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  1. In my first experience of the new guild event on nadir island I could see that the time was reduced to 30 and not 45 minutes as it used to be the spring event where the theme was similar, any guild that meets the objective of the gvg disappears and ends, despite being easier compared to that gvg, the one now is completely difficult in almost everything. I understand that the goal of the admins is for more guilds to complete the event. But, with my own experience today that I was with my guild in this event, everything was a disaster, to begin with, the duration of this event was 30 minutes, which to be an anniversary event is very little for guilds not so strong as others. Second, I'm not entirely sure, though the only boss my guild tried to kill was the Snorlar, and it had raw AoE damage for no more than 10 seconds and my entire guild was killed. Although in my opinion the biggest problem is the time since taking the soul of the boss to the statue is very complicated and being that in the Tourmaline server, it is full of many guilds, it means that not everyone can complete the event. Maybe I'm wrong about my opinion of this gvg event but if others share my ideas maybe it's true that this event should be increased its duration time or nerf the bosses.
  2. Clarifying from the beginning I do not ask that they change it but that they reduce it since this skill has proven to be outside the limits of the skills that go against the players in guild battles or wars. To begin with, as everyone knows, the abilities have a certain limit of maximum players for these, and as it goes, it is a maximum of a certain amount for a certain time that the ability or damage that it does lasts, starting from this the ability of the templar: Reverse Flow Creates a vortex zone in the specified area for a while. Each second, the zone knocks back all enemies within it a few yards from the edge of the zone and imposes the negative effect "Stun" on them for some time. Enemies cannot move and use skills, damage to them does not remove the effect. Type: Active. Application by area. Cast Range: 5 yards Reload time: 16 sec. Energy consumption: 18 | 19 | 20 | 23 | 25 Knockback Range (yards): 2 | 2 | 2 | 2 | 2 Stun duration (sec.): 1 | 1.2 | 1.4 | 1.6 | 1.8 Number of targets (PvP): 3 | 4 | 4 | 5 | 6 This ability, as many have experienced, its duration has nothing to do with the number of enemies affected, since while it is active per second it will push up to 6 players maximum from the action area, PER SECOND, that means that in its entire duration can push more than 30 players, and without counting relics, such as the increase in affected players or the duration of the ability (castle). What I propose is very simple, add a limit of use depending on the ability, for example at maximum level once you have pushed 6 players it simply disappears (it can increase with the relic of objectives), or if you still want to leave the ability so broken simply reduce its duration time. Finally, it is surprising that they have added 1 second more duration to his ability in his talent tree xd.
  3. REWORK: Spiritual Purification: The ability now becomes a self-use power, granting a buff that has a chance to burn enemies' maximum mana on physical hits or physical damage, and a chance on magic damage to remove positive effects from enemies. Duration of the positive effect: 5s/8s/12s/15s Activation probability: 3%/4%/5%/6% Mana Burned: 15% Positive effects erased: 1 Cooldown: 40s Skill upgrade: Curse of the Plague: The ability now goes double its normal speed and when it reaches its final impact zone it will create a damage zone and with double chance to apply the negative effect, the damage of this zone will do a part of the physical damage of the character. Zone duration: 4s/6s/8s/10s Damage per second of the area based on the character's physical power: 5%/10%/15%/20% News Skill: Earthquakes After a number of clean auto hits the chieftain will shake the ground dealing physical damage and stunning enemies in the area, the target takes only 50% damage in the area. Stun duration: 0.5s/1s/1.5s/2s Area damage: 30%/50%/70%/90% Number of hits for one charge: 7/6/5/4 Maximum affected players: 3/4/5/6 Area of effect: 5x5
  4. The necromancer was always a support with many offensive skills against the enemy but only 1 has been very effective against them but when it is nerfed and how the game is going these days with the resistance parameter in addition to the negative effect cleaning type skills it has The necro has become less effective, in my proposal today I have shown 2 new abilities, a support and an offensive one for the necro, in addition to other light changes. Graveyard: Creates a 5x5 zone that reduces a percentage of the enemy's healing effectiveness, as well as a small 1 chance of positive effects from those affected by poison. Heal reduction per level: 10%/20%/35%/50% Chance of removal of positive effects by poison: 3%/5%/8%/11% Skill Duration: 4s/6s/8s/10s Area Affect: 5x5 Recharge: 30 sec / mana cost: 30 The effect will still last on the target if they leave the area for: 1s/2s/3s/4s Max players affected per level: 4/5/6/7 Comment: These abilities would be similar to the magician's circle of fire, that once you enter and leave the area you will still receive the negative effect, the chance to remove buffs would only be applied by acid rain poison and the necromancer's primary ability. Cursed blow: Grants the targeted ally or necromancer increased penetration and accuracy parameters for a time. Positive Effect Duration: 12s/18s/24s/30s Increased penetration and accuracy: 5%/8%/11%/14% Cooldown: 50 sec / mana cost: 24 Comment: The necromancer only has 4 positive effects and being 1 more a damage skill, in my opinion an additional positive effect would make it more effective in pvp and pve. Changes in the old ones: Poisonous Shield: Additionally it reduces the damage received by the character or ally by 2.5% / 5% / 7.5% / 10% depending on the skill level. Dead Soldier: The ability now generates skeletons without the need to have corpses nearby with the disadvantage that these will have half life and damage, if a skeleton is generated from a corpse this will have its normal statistics.
