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    Ogull got a reaction from REAPER in [2021.03.30] Contest of guides "Mystery of Wisdom 2021"   

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    Ogull reacted to Holmes in [2021.03.30] Contest of guides "Mystery of Wisdom 2021"   

    An integral part of the School of Magic is diligent study. You will learn the basics of Illusion Magic and Animagic, discover new abilities and become stronger. Every day in the world of Arinar there are more and more great wizards who are ready to boast of a diploma in higher magical education! And we are sure that many of you will want to try on the role of a Teacher and create your own training material that will be used by warriors from all over the world!

    We are announcing the launch of the traditional annual competition of guides “Mystery of Wisdom 2021”!

    What to do?
    Write a guide or an article on what you are really good at. You can choose the topic yourself. A guide can be a general overview or dedicated to a specific direction, for example, PvP or PvE character development or fast character leveling during events. Let your imagination loose!

    And remember, 1 person - 1 work!

    What will we evaluate?
    The author's own style. Taking a ready-made beautiful template of a guide and making your own using it is not a bad idea, but unique author's touches in your work will be a plus, one way or another; Relevance, information content and practical use of the material. Try to choose topics that will be useful to more players; Accessibility of presentation. Guides are most often used by beginners who may not be familiar with the game or genre vocabulary. If your work is written in the simplest possible language and is understandable even for a child, you will certainly earn an extra point from us there; Presentation. An integral part of the guide is its appearance, namely text formatting, headings, structuring sections, using images, gifs, screenshots, etc. Take the time to beautifully present your creation.
    Do not forget to rate and comment on the guides of other participants, because everyone needs support and constructive criticism. During the competition, works can be edited and improved to perfection. Thanks to this, you increase the chances of attracting the eye of our juries to your work.

    It is prohibited to:
    use any materials that violate the rules of the forum; write guides on actions that violate the license agreement; deliberately publish of knowingly false information in order to mislead other players; plagiarise or copy existing guides.
    How do I get involved?
    you need to create a separate topic in this section of the forum and place your work in it; the theme should indicate the nickname and game server of your character, so that in case of victory, send you a prize.
    And most importantly, the awards awaiting the winners:
    1st place: 10.000 miracle coins and 1 any classless skill manual of your choice (except for "Magic Resistance" and "Magic Extension")
    2nd Place: 8000 Miracle Coins and 50 Seeker's Stamina Elixirs
    3rd Place: 7000 Miracle Coins and 40 Seeker's Stamina Elixirs
    4th place: 6,000 Miracle Coins and 30 Seeker's Stamina Elixirs
    5th Place: 5,000 Miracle Coins and 20 Seeker's Stamina Elixirs

    Participation prizes are also possible.
    The most worthy works will be transferred and pinned in the header of the corresponding sections in order to illuminate the path for the young and inexperienced warriors of Arinar.

    The competition starts today, March 30, and will run until 23:59 on April 12, 2021, after which it will become impossible to publish a topic in this section.
    We will need some time to sum up the results, so we will announce the winners no later than April 16.

