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  1. Unkillable for the next 3 seconds. Read plis.
  2. Shaman totem is completely different... Scales off of your normal magic damage, maybe 20 or 30 above your normal hit and only affects one target in a 5x5 area. Do not compare it to banner.
  3. Ooh ooh ooh. Can I link mine? Phys set.
  4. You suck. #ShotsFired
  5. Still here. Early 2010? Ish. Made alot of chars back then, got to irslenort, bought lvl 12 gear and ran out of money, broke all the gear > delete. Had one account that sort of made it, didnt change the login from random numbers to email. Rip. Now I play eu.
  6. Oh god. The lvl 10 beef.
  7. Dumbasses comparing earthquake to tornado. Dumbasses comparing totem to tornado. Dumbasses comparing blind to tornado (probably the most reasonable of all) Dumbasses. Dumbasses everywhere.
  8. Not like lvl 6 stats are worth seeing...
  9. Or gear for pvp and spam 2v2 with me! Necros are boss :3
  10. 40 sec cd on that shit. Battle Fury is the last skill you should ♥♥♥♥♥ about.
  11. Im sorry, but priest was noob before? News to me. So what you're saying is, one skill took the class from "Bad" to "Good" which would in fact mean that that skill is indeed op, making your comment counterproductive. Piss off. Ps, try standing still as a melee in arena. Go ahead, Ill watch.
  12. I'd very much like to shit on you with my druid. See ya ingame.
  13. Havent been hit over 50 by a banner yet.
  14. Didnt he buy that from him though..... Nice priest btw...... Since were on the subject of, +10
  15. This point really isnt worth arguing. Sorry bless, but I watched the vids, and youre just like most every other ranger xd. Click bless and faceroll your hotkeys. The class is strong but really, all it takes is a +10 crossbow and a lack of autism and youre set vs most people. You really wont convince me that necro's are useless, considering I have one and pvp with it. Xd.
  16. For the sole reason of proving you wrong, is what I was driving at there. Sorry. I was a little vague.
  17. You act like people still dont call shamans and locks op. lolol.
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