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  1. No, I wrote from the perspective of a mc.
  2. Hey! I started playing in elves, but I noticed something when I moved to the mountain clans.. is completely impossible to be mc! you can not be around nadir, because there is always 10-20 elfs, you can not do the quests in the swamps, you can not do cl, simply can do nothing! just staying in town. elfs are so overpopulated/overpowered.. this game makes no sense, can only play in elfs.. lol can gm balance these factions? //sorry for bad english..
  3. I hope that we will see in game :crazy: (Im 100% elf)
  4. The doctor finally has a name, he is Doctor Ioneus :spiteful:
  5. Thanks for nice and useful guide!
  6. Do not you ever give any exact information about your account to third parties. They have many ways to scam you.
  7. Welcome :friends: Im fairly new here, too.
  8. I dont like spears. They are slow, but high damage (less defence bcs no shield). I like to use 1h hammer and shield because: 1. Better dps than in spear 2. Better stats 3. More physical defence 4. Magical damage (not all hammers!)
  9. Well, I tried to buy sd from xroselily, and she tried to use full bag trick. Gm, can you simply ban her? Proofs:
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