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  1. YAHOOOOOOO! by any chance, can u tell us if its gonna be soon?
  2. dont bring this on forum who left or why. But in matter of fact. I was waiting amd spamming for help..... 1 month. Forum is not the place to talk about that.
  3. Actually. Yes. My last failed myth tech was with you as a tank Higgings lol
  4. Any tech is easy. With good tank. And healer. I had more fails in myth tech than hard, cause of the tank xd
  5. BgVoin

    [2018.06.28] Game servers restart

    From 3hrs...gonna be next up to 5hra
  6. My friend, im not sitting in warspear for 6 hrs, waiting for the update to be done. So im not waiting for anything. It just makes me asking, why for 10 yrs, updating this game always takes 6hrs? World of tanks update takes exactly 15 minutes. N its so much better game w much more features
  7. Why this game, has 6-8 hrs time for every update? I have been playing other games, w much better graphics, much better everything,with much less bugs,n no other game needed 6-8hrs for update. In fact. U arent adding anything new. Just old features, back to game. With maybe just different colors
  8. BgVoin


    Rofl if u looking for GODLIKE DMG, take a look on rangers n/or mages. Ranger is still the best dps char vs 1 target And the hunter has 3 dmg skills? Thats right. But only fatal shot is doing good dmg. Pathfinder arrow is doin same dmg as my base dmg. Explosive arrow is doin not bad dmg. But its not so high at all. But atleast is doin 30% more dmg than my base dmg, not like the pathfinder arrow. Only thing because the hunter is a good dmger is the attack speed,lets be honest. But hunters arent the best n their dmg aint so high.
  9. BgVoin


    For pve, fathfinder arrow not worthy the skill points. My opinion. Pve build: fatal 5/5 combat 5/5 stun 3/3 att speed 4/4 hunter mask 4/4 If u want to upgrade pathfinder arrow. Better use the skill pts on explosive arrow. My opinion.
  10. BgVoin

    XX Arena season: changes in rewards

    Yeah. At ayvo t1 bottom right on the map
  11. BgVoin

    XX Arena season: changes in rewards

    I think every summer we get lvls increase by 2 lvls and new ayvo zone
  12. BgVoin

    XX Arena season: changes in rewards

    Why devs keep running arena in EU server, while the ranks are all arranged who takes what rank,and its not a fair competition? I dont know how is the arena at US amd other realms.
  13. Something is bugged with mana regen. I know its halved during a fight. But even if im not in a fight. It restores less energy.
  14. Guild skills changes Guild knowledge: increased the amount of knowledge obtained by all guild members on skill levels 2 and 3 (15-25-35% -> 15-30-45%), increased the durability of the skill effect to 2 hours. Guild fame: increased the amount of Arena Points obtained by guild members on skill levels 2 and 3 (10-15-20% -> 10-20-30%). Guild energy: increased the additional amount of energy for all guild members on all skill levels (4-8-12% -> 5-10-15%). Guild Rejuvenation: now also increases the maximum amount of health points and energy of all guild members present on the location for 5 minutes (10-15-20%). Guild Totem: changed the radius of totem's attack depending on the skill level (5-5-5 yeards -> 3-5-7 yards), its positive effect now works on all guild members, present on the location. Resurrection: increased the maximum amount of resurrected guild members on all skill levels (5-10-15 -> 10-20-30), the skill now works within the whole location and resurrects characters in the location (including Dungeons and Castle Capture). Guild Fury: reduced the skill durability to 30 minutes. Guild Superiority: increased the additional attack and skill cooldown speed of all guild members on all skill levels (2-4-6% -> 5-10-15%), it gives no additional accuracy now. Important! The price for using all active guild skills now depends on the guild level: the higher it is, the more it costs to use a skill. Nowhere is said that is halved. and in the skill description, still says 30% energy regen something else is bugged. Please fix it.