    May wisdom be with you!
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    Ogull got a reaction from Filipe Ramon in Death Knight - Complete Skill Analysis and Mechanics (v9.3.0)   
    guide been updated to v9.3.0!
    new to guide:
    all changes from v9.3.0 has been added! threads root duration has been added. dark shield buff duration has been added. dark shield damage reduction updated. death call area of effect has been added. steel hurricane max number of players/monster has been added. secret reserve health threshold for activating has been added.  
    @Splendor you might want to update your translated version 🙂
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    Ogull got a reaction from Speedom in Permanent Solo Dungeons on a regular season.   
    you guys talking about solo dungeons as if everyone will stop talking to each other and interacting with each other once such dungeon exists outside spring
    tbh such dungeon wont effect or degrade the "mmo" aspect of the game that much, and would be more like when you don't having teammate to do group dungeon with or they are all offline, then you have the solo dungeon as an option instead of staring at the second hand dealer for like 5 hours, i think its a great idea!
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    Ogull got a reaction from Fortuno in Petition for the rebalancing of DK skills!   
    the main complain of any dk that talked in this forum, or at least the international side of the forum is the tanking prowess of the class
    but apparently "magical damage dk is popular" tbh who cares about magic damage... wait let me rephrase myself, who cares about damage in general? the class is a tank i need a proper way to block damage, reduce it and recover from it, all we got in that regards is saturation being kinda useful when you are below 50% health
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    Ogull got a reaction from hentbank in Permanent Solo Dungeons on a regular season.   
    you guys talking about solo dungeons as if everyone will stop talking to each other and interacting with each other once such dungeon exists outside spring
    tbh such dungeon wont effect or degrade the "mmo" aspect of the game that much, and would be more like when you don't having teammate to do group dungeon with or they are all offline, then you have the solo dungeon as an option instead of staring at the second hand dealer for like 5 hours, i think its a great idea!
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    Ogull got a reaction from Splendor in Death Knight - Complete Skill Analysis and Mechanics (v9.3.0)   
    guide been updated to v9.3.0!
    new to guide:
    all changes from v9.3.0 has been added! threads root duration has been added. dark shield buff duration has been added. dark shield damage reduction updated. death call area of effect has been added. steel hurricane max number of players/monster has been added. secret reserve health threshold for activating has been added.  
    @Splendor you might want to update your translated version 🙂
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    Ogull reacted to SymbX in Mind of Warspear [Knowledge Base]   
    Updated 9.3.0
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    Ogull reacted to Peony in [2021.03.21] Compensation of rewards for the Guild event “Threat from the Depths”   
    The bosses killed at the Guild event on GvG territory “Threat from the Depths” last time did not count today. Because of this, many guilds were unable to pass the event, as well as receive the reward.
    We have already fixed the event, and we will compensate all the rewards for the RU-Amber, RU-Topaz, RU-Ruby and EU-Emerald servers at 19:30 CET.
    All participants who receive an incentive award will receive a reward for winning, as well as 390 reputation of Magisters of Illusion and Animagia.
    Thank you for your understanding!
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    Ogull reacted to Zurp in Seeker's skills 9.3   
    Updated to 9.3. Changes to Solar Power, Attraction and Exhaustive Blow.
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    Ogull reacted to Jcbreff in New scrolls for the miracle shop   
    this is russian game so nah
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    Ogull reacted to Higgings in DeathKnight - From Zero to Hero! [Higgings - EU-EMERALD]   
    Guide updated accordingly to the update 9.3.0 ^^ 🙂
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    Ogull reacted to _Sasukexxx_ in CHANGE EXCHANGE SYSTEM MECHANICS   
    Instead of tapping 1 slot and scrolling left/right through 100 different items (in some cases), the interface could be the same as adding an item in a hotkey slot as you've implemented already. Just tap the 1/5 slot on trade, the menu of your bag opens, tap the item you want to trade, then the quantity interface for stack size opens, after selecting the number of piece(s), you repeat and continue to next item or finish trade just as before. 

