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  1. They always do that elves will be op for awhile then an update comes then mcs will be op so on and so fourth so if you feel like elves are op to you ll just have to wait till until another update and things might change
  2. Haven't notice any old players playing i see sum once in a while by i just wonder what happen (directed to the old players before amp also before and when theres was only one map) from what I can tell not many old players in U.S all came close to the amp system :/ by yea just wonder what old players are playing now days
  3. LMAO phenglove that screenshot is funny :rofl:
  4. No offence but the game is called Warspear your suppose to kill the other faction so they don't become stronger than yours and most player get bored so they start to kill opposite fraction for fun cause there's not much to do in this game :mega_shok: >:D
  5. Hehe runners aka kiters :bad: = no skills JK it is hard to kill em tho they should put a magic def amp system up total agree bro
  6. Pvprange quit didn't he quit there was a post some where didn't read it though cause that guy brags way too much from what I heard :bomb:
  7. Just pondering about how many old players are left :aggressive: Pls post original name mines kicks/merceed :mega_shok: FYI I had a rouge when their was no stealth hehe
  8. Never been rich in this game i always spend my gold on dumb chip :shout:
  9. kickz


    Not suppose to be trading/selling and sharing accounts so yeah you would if got banned for trying to sell/trade or share im not saying that's what you did just letting you know it's against the rules to do those things so even if GM could return the account you could be ban still for giving out your info to your account meaning trade/sell :tease:
  10. I said ONE OF MANY REASONS :mega_shok:
  11. Today I login and I seen MCs standing around town ( THAT WHAT ELVES DO :bad: MCS ARE ACTIVE)while elves were walking through the town t4 to be exact b4 MCS use to K.O.S any elf entering our land hopefully MCS go back to the old ways this is one of the many reasons I stop playing :crazy:
  12. well they don't play as much as before so thats why lil bit of players follow them till the end well others don't know them so they can give fudge.why follow some one you don't know ? There is still unity just by different players now but back then was the BEST UNITY elves had it too way back :)
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