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  1. Im back on the forum, any guides people want adding feel free to message me and i'll look through
  2. Idk about lv4 but lv1 lasts 4 seconds ish
  3. That scenario probably only works out for the people that then decide that they need to come on the forum to state they've been "hacked". The point is, the only equipment that really gets unbound is the stuff with value, which also means that the players holding the stock have an attachment to the game- meaning when push comes to shove they'll more than likely just buy mcoins. Why would the devs want to alter a system that starts people buying mcoins? Your idealistic approach is lovely, yet unrealistic
  4. I just gave you enough, if youd like more then please give me an explination (a logical one) as to why you don't agree with them... Im not saying I don't like the idea, its just not really a realistic concept in my opinion.
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