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    Ogull got a reaction from REAPER in [2021.03.15] Warspear Online Update 9.3. Mysteries of the School of Magic. Preview. Part II   
    the changes to the menu/raid bosses/guild menu are really amazing! best thing to come up from this update
    that boss health bar hella good, all that left is raid bosses special music
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    Ogull reacted to Peony in [2021.03.15] Warspear Online Update 9.3. Mysteries of the School of Magic. Preview. Part II   
    The doors of the School of Magic are reopening for you! Two entirely amazing magical areas are ready to accept all students thirsty for new knowledge.
    For 4 semesters, you will study the Magic of Illusion, which will allow you to summon powerful warriors to your aid, and Animagiс, thanks to which you yourself can turn into a kind of animal. Could studying be even more interesting? Of course not! But, in addition to exciting preparation for tests and exams, you will also have to unravel the tangle of mysterious crimes taking place at the School, and, in general, have a great deal of fun on the Blissful Isle!
    (special issue)
    As our dear readers remember well, the grandiose opening of the School of Magic, which took place a year ago, almost turned into a disaster for the entire kingdom. But the worst was avoided. The dastardly Serpentus who conspired against our beloved Spring King has been exposed and rumored to be disembodied. Wanting to make up for the damage done to the School by the traitor, the shining wife of His Majesty, the wise and beautiful Wickedora, took a heavy burden on her fragile shoulders, taking the director's chair. And our publication has no doubts that Wickedora will be able not only to ensure the highest quality of the educational process, but also to save students from unpleasant surprises, which the previous semester was so rich in.
    This year, not only new students, but also new teachers have crossed the threshold of the School! At the initiative of Wickedora, the range of disciplines studied was seriously expanded: it included such important and necessary subjects as numerology, tasseomancy, astrochemistry, magic cricket, as well as Magic of Illusions and Animagia. Our correspondent managed to get short comments from teachers on the last two disciplines. "What can I tell you?" – Julius Ripp, the teacher of Animagiс, turned out to be very courtly. “First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to the director Wickedora for the honor shown to me. I want to assure you that I will do my best to live up to this trust. Animagiс is an important discipline that can awaken in a young soul the previously dormant qualities that we lack in everyday life so much, ”Mr. Ripp said the last words with a dazzling smile. Claudius Librarius, the teacher of Illusion Magic, was far less talkative. Our publication quotes his very lapidary commentary in its entirety: “Out of the way! I still have to prepare for the lecture! " Well, let's hope that students will appreciate their new teachers.
    Meanwhile, our correspondent did not fail to note that very disturbing rumors are spreading within the walls of the School. The schoolboy, who wished to remain anonymous, told the reporter that he has a friend who knows the student, who saw with his own eyes how a certain Beast, allegedly living in the secret catacombs of the School, attacked one of the students – and it's as if this was far from the first attack. Our publication will refrain from any comments – and not only because it is inclined to consider these stories a figment of a fragile imagination. We express our sincere confidence that the radiant Wickedora will be able to deal with any problem in the School of Magic, whether imaginary or real.
    Holiday quests
    In the storyline, you will go through 2 magic courses, each divided into 2 semesters, after which you will have a test and an exam. As you study, you will not only discover new aspects of the development of magic, but also find out who is behind the attacks on students and teachers of the School. So don't yawn, all of a sudden there might be some evidence right under your nose!
    But, no matter how exciting it is to investigate crimes, you should not forget about your studies, because in order to successfully complete the year, you need to earn enough reputation with the Masters of Illusion and Animagiс. Complete daily tasks that will help you cope with this task faster. Moreover, after each semester, tasks will become more numerous, however, it will also become more risky and more difficult to complete them.

