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  1. Count me in if in US-SAPPHIRE.
  2. I'd like to see an answer for this, please r0land.
  3. I am back! :) Happy to see you again all! :) :)

  4. They can be found any place out of the towns of Ayvondil in groups, even in caves. If you can't kill them, you can trick them and take them one by one by evading others and killing one alone. Ask your friends to help too. Take care and good luck!
  5. Nokia N8, iPad 3, iPhone S4 and Android S3.
  6. x

    verification code

    I had faced this problem and I will tell you my story and my solution. Sometimes when I want to send a ticket, buy mcoins (anything else on ws's site), I write the verification code and it takes time to load the next page, so I press many times on the "Send" button so it loads faster, but I actually discovered that this increases the time of loading the page much more by asking me to re-write another code, xD. So the solution is not to press on the "Send" button many time if the page didn't load fast.
  7. They said every two weeks since the start of the first time, two weeks have already passed and they didn't make another one. But let's wait...
  8. It is not illegal, actually it is one of the ways for transferring mcoins between players. Most of the players use it to transfer mcoins, but the thing that you should now is, if you lost your mcoins in the transfer or in a scam way, devs won't return it to you.
  9. x


    Ofc they do, I have also noticed a thing on rogues. When they run away using their dodge skill, 80%+ of the attacks attacked on them will be dodged. And I would like to confirm on Panchen's talk too.
  10. x

    Legion Npc.

    Heys Turtle! Happy to see you asking and suggesting once again! But I think that you might read this before, but anyways I will put it here for anyone after you. Take care and good luck!
  11. Good start! I hope that some of the achievements would be miracle coins like CoC and their achievement system which gives their bought recourse "Green gem(s)" like miracle coins.
  12. Congrats for everyone and for my awesome dear friend "Liitovcas"!
  13. x


    Happy birthday to our dear awesome nice friend "Ninja Owl" . I wish you had a great smiley day full of joys.
  14. 5am in my time for Us-Sapphire, and when, on Friday. I might be awake already so np, I guess.
  15. What do you think is new mcoins sale idea upd was about? Except gaining more money for the company, saving back-ups of each day.
  16. When the new ayvondil territory comes and level 26 update comes, you will see the new season started. You can say maybe in April or March.
  17. Devs has stated before that those resolutions given are based on studied game plays.
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