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  1. Despite these stupides reason : "It's impossible !" Devs are too lazy to thing about a new "fair" dropping stystem, to rework the actual one, and to edit 2 (instead of 1) drop system every updates. And above all, it wouln't be directly awarded by some in app purchase or anything.
  2. A market with high fees, a low offer duration, and a chance of losing your items. It would be settled in Nadir Sard. This blackmarket would work on the same way as the secondhandealer, but sentinels and legion would be able to trade through this market. A new items would come out. [black market licence] : _up to X % less fee _offer duration increased _the items cannot be lost Or instead of this blackmarket, just a scroll that can be used at any second hand dealer to display the item on the opposite faction market.
  3. You guys buffed the roar/DK def skill on a way that those skills are usefull. Could the dodge(rogue)/Parry(BD),evasion(rangers) be reworked like instead increasing a little bit the dodge/parry stats, the increase your actuel by a certain percentage ? Atm they're dumb and noone bother including them to their build...
  4. Well, i didn't wanted to post that on a active topic of the new and announcement, son I chose here. You may not read, as well as not answering. It's up to you. I'm very getting pissed of this outdated elves fags sentence. AOE comparison. Warlock Dark circle : No need to introduce this to you. 3x3 stun that hold a limited number of players. Pool of darkness : a 3x3 damaging area. But this spell is pretty weak, and is usefull only for slowing down the opponents. And that's all for the warlock. Necromancer Fatefull connection : Dealing damages to a target will also hit a nearby target with a small percentage. The damages are decent only if the skill is maxed. Infection : A dot skill, that will spread to around target at the end. It doesn't slow down. Panic : All nearby target have a chance of getting feared. Before you start being dicks, I would like to tell you that necro can't break in the sentinel army, stay alive and use it. Poison shield : You cast a spell on a friend. All nearby opponent will take damages. This skill ends if the friend die. Deathknight Death call : Nothing to add. This skills is usefull for farming rabbits, and slowing down opponent. Steel tornado : It will deal damage to all opponent around the target. Cannot be dodged. Shaman : The famous eartquake. You can only avoid the damages, it will always stun all the targets in a 3x3 area. But you can still attack or use skills while stuned. Totem : Since it's aoe, I had to talk about it. Well, it attacks a single target, 3 times at lvl1 and 2, you might kill a low amped lvl14 ranger. Energy field : Regen your mates mana. I don't really think that mana is an issue on wars but anyway Rogue : Skill ricochet. It will deal some pretty low damage to target inside a 3x3 area (i heard it hit only a limited amount of players) Barbarian : Roar : Reduce nearby opponent attack. _____Now, let's check this sentinel side _____ Paladin Fetter of justice : Stun all nearby targets, disabling their skill usage. Harrad banner : You guys complain that now it splits damages. Well, it still reducing the legion attack, on the barbarian way. Even if the damages are low, 10 banners harasing you will decrease your move speed pretty tard. Harrad call : The paladin rush to the targeted banner. It allow him to place his fetter of justice pretty fast. Healing aura : It will increase all nearby heal power. That's cool, elves already have the best heal. Priest : Healing area : It will remove all negative buff on all the mates on a area. Of wait, it's perfect for countering all cc and dmg from aoe mc skills. Defense aura : It don't remember if it increases damages or def They usually cry because of their lack of area damages or stun. But look... they are the best area support class. Mages : They're just like a fish in the sea. Time warp : Deals pretty high damages to all ennemy in a 3x3 radius. But sait Stone shattering : Deal good enought damages to all nearby ennemies. Small chance of stunning them. Illusory chain : Push away and stun all the nearby target. But the targets are still able to use skill or attack. Fire ground : Just like the warlock pool of darkness. Idk about the damages. Druids : Forest's song : All nearby target have a chance of being sleeped. Pretty similar to the necro panic skill. Tornado : It will grab all target in a specified area, deal damages to them, and attract them in the middle of the tornado. The targets will also be stuned shortly, allowing some combos with others sentinels aoe skills. Water spirit : Stun a target, and deals damages to all the nearby opponent. Blade dancer : Rush : Peoples say that it's only around 40% stun rate. Well I'm sorry, but 40% on 100 mcs is 40 mcs stuned by a single BD. And sorry, but this kind of stun is worse than the shaman quake. Sonicboom : Deals damages to all target in an area (some peoples say that the dmg split, idk) Rangers Explosive trap : Pretty useless, since the elves are the only ones attacking. *Well, I'm done with that aoe skills comparison. Please, tell me if you can see anything wrong in it. I also didn't checked about mistakes I could make, son feel free to tell me about them so I can correct them. Yet, it's totaly obvious for me that the sentinels have some predispositions for war.
