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  1. so should i delete the version i have now ? sorry my first time trying a test server
  2. Oopot

    Blade Dancer

    other people should answer this
  3. Oopot

    Blade Dancer

    I think this is independent. bds are great at pvp and pve wise so, sure go for lvl 28
  4. It's not a bad idea but resisting 1 stun will not be instant death in most of time, i mean you as a cloth or light armor user will stay in a place where you can stun + attack you should be 1 yard distance from the one you are attacking to name it an instant death. i kinda like the idea overall but it will not stop perma stuning because i don't think that someone will take out the resilience to put resistance but if he do that he will have the maximum as 43% for lvl 28 ..
  5. potions don't agro so just don't heal and use potions. btw every character has it's own way in this quest i a lvl 15 dk my dark shield make the damage 17 only and i can go through them with some health points gone, also my lvl 15 necro do it with nightmare one of them then use shield and run, it would be easy for each character in it's own way, i think swamps are not like other maps where you just need to run around kill something go run again, you should think a while to find your way questing. btw you as a druid i think you can stun them all and go get the stave and stun them again then go to teleport xD
  6. as the guy here said i meet this a lot and die and revive .. to have to use a repair scroll you should die 10 times, if you have a mind you will be able to do it without dying 3 times ( i don't mean any offend )
  7. put all points either on stun or dog .-.
  8. i would like to be able to chat with them through area chat because sometimes they misunderstand something like if you try to attack a wasp at swamp and hit them by mistake they attack you and kill you but for the world chat i will say that you will just find yourself getting insulated by them after wars and any other event in game that lets you fight with them
  9. Oopot

    Skillt builde

    this is a topic in 2018 so i thought it's not outdated ( like almost every guide in the forum )
  10. Oopot

    Skillt builde

    i copied this from gladiator from what i know he is the best paladin at the forum Where do we start.. For PvP, I prefer 1 handed physical damage build, it deals a lot of single target damage and has more stuns, combine it with horror accessories and skyfire rings, perfect. If you can't afford horror accessories then just get craft magic stuff, it will give you more AoE damage and heals, also you can use it for 2handed magic build if you get both. The problem with 1 handed is that you need to have high amp to shine with high ferocity. With lower amp, full magic 2h works better, and if you wanna make 2handed, then make it full magic, but its downs is that you will be weak defensively and lack 1 stun skill, you will deal a lot of AoE damage and with good criticals, you can heal 2k+. Also enchant the hammer with magic, not ferocity, because it is only worth after +8. And for skill builds: Max fetters and heal, 3/5 purifying if 1h or 3/5 aura if 2h. Max Banner and Call if 2h, 3 Banner 3 Call 3 shield strike if 1h. Though m not regular on forum, so i'll be sharing with you some details that every pala must know. It won't be long. Also, this setup would provide average amped palas a decent game experience. So have look Exp skills I would prefer Banner, Sunseal, Illumination, Defbuff (forgot name), Harads Call, Repellent strike. For PvE: * 1 hand mode always better due to sunseal and repellent strike combo and high defs. * Magic pala always better than physical as pala's most skills magic oriented. * For PvE I would prefer to max fetter , aura, banner, 3/5 agroo. For PvP: * As I said... magic always a positive catalyst for pally's. The fact that banner gives very high dmg and most players have low MagicDefence as compared to PDef... More Magic is always sweet. * 1hand mode would be awesome as you get three stuns. Even if you are +6+7 , this setup will do miracles. * Purification max, Fetter Max, banner max, Repellent strike 3/4, harads call 2/4, Rest Aura or Heal ( or agro 3/5 if u want your pally to be PVP and pve both) Some imp points: * Always choose Health bonus over Def bonus as your seal+strike combo depends on it. * Illumination have a range, use it wisely. * 2 handed pala experience is fun...try it.
  11. actually from what you wrote .-. your dark shield reduces 132 dmg which is about 4.5k if my calculations are right xD ( tell me how much defence you have please ( because i am doing some formulas ) ) in pvp ,wars, castles this 132 would be very useless but the 50% reduction would be broken so don't conclude that it's useless because pve only. almost all warlock skills experts are for pvp
  12. Why not to make the game available through facebook ? at the moment you can find it then send it to the phone. but as it's already available at computer devices why not to make it available through facebook directly ?? i myself when i find games at facebook that made me interested in it then find hat i have to send it to my mobile phone i just don't send it and go to find another one .-.
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