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  1. Guys please,the point isn't farm solo boss,i mean "Questing" Rogue really need immunity skill while quest,that kill miniboss just a example ,and im talk about (Melle User) Not talk about other , lot of char easy quest, like my dk,just buy secret reserver,i can questing easy in norlant or ayvondyl,my bd have shield too so safe for a second,but lot of new rogue was bad,because ,if new player need help,no one help,so hard searching helper,especially in us-saphire server,im from us server btw.im played all char,thats why i can talk about this ah about paladins,i can kill mini boss like 2k hp with full aura and heal (melle) i forgot to write this one,but pala is easy for quest too,the expert skill is good for questing
  2. Lets diccus this one :) PS " How to add Profile picture, i cant see the options
  3. Hello :) i was here for tell about an story. But before,my english isnt good ,i hope you all understand what i mean I wanna disccus about rogue skills and immunity , i just didnt know "why" only rogue cant kill miniboss in Map1 Without minion or playing in Norlant Quest with more safe ok,first i just want to disccus about "Melle-Weapon User" THE IMMUNITY I Believe you all here know about normal skill without expert skill of all melle user 1.Seeker , i thing only seeker have a shield skill for 10++ secs in normal skill ! this is so usefull for a new player who want doing quest in norlant or map 1 !, ya ,my char can kill miniboss without minion but only build shield to level max 2.Death Knight , You know this class right? this class is very tanky but not a pure tank like warden,ofc, death knight can kill mini boss to in map 1 only make "dark shield to level max" and easy for norlant quest with that skill 3.Warden , you all know about this pure tank,Agression can heal ! how good,and the skill have to decrease income damage to him 60% right? lot of warden can kill miniboss with that build easy and ofc,easy questing 4.Charmer ( can be melle ) lmao, i thing only this class can kill all boss in map 1 without high amp! only make skill "dog to max" you can farm easy ,and no need to high amp! , and have a skill heal too + Heavy armor ! how fun 5. Blade dancer this one can kill mini boss to in map 1 ,but only from t1-t4 mini boss maybe,if you a new player without buy an a OP equipments and this class can use heavy armor like DK AND CHARMER but with a HIGH DAMAGE ! Lets next ! "Expert skill" Now,All player always targetiing to level 18 or 20 ,why? because the easy way is here to doing quest and with a new skil! can kill some Big Boss in map 2 if you had a good amp 1.Seeker i dont know about this expert skill but, my friend this class can heal with a expert skill,i see my friend killing a maraksha with normal amp and full crystal and rune without vamprune,only use shield+that skill can heal,ya hejoin level 3 guild too for HP,DEFF MAGIC,AND DEFF PHY 2.Death knigh! Secret Reserve skills ! this is very op! you can kill sea monster with low amp too,easy quest in norlant! and ofc easy questing 3. Warden , this one ,i told u if this one a is pure tank! level 18 shold be more pure too about that expert skill " BLOCK GAIN HEAL" WoW This is so cool,new player can easy quest and kill boss map 2 only with this skill,EASY QUESTING! 4.Charmer ,like what i said, this one can kill bos easy with skills "dog" but the important is her new skill! a "SUMMON BIRD" waduhell,this skill can heal her , Made this class easy questing and easy farm too 5.Blade dancer, my friend had a bd only +5 to all equip,with that, he can kill all boss, But he can't killng all bos like bg cl and genie. how? I told you bd have a good damage and can use Heavy Armor the build is "Use high endurance full set , sap level 5 AND THE NEW SKILL ! damn this new skill can absorb damage 6sec + maybe , ofc this one can helpfull in questing in norlant or ayvondyl , EASY QUESTING and the worst news "ROGUE" This one cant kill boss without minion in map 1 Hard questing Only had 1 skill damage normal like "SLRDMGX Post" said actually map 2 too ,when level 18 he had a new skill "Absolute Reflects" But,lot of player this skill is USELESS ,why ? should have a dodge first to gain dodge,but not 100% , yes this one right i have a rogue too but only for search a truth about this skill,all people right. Rogue have a low deffend , but high damage right, i dont care if rogue doesnt have a "skill stun" like "SLRDMGX Post" i just care about Rouge Immunity Lot of rogue stay level 20 because , just wanna farm map 2, but ! SHOULD BE A HIGH AMP WITH A VAMPRUNE ! how fun, this is very sad for a new player Hard questing in norlant ,even if he had a new skills "absolute reflects" and "stealth" you know all if stealth can't be good in lab or norlant right this is make a new player HARD FOR QUESTING Absolute reflect only Increase Dodge Chance and Attack Speed (?) Hey devs :) this is so annoying,when all melle class have a good immunity skills for questing or farming im very sad all rogue level 18 stop playing and make DK because they said "DK OP , SECRET RESERVE IS GUD" My opinion is , why you put Increase attack speed in rogue? this is useless,even if you in dungeon you have a tank for you so this skill only active for sometime and the effect isnt long Or you doing quest in norlant when you just need run in this map lol , and the stealht "just usefull sometime" You should fix this skill,lot of rogue said old time this skill is so very overpower, ya OFC ,with AFK this skill can active,but you all fix this skill,its ok,i know too if this very overpower but usefull for quest right if you have a permanent dodge Ok , my suggestion is ! This absolute reflex should be Fix in effect Like if you dodge this skill can add more dodge chance and of course gain some HEALT POINTS ! Like WARDEN SKILLS This is very important for low level who want Doing quest in norlant or ayvondyl , you no need high amp for this class ( rogue ) this melle user just need more "immunity skill for safe while questing" its ok if this class so Hard for questing in map 1 but dont make in ayvndyl or map swamp / norlant ,this is not fair and the damage skills doesnt have stun skill like "slrdmgx" post but idont care about that lol,i told you if i just care with "deffend rogue,immunity or any" because rogue cant use heavy armor ,ofc, rogue damage is OP with 1H AXE and all skill Lets make rogue more usefull with he's deff :) and ofc new player can hafe fun with this class without high amply or vamprune I'm really grateful, Hopefully one of the moderators or game master can see my post and give a quick response
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