  5. For the 4.9, they will be tons of buffs on the skills (btw, we have now some real number about those skills). Especially defense skills and support skills. But from what I can see on high level gameplay, tankers are less invited in parties due to their lower damages. Damages class have actually, if correctly amped, enought defense to take the tank's job. And now that support skills are buffed, peoples will be more likely to invite less support/tanks, and more damages, making this game a bit more stupid and about amp. Right now, the more likely build for fighter class (BD/DK/paly/barb) are damages build. With almost only the damages skills lvled. What we need here, is to remind rogues (sorry, It had to be you ) what they are, and what they aren't. Both faction are getting really buffed. But the dongeon are too easy. (Exept heroic berengard).Dongeon are fun, but you can't meet other parties there :/ My idea was to introduce a new kind of lab (I loved the design of the original one). Mobs inside would have a stronger attack than the common ones you meet on ayvondil. And maybe an ability to use skills just like inside berengard tower ? That would allow tanker class to get their lost place back in the game.
  6. I had a good time on this game. From goldorath, to irselnort ; questing, with my barbarian brother Doing sanctuaires of constellation Farming AA, berengard gards, demonologist Running throught lab right to oko shar. I remember the joy I had, droping divine defense vestment, and offering it to a friend When I bought my nurse suit for 100k Those are memories of this game that I won't forger. But this game is done for... I tried to get the same feelings I first had by making new characters... it didn't worked This game... every updates stinks developers laziness and greediness. Here are the things that killed this game for me : The dongeon. It could have been a great idea. But it's : Timed Limited to one party Limited to 5 stamina Peoples are looking only for high damages, and the new "inspect" function is a way to rejete the bad player, who didn't buy MCs for AMP. The luck system. What the duck is this game where you're not awarded decently ? Why do we keep receiving junk ? Those dongeon are really annoying to do 10/15 times. Remember sam hain ? On mc side, it tooks me 2 hours killing snorlar, running in this "lab" and defeating sam hain. On high amped party. All this work for 2 coppers bars... I used to make more gold by farming the wooden cups 15 minutes, and sell them. You sparkle a great treasure, but it's a binary system. You get something ; you did not. I can also talk about your scam chest. I'm bored to play the "evil shaman" while elves are reking us. I'm sick of your random way to distribute random power skills to random class. Some class are totally fed, and you're acting with small nerf, to hide how ugly the expert skills are. They're no big skills or fun in playing this game. It's just about your class, your amp (and your expert skills, but it's depending of your class, and if you're rich enought to afford +9 weapons, paying 160k isn't a big deal) And the last point is how developers are hide. They probably dont play their game, either they would notice some problems by themselves. I bet they just test their skills animation, and put random numbers, without thinking about the consequences. Just like they never post in this forum (unless for new and annoncement) This topic is going too long, so, I'll just say goodbye. I don't know if this topic will be deleted... Maybe he don't respect the game ; but that's the way I feel about it. Vicky, starlong you've been with me so long on this game, I'll miss you Winter is coming, don't forger to enjoy snow boundaries ! Happy christmas !
