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  1. lol true i totally agree with you, thats why i believe it is possible.
  2. actually i'm using andyroid which is way better than bluestacks and offers full android ui support instead of just an app player full of ads and unwanted built-in apps. give it a try
  3. Well, im playing on PC using an android emulator to have the same screen as the 10" tab, so what?
  4. taunt should be a passive skill, which would apply hatred on every hit, so you could keep bosses on yourself by just hitting it. simple as that.
  5. Before anything i would like to say that i know that this has been already suggested before. So why i am suggesting this again? Because although my suggestion is about the same as million others in this forum i think noone has shown the huge difference between the current desktop client and a 10" tablet client looks. 10" tablet Desktop PC client The character is standing in the same position on both screens. Besides the huge screen size difference, you can see clearly that the player on a 10" tablet will have seen a lot of things before you. It would make harvesting quests faster, seeing enemy on screen from far away, and so on. So i wonder, If that resolution is possible to tablets, why not to make it available to pc? Please AIGRIND...?
  6. I just hope the devs can see it.
  7. i support this. the way trades are currently is annoying.
  8. I'll speak for myself. There are a lot of costumes that i would love having and the only reason why i don't buy them is because they will be stuck on my inventory forever, taking away precious bag slots that could be used for something else more useful. And i believe i'm not the only one who thinks like that. People won't stop buying extra pockets because of that. Although i believe it should be available for free, It could be added to the game as a Miracle Coin item called "Wardrobe". We already pay for pretty much everything in the game anyway. Besides, it would improve the UI with a more organized inventory. Just my thoughts.
  9. We got to admit that the inventory by the way it is at the moment, is a bit messed up. You can't sort stuffs by type, you can't move or organize it in any way. And a big problem i've noticed about buying a few costumes is that they occupy precious slots of inventory. So, my suggestion is basically to introduce a new window clickable through the current "Character > Equipment > Costume Slot" window. A new window will open, and it should look like this: In there it should be a preview of all costumes you currently own and have dressed at least once, so it wouldn't interfere on the costumes you want to sell without using. Once the costumes no longer take place in the inventory, everyone will be willing to get countless costumes and even collect them all. Click "Like This" if you like the idea That's it. Leave comments with your thoughts. Best regards, Laur
  10. totally agreed with u in that. As a barbarian it takes forever to refil hp and mana points. I've noticed that the characters are now moving faster, ok. You reach the places u need to go faster, but then u have to wait cause ur hp and mana are not ever full.
  11. totally agreed. and a topic like this shouldnt be encouraged, that is, besides pointless, harassment.About the "disturbing elfs/mc" blacklisting. I must be sorry to be in a diferent faction of you now? The developers created the game this way to make us foes. By doing such blacklisting you are going against the devs wish of roleplaying. And dont forget, this is just a game. Get a life please. EDIT: For those who might be thinking. NO, i am not listed. I just had to throw what ive had in mind.
  12. u should rename it then. by the way, i also think that "Spears" dont sound like a currency name. I have some suggestions. How about: a)SpearCash B) WS Coin And please dont make items bought in miracle shop personal, or time limited. That would make me one less person buying them.
  13. sadly to say but, totally agreed. and what to say about the ranks 1 to 3, on Mountain Clans i got it in like 2~3 days. It took me a night as Firstborn
  14. lawrq

    daily rep

    ive already caught myself sometimes, trying to do something ingame to not logoff, but im serious, after doing daily theres no reason why i would be online, at least on my server. theres not a lot of ppl around, the pvp system doesnt give me any reward, and all i have are 2 quests in which i cant do myself. Adding some random repeatable quests in game would do the trick cause sometimes we just have nothing to do but mess with those poor ppl trying to quest (and that sucks too). thats all
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