    First, you will be greeted with simple tasks related to the comprehension and consolidation of the basics of magic, as well as the economic needs of the School. But then you have to plunge into an advanced level of knowledge and, for example, learn magical entities in the Dark Forest or bravely fight creepy creatures.
    Those students who have completed the first year earlier will easily join the educational process immediately. But for newcomers to the School of Magic, let us recall how the study for sorcerers is structured.
    You need to complete 2 courses of Magic. As your studies progress, you will gain access to tests after the first semester of each course and exams after the second. Further, having successfully passed the school test, you will reach a new level of knowledge (student or expert) and receive a bonus passive skill.
     Illusion: Apprentice (passive skill)
    The Magic of Illusions allows you not only to see the true essence of things, but also to change their appearance as you please. The power over Illusions opens the way to unknown treasures to the inquisitive minds of the seekers.
    Allows you to open the Illusion Apprentice's Treasury in a selected dungeon. Reduces the seeker's stamina recovery time by 1 hour.  Illusion: Expert (passive skill)
    Only magisters who have mastered the secret knowledge in its entirety can unravel the most complex of Illusions. For these magicians, there are no locked doors — they will always find that which is hidden.
    Allows you to open the Illusions Expert's Treasury in a selected dungeon. Reduces the seeker's stamina recovery time by 1 hour. Unlocks access to the Wandering Hall.  Serpent whisper (active skill)
    Experienced sorcerers are able to summon the naga, powerful warriors who are also versed in the mastery of Illusions, to help. A wizard that has won the favor of the naga is not afraid of even the most severe trials.
     Animagic: Apprentice (passive skill)
    Animagic is the ability to take on an animal form while increasing your own might and agility many times over. Animagi are skilled and hardy seekers who will stop at nothing in the pursuit of prey.
    Allows you to open the Animagic Apprentice's Treasury in a selected dungeon. Reduces the seeker's stamina recovery time by 1 hour.  Animagic: Expert (passive skill)
    Experts of Animagic have a secret gift for taking the form of winged creatures and hybrids. There are no obstacles they can't overcome — and no treasures they're afraid to get.
    Allows you to open the Animagic Expert's Treasury in a selected dungeon. Reduces the seeker's stamina recovery time by 1 hour. Unlocks access to the Old Tower. Allows you to use the services of Magister Avaris.  Metamorphosis (active skill)
    The art of Metamorphosis has taken the best from the Magic of Illusions and Animagic. When applying the Metamorphosis, a mage can take the form of a fast-moving beast or create a ghostly doppelganger by falling for an ambush.
    After each successfully passed test and exam, the corresponding passive skill symbol will appear above the character's head. Do not forget that you can disable the display of status markers in the information menu. 
    Reputation with the Masters of Illusion and Animagic
    In order for the educational process to progress, and you receive the coveted admissions to exams and tests, after which you can continue your studies, you will have to gain the amount of necessary reputation with the Masters of Illusion and Animagia.
    Complete daily quests, participate in battles with raid bosses or bosses at the GvG event, and often look into the Dungeons of the Blissful Isle to quickly accumulate the necessary reputation. But do not forget that on a solo journey through the Dungeons you can earn no more than 600 reputation per day. The maximum you can collect is 15,000.
    Recall that upon completion of the training, the reputation does not disappear anywhere, but will become your new currency, for which this year you can buy not only character experience, reputation with any factions of Arinar, craft experience, but also special buffs. Just contact Master Avaris in the capital and choose!
    Solo Dungeons
    Ready to embark on a risky journey through your old school library? You have to go down to new solo dungeons to complete an important assignment of Wickedora. This is the only way you will have a chance to stop the nightmarish incidents on the territory of the School!
    It is not the first time monsters have appeared the School of Magic, but ones that are capable of depriving a person of magical power, no one has seen for a very, very long time. Wickedora believes the answer can be found in the "Book of Ancient Magical Creatures", which once belonged to her stepmother Momba, but was lost when the old School of Magic was closed. According to rumors, now the magic tome is once again in the old library, the path to which lies through the part of the school that has not yet been restored. But Wickedora worries that for many years in captivity, "Book of Ancient Magical Creatures" could be saturated with magical energy spilled in the ruins of the school, and imagine itself as one of those magical creatures that it itself is talking about. In this case, the book will first have to be pacified and only after that you can touch the secrets that it hides.

    After entering the old storage of artifacts, you will find yourself in a room with four rune locks, which must be activated in order to get to the mysterious "Book of Ancient Magical Creatures".
    You will find the way to solving the locks in the passages that are located on the right and left. Each passage contains 2 rooms, but which one you get into first will be decided by fate itself.
    In total, you need to go through 4 of any rooms, but pay attention — each room contains a unique test, upon successful completion of which you will receive some kind of reinforcement for further struggle. Be serious about choosing the buff, because different heroes can benefit from different resources. Of course, you can activate all 8 rooms, but the power of the monsters you meet on your way will grow with yours. To find out what buff can be obtained in a room, read the signs carefully!

    There is no time limit, as always, so you can plan the whole process well. And do not forget that upon completion of all training courses, you will be able to open additional treasuries that await you at the exit from the vault.
    “Life in Stone” world event
    Who among us has not got into those situations when we try our best, and you know the rest? And when the brilliant idea of saving the School, put forward by the teacher Julius, was attempted, something went wrong.
    Now you have to go through six stages to deal with the Golem, which has suddenly turned to the dark side!
    First stage “Alchemical Blunders”
    In connection with the terrible attacks of monsters on students, Julius Ripp – the teacher of Animagic – suggested that Wickedora revive an ancient golem. This magical creature once defended the old School of Magic, but after it was closed down, the golem was plunged into eternal sleep, and its heart was pulled out of its chest. The heart of the golem is a fragment of the Morning Star that illuminated Arinar in the days before the sun and the moon. Claudius Librarius – the teacher of Illusions – found the exact location of the fragment in the Dark Forest, but the path there is a dangerous one and a potion will help protect you from evil magic. The potion requires three ingredients: the essence of cowardly magic lights, the flesh of dexterous mushroomoids, and poisonous ritual herb. These ingredients will complement each other perfectly, but the potion made with them is a crazy mixture, and if you add to much of any of the ingredients to the cauldron – anything can happen! To neutralize the negative effects of the ingredients, add the roots of noble mandrake to the cauldron – that is, if you can handle it, of course!

