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  1. Been gone from the game awhile then came back. But then I seen it was gone :/ is there any other good weapons as an alternative? & who do I farm to get these?
  2. Did they remove the level 9 gear/weapons from the starting city? (Not the arena ones). And if so, why?
  3. CraZe

    Naming my rogue

    Ty for all your replys. Im stuck between Jinzo and Hoax
  4. CraZe

    Naming my rogue

    I have them already lol
  5. CraZe

    Naming my rogue

    How about Hoax?
  6. CraZe

    Naming my rogue

    The names actually for WoW lol. My rogues name in Warspear is Fastfwd :P
  7. CraZe

    Naming my rogue

    That good or bad? Lol
  8. CraZe

    Naming my rogue

    Can't decide on what name to go with. Which sounds best to you? Please vote. Thanks :)
  9. How are there damage? Better than paladin?
  10. Thanks born. I am well aware of that. I was actually think more like 2 possibly 3. But as of right now im trying to find the other two I like the best. Thanks for the tip tho :)
  11. To me he seems like he knows what he's talking about. But theres a reason I didnt even put paladin as an option. Its because it doesnt fit my play style. Im still generally new at this game and still trying to find out which classes I like. At the moment I have a level 15 rogue. And he is my favorite class hands down. I also have a shaman level 12 & a druid level 12. I have a ranger level 6 (I think im going to like him alot). I have A warlock and dk level 4 and im not sure if I like them yet. Still going to give them a try. And thats all the spots they let you use on one account.
  12. How do I see these changes that were made? Link please :)
  13. Thank you so much for everyones explanations. + karma to you all :)
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