  5. Do not explain me well, the saturation will have the same current effect and duration on death knight, but now it will additionally increase the life steal up to 10% to the maximum to the rest of the group. I would like another effect but when it comes to that ability, the life steal increase for allies seemed not such a bad idea. Honestly, if it were an increase in defenses by percentage, it would be something very beneficial for players with very enchanted armor or for clothes with increased defense by the amount of clothing used of that type, being already a fixed numerical value is more optimal for all players. The death knight being a class very similar to the paladin, does not carry any abilities for the benefit of the group. The skill of looks good to me like this but I put a little additional benefit on it.
  6. It is not a widely used skill but it doesn't seem like it is the only skill in the area that this class takes, so my suggestion would be to change it for the convenience of the rogue. Rotating Daggers: The rogue spins daggers around him to deal damage to all enemies around him, dealing 20% / 25% / 30/35% of their physical damage per second for a time of 3/4/5/6 seconds. , the maximum amount of affected players is 4/5/6/7, this ability is very similar to the chief's eagle eye.
  7. I always saw the death knight as a defensive class although with many offensive abilities even though this class focuses on being a tank. The following changes for me would be to improve the defensive part of the death knight that he lacks a lot and improve his group. Secret Reserves: Now the skill uses constant mana consumption, bonus health regeneration increases by 100% / 150% / 200% / 250% while active and the regeneration time is 4 / 3.6 / 3.2 / 2.8, while mana consumed for every 2 seconds it is 4/6/8/10. Saturation: Now the ability affects the entire group but being reduced them, only increasing the life steal by 2%/4%/7%/10%. Death Call: While it is active the ability will grant 500/1000/1500/2000 of magic and physical defense depending on the level of the skill. Blood Protection: Now the ability can be used on allies, when used on an ally the death knight will also receive the benefit only that it will reduce half damage received while the ally will receive the full reduction of the ability, if used on oneself the ability the effect is complete, the duration does not change. Aura of Hatred: The death knight while using a shield will gain an additional 5% magic and physical defense, while using a two-handed weapon will increase an additional 5% physical and magic damage.
  8. Being a player of this class for more than 1 year I would like to show some suggestions of the changes some of the skills of the chieftain, again I notice that I do not expect all these changes to be in a single update. Wolf's Alacrity: The movement slow now applied to the enemy after hitting them has now been replaced by a chance to stun for a time being 15% / 30% / 45% / 60% / 75%, based on skill level and lasting about 1.5 / 2 /2.5/3/3.5. Thrashing: Now the ability has 2 different effects depending on the target affected, if it is applied to a class that uses staff or shield that will be silenced replacing the attack speed and half the damage lost during the duration of the effect, any other class that does not use this type of weapon if it will carry the effect of reduction of attack speed and reduction of complete damage. Curse of the Plague: Now it has a small probability of activating the Thrashing ability to the enemy hit, the probability of is 15% / 20% / 25% / 30%, it also depends on the Thrashing skill level, its duration and negative effect. Bestial Wrath: Attack speed is reduced by 5% / 7% / 10% / 15%, now the same effect applies for two-handed weapon or using 2 weapons, additionally now increases the critical damage of the character by 5% / 7% / 9% / 11%, the duration will be the same.
