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  1. Oopot

    new build skill rogue.

    It will be like 5/5 stealth for high dmg and more time invisible 5/5 main dmg skill for more dmg and 3/5 gouge for stun and more dmg from stealth idk about the experts sorry
  2. Oopot

    new build skill rogue.

    Both of them are important for ( rogue ) dodge for more survivability critical for more dps if you will solo things like hunting solo it's better to get high dodge to survive vs them if you will play as a teammate go with critical because you will always have someone heal you or tank for you ^_^ pve build it's still good but i don't know about the new skill pvp build it's not for lvl 28 but you can get the idea about your skills sorry if something is not well complained
  3. Oopot

    cooldown book

    thanks for your answer ^_^
  4. Oopot

    How cooldown reduction work .-.

    oh, cool you gave me a small and easy way xD thanks a lot
  5. Oopot

    How cooldown reduction work .-.

    I thought that too but i found this topic And the person who answered mecha's question said it works different way
  6. Guys i read at a topic that cd reduction don't decrease the cd of the skills but increase how fast they recharge .-. I don't really understand that can someone explain it to me and tell me a mathmatic thing ( idk what it called in english sorry ) to get how many sec. left ? i am looking for 72% cd on a shaman totems recharge time is 40 sec. how will it be so ? i was getting it like 40 * 0.72 = 28.8 40 - 28 = 12 seconds to recharge can someone tell me the right way to get it ?
  7. Oopot

    Important Update 7.7 Opinion kkkkkk : )

    MY OWN OPINION ONLYYYY you from legion side complaining about that elfs are op now ? elfs do the same xD paladin : heal 2k ? there are some dk heal from 1k to 4k in 1 skill with 14 seconds cd i think it's fair here mage : is the hardest class to play so it has to be op at high lvls or no one will ever give him a chance noob at low lvl and noob at high lvls ? exactly like warlocks but the difference is that warlocks at high lvls are pvp gods and mages at high lvls are pve gods i accept it idk what is explorer aaa xD priests : they are the holy heal debuffer character for elfs as shaman for mcs .-. shaman have 8 support skills and 5 normal skills .-. 2 of the 5 are stun xDD i didn't get what you are saying about barbs .. deathknights : let's come to the most broken class in the game and you say why they nerfed it hmm, let's answer this question together .. cuz it's the strongest class in the game .. maybe this is the only class that can defeat warlock in 1 vs 1 xD necros and priest new skill resuraction i think it's fair to rebirth 1 person only and with low hp .-. you are a healer just resuract him and heal and everything is good why you are complaining about health while you are a healer .-. everybody said that before if you want to heal yourself use health steal xD you have acid rain you can regen a big amount of health in 1 skill shaman hmm. my main class i really didn't like the new skill idea.. overall if the debuff decreases the speed like the new hunter( or ranger i am not sure which one have got trap xD ) trap it would be cool but no. like this it's useless i don't think anybody will use it rogue : it's a good skill for 1 hit kill xD okay okay it's a bit stupid skill xD charmer : my 2nd main character .-. the charmer was created to be able to be everything but not as good as the main .. didn't get it hah ? it's a healer but not as good as shaman. it's a tank but not as good as dk. its a solo character .-. warlock : always had a problem with the healing and now i think it's a bit balanced for the war god
  8. Oopot

    New Hunter - US Sapphire

    The maximum level is 28 ( for now maybe after a couple of updates it will increase ) you can pvp as soon as you reach level 6 but as you level up and the fun in arena will increase as when you reach level 18 you can get new skills and fight people with new skills too
  9. Oopot

    cooldown book

    1 more question plz why i have to wait a mod to approve everything i do ? xD
  10. Oopot

    cooldown book

    oh, thanks a lot .. you don't know how much cd reduction it add and if cd reduction have a cap or not ?
  11. Oopot

    cooldown book

    Hi guys *.* I have looked around the whole forum and wiki to find an answer and nothing found .-. How to get * cooldown reduction skill * book ?? And how much cooldown reduction does it add ?? How long does it take to recharge ?? Does cooldown reduction have a cap or limit ? If yes what is the limit ? Thanks for who will help me
  12. Oopot

    Level 13 Rogue

    if you are in eu emerald tell me your name. i am lvl 10 charmer but i have good gear so i think i could help you ( if it`s farming or bosses quests )