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    thanks for help 😄
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    So, put a link for the official site in desc. ?
  3. Oopot


    Guys i want to take warspear official trailer and translate it to arabic and republish it on youtube channel, as a start of the warspear online videos that i will publish. Will it have copyright problems ? I want to do that because i have never saw a single arabian in warspear so far except ( elasiribd ). So i will use it as a way to collect people then start publishing ingame videos ( in arabic for sure )
  4. The charmers used to solo everything because of their 7/24 dog spam but now it's not possible without some cooldown reduction. ( the skill got higher cooldown at last update ) . you can use charmers to semi solo dgs and bosses if you have high heal + 5/5 dog you can do things solo with a way ( let the dog attack then when it die the boss will start attacking you, you summon a new dog and heal yourself ( with enough heal you can stay alive until it change agro to dog lol )). for me i had 1 account lvl 13 dk ( already lvled ) and made another account and made a necro was playing necro from pc ( healing is hard from phone ) and playing dk from phone at the same time ( helping myself by myself ) that was pretty hard at first but as what i get from your name you love playing and doing things solo that will be great. i advise you go with a healer class if you want to solo from 1 account don't do bosses or dgs until you reach lvl 13 - 12 ( after the s**t drops update you will have 10k gold. before update you could have 25k gold with the end of map 1 -_- ) buy gear then one by one you will be able to solo map 1 everything ( if you go as a healer have a good staff with good amp and you will be fine doing everything )
  5. I am not the best dk out there ( almost noob ) but i will tell you... At map 1 you can mostly solo all mini bosses but no class can solo map 1 bosses ( except people who stay at lvl 13 for years xD. and charmers if they have decent gear over all ). At all you can solo bosses after you get gear with decent amount of life steal or very high hp regen. let's say you are fighting a boss who hit you 300 ( at map 2 ) and dark shield take out 200 dmg. ( with enough def. for sure ). then you will need + 200 hp regen because in battle it becomes +100 hp regen so you can outcome the damage. got it ? with lifesteal gear if you hit hard enough you heal a lot so no need for high hp regen. let's say you you hit 1k on the same mob with 10% lifesteal you will heal 100 hp. as a dk you can't really hit 1k but i just want to tell you how it works. people on youtube usually have a bit high lifesteal and gathers a lot of mobs who hit them low around them so they heal a lot with a skill like steel hurricane ( more hit = more regen ) the same goes to dgs. ( overall the dgs mobs are easy to kill but the last boss it go back to what i wrote above ).
  6. Oopot

    didn't recieve mcoins

    I contacted them and they say that if i didn't recieve my coins in the next 24 hours then they don't have bussines with me. I think i have got scammed
  7. Oopot

    didn't recieve mcoins

    My ign is oopet a dk. I am from Egypt and i didn't see any offers since so long time ago and when i saw one today at 10 pm i wanted to do it. The offer was to download an app called apple music and sign in it for 3 months free trail and get 405 mcons. I downloaded it and signed in it and it took money from my visa even it's a ( free trail ) and i didn't recieve the mcoins.
  8. Oopot

    new build skill rogue.

    It will be like 5/5 stealth for high dmg and more time invisible 5/5 main dmg skill for more dmg and 3/5 gouge for stun and more dmg from stealth idk about the experts sorry
  9. Oopot

    new build skill rogue.

    Both of them are important for ( rogue ) dodge for more survivability critical for more dps if you will solo things like hunting solo it's better to get high dodge to survive vs them if you will play as a teammate go with critical because you will always have someone heal you or tank for you ^_^ pve build it's still good but i don't know about the new skill pvp build it's not for lvl 28 but you can get the idea about your skills sorry if something is not well complained
  10. Oopot

    cooldown book

    thanks for your answer ^_^
  11. Oopot

    How cooldown reduction work .-.

    oh, cool you gave me a small and easy way xD thanks a lot
  12. Oopot

    How cooldown reduction work .-.

    I thought that too but i found this topic And the person who answered mecha's question said it works different way