  9. good to make clear only the target heal-type abilities could be shared between allies, I myself know that if it could be combined with the shaman's totem it would be very broken.
  10. Warning: I will only talk about the expert skills not the base skills that in my opinion are very well established. Fateful Connection Now the ability is not combined with infection but it will have a new effect called healing connection, this effect transmits the health recovered to the rest of the team, practically the same only that now heals, the duration of the two effects will be the same but the cure will be half From the original effect, the effect is applied to allies in the selected area in addition to the enemies, it should be noted that shared healing is not affected by vampirism or potions only abilities. Infection: Now the ability is passive, to apply the effect you have to have 5 charges of which 1 is gained when the character uses an ability, the duration and effect of the original ability are reduced to half, to apply the effect the necromancer must use normal attacks or abilities but does not apply in area only 1 target. Poisonous Shield: Additionally it reduces the damage received by the character or ally by 2.5% / 5% / 7.5% / 10% depending on the skill level. Dead Soldier: The ability now generates skeletons without the need to have corpses nearby with the disadvantage that these will have half life and damage, if a skeleton is generated from a corpse this will have its normal statistics. I do not expect all these buffs to be applied in the same update but they are good suggestions for the change that arrives in December, with the objective of improving the necromancer more as a support class than as a class full of curses disadvantages. .
  11. My idea is not completely raised but it is necessary to solve these problems of the arena and the events and castles since the game is growing more and more and that implies that there will be more people of this type as the population of each alliance increased, I will do another so far hint of afk players in the arena.
  12. Perhaps many are wondering how this mechanism would work and what its benefits or consequences would be, well I will divide it into 2 parts: Event ban: The guild banned from events will not be able to access the events of guilds against guilds or attack the castles, except the events that are activated by the heirs or leaders, this idea came to me when guilds that are already deactivated or selling places in their ranks are in attacks on the castle with a group to attack the guardian or to find an active opponent to let him win in guild battles .Many guilds do this even at level 10 or higher which creates an imbalance in castle attacks and free wins in guild battles, and how can these guilds do this be detected? since the administrators of each server can do it, it is not very difficult to see that an inactive guild does this for the benefit of its alliance. Arena ban: In this place if it would make the punishment even worse, counting on the previous one now this guild will not have access to any particular arena, since they take advantage of the benefits of the passive skills that this guild offers. Or also a big problem is letting yourself win in the arena battles, many guilds being known to help the other alliance for having changed sides and this generating a worse imbalance in the alliance with these 'feeders'. In these images I found 3 characters who simply stood still and without any equipment on several occasions, all 3 in the same guild named 'Falling', for me it is obvious which guild it is that does this and I do not speak of that I just mentioned but another one that is behind this matter. And even if the problem of the arenas continued, a ban could be placed in these arenas but that will be one for another topic.
  13. I think it's more than obvious that it targets support-type classes in the arena since these are the ones that have the least defensive parameters high, and not to mention that that ability of incivility, speed and stun together is too broken to catch someone if letting him react until he is killed.
  14. With the change of the meta in the charmer improving his abilities for magic and physics, being the physics more noticeable, he should add one more parameter to the skill called which is attack speed, this plays an important role in what comes to be the physical damage since everything is based on hitting the enemy. After this great change to the charms who wanted to change to using physical damage they had to use a lot of resources and even more if they wanted the improvement of their physical abilities to be worth the result, setting the attack speed parameter would improve their performance at the same time. time to do damage knowing that this class does not have abilities of their own benefit in regards to damage it all depends on the skill called and others that increase their benefit.
  15. I understand that this ability is the highest defense of its class but currently that shield is far above any defensive ability even speaking of high resistance classes such as the barbarian or others, and more than being a tank, the paladin is a support class, Unlike how the game was before where the paladin was the only tank available on the sentry side, now there are now much better and more comfortable ones, even the templar could be a good tank. Getting to the point this ability should go back to the same as before or reduce the percentage of life converted to the strength of the shield, to be honest at one time they were not against 2 paladins in 5x5 or 4x4 in the arena and they did not see the great advantage that that shield provides? .
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