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  1. Hello. I have recently got this problem again, using PC. (i haven't tried it on any other device to see if the problem occurs simply because i don't have any other device.) The problem is that i can get quests, and they are in the areas when i go there but when i look at map it does not show "!" sign. It's very annoying. It shows quest completion sign "?" on map when it's done but when i look at mini map (in quest area) or at big map anywhere, i cannot see the quest sign "!" while the quests are actually there. I tried closing the game and restarting several times but doesn't work. Other characters are fine, only this one has the problem. I got the same problem in shaman a while ago, but no one cared and i had to create new char cause it was very annoying. Hope i get some help this time. Thanks in advance.
  2. Is new update available to download for symbian users? Thx in advance
  3. I hope warspear does not mind if i vote using many different browsers : [ : [ : [
  4. The reason why most rogues don't use gouge is either they have shaman in party, where he would use "Earthquake" and gouge is useless, or they fear that the enemy might break their stealth and they won't have stealth damage. I prefer using gouge to avoid 2 v 1 situation, also many rogues use gouge for using stealth
  5. Just how exactly can we vote using social network? :[
  6. How can we vote using social network? :[ :[ :[
  7. And all of a sudden when i opened dealer, essences were added at a price 7 times higher than before lol c'mon people let a poor man like me craft a dmg accesory for myself ;___;
  8. I downloaded the new client after update but when i open game in PC it say version 4.8.3 (mysteries of ayvondil) instead of version 4.8 (One on one or whatever it is) also i don't have that new stuff like do not party invitations or guild invitations. Should i re download the client? Thanks for helping
  9. You sound like an animay-fan shit poster i knew on Facebook. Are you, by any chance, a member of otakill or fan of A-kun? Just asking

  10. I have a few questions, first one is which skill is better in arena? Secondly, how much more dammage does flurry of steel cause as compared to dmg caused to 1 target using ricochet? And lastly, which skill can be used from stealth and which skill breaks stealth?? Thx for replying
  11. I'm the only player from Afghanistan haha. Wait my brother plays it too ;____; why can't i be unique? ;_____;
  12. Book of oblivion :* :* :* i love you devs :* needed that since 3 months
  13. It would be great if we get online admins (or moderators) in every server. There a lot of links and stuff that some hackers share in all servers and i know a LOT of people who lost their accounts. Also people keep talking about trading accounts and stuff. So i would suggest some in-game admins who can at least mute the law breakers. Hope my request would be favourably considered. Thanks for reading @}-
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