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  1. Guilds update had it's positives and negatives. Guild chat made communication easier, and I liked the group bonuses. However I remember the point system being slow and obnoxious.And the worst part was if you have a huge clan name, you would stick out if you tried to hide behind your health bar on the field. A huge advantage lost, especially if you're raiding elf lands solo.
  2. I remember you. You played as a shaman, purple skeleton costume at the time. Fairly strong. What have you been up to? It has obviously been quite a while.
  3. I've been on Steam for a while. Periodically going on there just to check out some games. Recently been concentrating on school, so I haven't had time to be playing anything. What about you?
  4. Except it was a pain in the ass to message everybody. You have no idea how time consuming it was to individually message 50 people. Lol But those were the days. How have you been? Last I saw you, you were telling me about Steam.
  5. Ahhh themercs. I remember that guild during it's peak. I had an idea once of making a guild of contract assassins, but the idea never got off the ground. Funny enough I was gonna call that "TheMercs".
  6. Sorry it took me a bit. Here they are.
  7. I don't recognize your bd. Were you on Emerald?
  8. I actually remember Nestly the druid. Lol I remember commenting on how the name was similar to nestly tea, or nesquick.
  9. You remember correctly. Lol It was so strange that other clans were using shops and getting rained on by trolls, and here we were at that spot in t2. Lol No interruptions at all.
  10. For a time. I was invited by Ascetic (aka Edgeshadow), and met Keiz through him. Started good, but eventually I gotten disillusioned and lost trust and faith with that group, especially after Poley was booted out for no good reason. So when I finally had enough, I left. Keiz didn't like this at all. Lol So she thought the best way to go about it was to turn on me, like she usually does with anyone who doesn't agree with her. But that's a long story. I'm guessing you were on Keiz's shit list as well as me? Lol
  11. So do I. Hell I still have all the screenshots of Cerberus. I'd probably have to get on my laptop to post them here. Those days were chaotic and stressful, but they were nostalgic and memorable, I certainly learned a lot from that experience... And I think we were the second group ever to introduce clan uniforms on Sapphire server. Lol
  12. Yes yes I know. A memory that started good, but then took a turn for the worse. I remember meeting you and Yipi there, right on the MC island.
  13. You know I was never in the Clan of Dragon. I did work with Chronos and Warlion a bit later on though, before swamps came out. I was a high ranked officer in Clan Fear run by Sneakyme, co-founder of B2K with Keizsha, Afro, Ascetic, and Daciousx (when me and Keiz were on good terms), then I was the leader of Cerberus, then member of BADXJUJU, and then lastly special advisor to Brethren. But anyway, got me going on memory lane here. Lol I never joined Clan Dragon, but I meant to at one point. It just never happened or taken effect.
  14. And then later a deathknight. Lol Could you remember that during those days they said a barbarian with a 2h sword could never work? That resilience was useless? And that a barb absolutely needed a shield when tanking? Hell even my mentor was begging me to drop the sword for an axe. Lol Love those days. Revolutionary.
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