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  1. I do not like the idea repost , I do not like the idea of votes on facebook because they always cheat , a friend always seek help from others to vote .. I prefer a thousand times the vote of the jury.
  2. GM we want pink pig Costume please
  3. Please GM, tell me When is reset points arena? thanks..
  4. Hey guys i need help... how much signs i need to amp from +8 to +9 bow lvl longbow lvl 13?
  5. Hello good nocehola goodnight, I want to ask something about the miracles. I live in Venezuela and about 10 months ago the (Miracle- via SMS) service does not work, I noticed that the page no longer Warspear the country Venezuela to purchase miracle why? I was always working until you erased the country from the list. We are many Venezuelans who have not played like buying miracles, that was the only way to buy but no longer exists, could you explain what happened? that no longer works? Note: We know that some operators do not work (Digitel, Movistar). But there is one that works and is 100% (Movilnet) never gave me problems, I think all of those steps to buy miracles had to be well explained on the website of Warspear (Depending on the country and its operators). some operators work well and others not.
  6. Magical Attack R.I.P , this is true.. many people have 6k def magical :facepalm:
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