post poderia me informar o link? Obrigado.
  3. Hello! I'm new to Warspear, though Brazilian, playing on the US Sapphire server with the Death Knight class. I wonder if there are any guilds that recruit low and beginner level, as I believe this helps a lot to build friendships and get more information from the game. Thanks!
  4. Good afternoon! I intend to create a DK and I intend to play in it until level 28 only in PVE and then if I feel free and I do PVP. So, would anyone know to tell me a better build focused only on PVE? And if possible, tell me which are the best items, attributes for PVE focus.
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