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  1. Did I miss the memo, seems like a shit ton of 'old' us players went to eu?
  2. agreed, now time to get ready to see all the posts of how op elf skills are/ broken, and for devs to say they are working fine but yet nerf them anyway but they wont do an thing to mc skills
  3. If i use karthus its mainly for the Lolz, i am one of your asshole Karthus , i play with Coolcatkid, champz an few other warspearians, if u remeber whp they are lol.
  4. Twisted Fate all the way or keep calm an press "R" with Karthrus
  5. idk if this is ment to be funny or not but made me laugh, i love this guy
  6. Had tacos last night do you see swimming as Floccinaucinihilipilification
  7. pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis (its a word)(and Im seeing it as Mercriall being the start of a new sentence)
  8. true words spoken from the legend jake, Rokzz, Jojo, an Death
  9. seeing as i havent died to any necros in a pvp at all in a long time, im going to say none . Prob are some good ones just havent seen them much i guess .
  10. yes yes yes 1000x yes can we get this man behind our costume designs or added into that department truly amazing stuff
  11. To me it was the people. Thats what kept me around for a very long time, being able get on chat with people i had got to really know an connect with. But lately my FL full of all these old players great people is lucky to even see 1-4 white names a week. why ive been playun lot less just getting back to my RL friends an fam ever so slowly till i just say im done. Ye theres some great people who play the game now but the way they play is very diffrent from how we use to. But soon ik ima be one of those names who fades away with TIME( ). Soon ill be taking my leave as others have. Just feel been here long enough time to move on (soon). (But the game though its ok, good game to keep me busy, having a solid max lvl for year i second cause i hate having new things pop up that i gotta amp)
  12. timeuss

    Bug or what?

    My only guess is have to get the quest up to then
  13. lvl 22 an up dont get quests from t1 - t3 ( atleast what i believe), my lvl 20 priest has quests t1-t5, hasnt done any tower quests as well possible as well why he may still have them. And as for the new part quests she has to complete RG tower atleast to hard. i dont have 5000 rep with Maliat Elves but atleast completed RG tower hard.
  14. naw the skill is kinda bad to make 4/4 well atleast or what i do and how i played, for pvps ud need to have a member there at all times, and for a non running druid id rather have sleep 4/4 than link, vs a high ampped rouge sleep has shown to be much better. i also found a better all around setup for druids well atleast has shown to be better from my former setup, i understand ur talking arena wise, but realistically the sleep is a much better skill in my opinion, and i still can heal 1k with the skill 1/4 so guess no real need to up it
  15. every time i see a mc complain about the pala skill all i can do is laugh do you idiots not realize that shamens basically have the same damn thing but double they have the totem and the shield which also deals damage, yet your getting sad faced cause pala only have one and you don't know how to be smart players and dodge it . Not often i see elf complain about it though yet were always called the crybabies .
  16. whos ur mc, ill make sure u have a slow death :give_rose:
  17. all the skills shamens have gotten thus far have been all damage, an no shit u need high amps for that damage :lol: u miss what i was saying, so please dont be that dumbass , even with all that damage that shamen wasnt able to kill me in a pvp :tease: , tornado stun isnt long enough to even count as a dam stun even with making the skill 4/4, the damage for tornado 4/4 is only about 200 more an hits once, the small area with tornado now barely even works the area of the skill is the middle so what the hell are u pulling in, and if u read what i said i was ok with the damage nerf cause wen i was using it had 1k no crit which was broken, next time take ur time an read :tease:
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