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  1. guys if u can and when.. TAKE AN SS AND EMAIL IT TO SUPPORT i see racism in game EVERY F N DAY.. its PATHETIC
  2. so many rounds of dung23s and no effin drop *z*

  3. COULD NOT CONNECT TO SERVER..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is the server down coz i cant connect, not even into my acc..
  4. even if it was someone he trusted, is that legal..?? because if it is, i have concerns of another acc that shouldn't be BLOCKED due to someone else's I.P address being blocked..
  5. even if it was someone he trusted, is that legal..?? because if it is, i have concerns of another acc that shouldn't be BLOCKED due to someone else's I.P address being blocked..
  6. sorry post has been edited.. as to what i meant.. the above link to post of kimbo being past on, who's using his char in the ss i took..?? is it some1 else or was all [email protected]#T that he's gone (dead)..?? date taken of ss is: 23/05/2015 at 3:41pm Australia time
  7. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/topic/43758-kimbolayts-kimbho-thank-you/ an ss i just took a couple mins b4 posting
  8. lmao so much blah blah to read.. (which i did not bother to) KOS is there for a reason ppl.. if u dnt want part of it then u know what to do.. either u come and appologise for what u did or u can just stay on kos.. plain and simple.. i aint gona step down coz u mofos think im in the wrong.. good luck with manning up
  9. involved with too much wars isnt something we NBK's aint afraid of.. but like i keep saying.. ppl shouldnt jump into fights that isnt theirs..!! why do they jump in..?? [email protected]#t idk.. maybe coz they were crying in WC, GC, AC..?? point is.. all those ppl we do gank are the ppl who attacked us and i know for sure its no miss click coz i watch them when i die if ppl can't respect the cave then why should i have to respect them..?? the saying goes "he or she has done it once he or she will do it again" and thats why i call for an appology b4 my guild stops.. period.. as for ur p.s u wern't there to see what happened bird.. ur on about another time - no offense
  10. SEE HOW MUCH U THINK U KNOW NBK AND OR ME..?? u dnt know [email protected]#t.. apart from ur big head hating on us.. so what if my guild dnt attack u while im not online.. yesterday when i logged on i had no NBK on and no haters in the cave.. but then i saw u log on what did u do, attack, attack, attack, heal, attack, attack, attack, pot, heal, attack, attack, attack, heal, (deli logs in coz i told her to over u potting) then u died.. and dnt deny it coz if u do then ur no better then what ur spitting about.. i wasnt referring u as only u.. (yeah i knew i should have posted p.s "u isnt referring as only u") but i thought u was pro to not even think like that, guess i was wrong.. as for guild kos list, its not just only for guilds, its for certain ppl.. certain ppl like u.. i dnt gank every1 in ur guild, i gank the 1s who has the cheek to touch ME OR MY GUILD.. i linger my list coz ppl such as ur guild mates who i wont mention will always gank me & or my guild even if we didnt do a thing.. ppl in ur guild will always pot once we see the gank happening then start crying for help to gank the innocent.. so there u have it.. MY MOTIVE: as written in my signature.. P.S if u can't understand this all then ur nothin but a hater whos threatened by me coz i keep the cave free from IDIOTS.. if i had a high amped elf, i would do the same thing up nadir pvp, too bad im a loyal MC
  11. honestly i do know im not all that.. but that isnt the whole point is it.. i am who i am and i can not be any happier of what u think i am.. people who gank have reasons such as: ur letting some1 use ur acc who the ganker dislikes, u jumped into a gank fight that had nothing to with u, u and or ur guild mates hav said something to provoke a guild war, ganking in cave over what was said to be just a war (which i think is rubbish, rules are rules) and then theres just happy gankers who xxxNBKxxx isnt reckoned with, beleive it or not but i hav kicked people who were just down for ganking.. YES!!!!! xxxNBKxxx does hav rules..
  12. yeah thnx bugs but really thank you roland.. i had to re-block pop ups and clear cookies which got rid of ads also.. so bugs ur issue is to reset defaults for ur browser settings which i apparently just did and now my browser is as it was.. thnx again roland
  13. im having trouble entering the verification code.. tried 4 times and no success.. help me out and talk to support please roland or who ever gets here first
  14. I have been trying sms payments for the past 3days and still havn't received a payment purchase reply nor has any mcoins been added to my account.. sms from Australia please help
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