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  1. Hi, new player here.I'm interested in building charmer by how they can summon dogs lmao.. How do i build my charmer? skills, later equipment, extra skill, etc? much appreciated
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    So basically start all over it again huh...
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    I think i made a gradual yet huge mistake. I always buy new weapons and gears every time I level up, and now i stumbled a guide that says i need to save golds, to which will yield around 20k+ golds at lv14 if done correctly. Now i'm lv 15 blade dancer, with 10k gold on possession, and in dire need of elixirs and investment on red lv18 equip.. people say go to avondyl and go questing there, but i doubt with my cheap gear and lvl can handle it. Currently farming chocolate hearts, cuz that's where my main income. Should i just suck it up, lvl up and continue questing on irsenolt, or hold any type of quest and just farm chocolate hearts until i can afford at least 3/4 of red lv18 equip?
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