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  1. Hey everyone im currently a lvl 7 seeker on the eu server im a saily player looking for a guild pleease
  2. lmao ill definitely try it out im playing with my pala right now though lvl 4 euro server could i add you whats your name?
  3. Hey everyone i was wondering what would be a good build for a paladin for pve mostly to last longer and survive while still doing damage maybe even being able to solo enemies like the mini bosses on the first island?
  4. Hi everyone i just started the hunter class what build should i use?
  5. hello which skills do you upgrade first? :)
  6. Hi thank you thats true some higher levels have helped me with the beginner bosses im currently levelling 11 right now still going about questing
  7. Hi everyone im currently a lvl 2 druid on the us server called Neoboss i would appreciate if i could get a friend to help me quest and level up please and also to just talk about the game and have fun xD
  8. And my characters name is BlazeForce
  9. Hey guys sorry for the late response but im currently playing on the us server.
  10. Hey guys ive just started playing death knight and would appreciate some ppl to help level up and quest when im off from school
  11. Hi everyone im a new ranger on us sapphire and am active during the afternoons every day since i have school is there a friendly guild i could join please?
  12. Hi everyone i decided to try out the necromancer class and i was wondering how exactly should i play and use the skills when im fighting monsters instead of players?
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