  7. Seriously, fighting with an afk is like shoting in your leg before a fight. Only 5 arena tix/day, I dont want to lose them just because somme idiots are afk, or naked. And stop with the excuse "make arena party". It's not easy at certain lvl to find 4 teamates, and 5 opponents. And it's not worth for 5 tickets. It would be easy, just need to take a screenshot. And the right thing to do would be to kick those retarded guys from arena for a while. But I guess that it would reduce gm beneficials from tickets deal.
  8. I'm using the free mcoins system (with fyber) from France. A advertisement was : Connect yourself to videostripe.com, spend 1€/$ with your card ( that you will get back). I get my 1$ back, but this piece of shit stole me 49,99$. Now, I must contacte my bank and the police to get my money back. It's a long and hard procedure. Could you ask to "fyber" ( the miracles coins sponsor) to ♥♥♥♥ING CHECK HIS FRIENDS ? Because right now, you FAILED in protecting your players, I'm sure that I'm not the only, and that many peoples still haven't notice that videostripe.com is keep stealing from them money. And don't tell me it wasn't your fault, you trusted and associated with them. Your share the responsabilities.
  9. Since berengard tower have been released, what did you droped in all those dongeon (berengard, coliseum in nadir, rotten garden and the termitary) ? What was your best loots ? how much did you sold them ? For myself, I received once some bracers of the filth from the rotting garden. But nothing else very valuable only sphere, catalyst (no ethereal or energy), essence and potion I was wondering if some players are lucky as I am
  10. When playing shaman, earthquake is also a great stun against melee But thanks to the glitched position, you can miss the BD, and he'll hamstre you from 6 yards. When you're slow down by 10+ mobs, and see yourself stun at the exit, but still stun here It occure on all aoe skills, sometime you see yourself far from a mob, but in reality he's near to you, and start attacking you. The only way to see your real position is to dc/reconnect. Maybe we should add a "update" buttom somewhere ? Or just fix this stupid bug
  11. Elves more numerous and actives than mc => Stairs and boss blocked. (You're protecting yourselves from rogue that gank, but ironicaly only rogue can cross) = mc not done with our beloved chainless merchant :') Update = No need to complete heroic BG tower. => Mc still got no help for kratt, dinalt, marakasha ; but elves that was waiting for doing heroic came on ayvondil. => Elves are dominating on ayvondil. (I'm not complaining/crying/a noob, I just summarize what happened in the last updates)
  12. Shaman's ancestor hand : This skill is awesome, and I'm very glad we received it But it doesn't work if the target is stuned. For exemple, if a bladedancer hamstre a partner, this skill will only provide a "weak" shield (I'm only on the lvl1, maybe it's strong after) It could be a great counter to bladedancer long stun. Necromancer ancient seal : It's only a suggestion but I tought the idea could be cool. Dont blame me, if you're used to this hp loss, I'm not suggesting to remove it It doesn't matter how many HP you loose, the heal/shield will always be the same. Why not making both depending on how many hp you loose ? For me, it's seems fair that if you loose 200hp, you have a stronger heal than if you only loose 100.
  13. Idk if I'm the only to notice this, but players that play bladedancer are always agressive to you :wacko: Every time I met them in swamp, they jump on me, gay hamstring for 10 sec. Now that they received "good skills" (op for me, but it won't change anything), they are machin killer with high dmg, high def, and gay lock's like stun, they can kill pretty any class. Unlike many class that will oftenly leave you in peace, BD will ALWAY attack you, even in small kotarava. Why ? Why this class is played by the players with the most hatred ? They want to take a "revenge" ?
  14. Now every class have a skill to unstealth us (except us :lol:) Now, my question is : Ils that smart to put 4 skill point in, now that de have a skill to rush, and a ranged attack ?
  15. What the hell ils that They're 4 of them un a strange place (that we called lab, because they're many mobs, and you run it) I saw 6 of them, but I bet they're 8 :P
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