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  1. Sneakyme could have been a great leader, sad he does not play anymore.
  2. Wow this game keeps getting better and better. Glad to see devs actually read our complaints and suggestions
  3. Hello, Selling Burning Rage Helmet. Message ingame Madhealer or here. US-Sapphire, legion.
  4. Hello admin, Can you please tell me why is this topic locked? http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/topic/43901-burning-rage-helmet/
  5. Hello guys, Just got a Burning Rage Helmet from Dungeon. Any offers? Here's a ss.
  6. Thanks bro, This is what I was looking for . Would have given you a +karma but that system does not exist anymore .
  7. Hey guys, Didn't find any topic regarding this so posting here. Can anyone tell me which boss drops which equipments on island one? I know that last boss drops weapons, 2nd last boss drops rings(atleast deathdancer gave me a ring). Any info on other equipments? Thanks.
  8. This is something that I would like to know as well. Will arena points reset?
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