    Second stage “Realm of Illusions”
    The exact location of the morning star fragment is hidden by a powerful illusion. Claudius Librarius managed to identify the location of where the forest creatures took the fragment, but it will take an unveiled to remove the illusion. Use its power and dispel the magical veil around the inhabitants of the Dark Forest. Perhaps one of them will lead you to the fragment!

    Third stage “Clubfoot Messenger”
    Julius turned into a huge bear and is now taking the fragment of the Morning Star far away from the forest creatures! However, the evil servants of the dark are trying to stop him and get the powerful artifact back. Protect Julius on his way and strike down the arachnomancers and their creepy spider-like servants without fear!

    Fourth stage “Ritual of the Wolf”
    Julius understands that the bear's strength is not enough to carry the fragment, so he wants to give the fragment to some powerful creature so that they could could carry it instead. The Animage decides to turn himself into a purple wolf, but this spell is very difficult – for Julius to reincarnate, the Spirit of the Wolf must be defeated!

    Fifth stage “Elementary Forces”
    The fragment has been lying idle for a long time and has lost some of its magic power. It needs to be charged. To do this, you will have to turn to the knowledge of the past and remember the science of the sun, moon, astral and darkness. The magic of the sun will require you to light the bowls using the energy of the sun lights. The magic of the moon will give the fragment its power if you help the moon guards defeat the forest troglodytes that made their way into the school yard. Astral magic will charge the fragment when there are dead astral wyverns on the ritual stone. Black magic of the dark will make the fragment more powerful if the forest toad magi and their patrons – the grim magisters – will be removed from the school yard! However, remember that there are those who want to keep the fragment for themselves, and therefore Julius, who is now taking the fragment away, must be constantly protected!

    Sixth stage “Stone Guard”
    When the golem's heart was removed, it did not fall asleep as expected, but instead only lost the ability to move. For many years, it stood motionless on the square and felt everything that was happening around him. It saw the School of Magic closed and abandoned; it saw the building it was supposed to protect crumble under the weight of the years; it saw Serpentus come and make the school an instrument of his evil will. The golem's nature has been distorted over the years, and its stone soul has put an equal sign between the grim magisters and all magi. When Julius placed the loaded Morning Star fragment in the golem's chest, the stone guardian decided to take out all the anger that had accumulated in him on anyone he saw. The one who was supposed to guard and protect the school has become a danger to its inhabitants, which means that the only way out is to pull the fragment out once again and wait until someone comes up with a way to subdue the ancient guardian.

    Restart time: 6 hours since the start of the first stage.
    Guild event on GvG territory “Threat from the Depths”
    Bad things come in twos. And, in addition to attacks on students and teachers, emerged a threat of complete destruction of the School. Warriors, it's time to get ready for the gathering of guilds! You have to fight with monsters underground, that pose a considerable danger to the entire island.
    While plots and intrigues are weaved on the surface, terrible monsters – stonefangs – are multiplying in the depths of the earth's firmament. Long ago, stonefangs were created to guard the Iviral Blade – a huge ghostly sword that rests underground. This sword is very powerful and, ironically, is itself a danger to its guards, which is also why the stonefangs protect it with special rigor. The most powerful of them, the elemental stonefangs, sensed the threat to the blade coming from somewhere on the surface, from the school of magic that Serpentus had reopened last year. It was then that they conceived an insidious plan — to gnaw through the ground under the school, so that its entire building would fall down, right into the prepared trap. Wickedora, trained to feel the smallest fluctuations of magical energies, has unraveled the plans of the stonefangs, and she now calls on the mighty guilds to deal with these monsters! 

    To successfully complete the event, your guild must kill any three bosses and that is it. But everything is simple only at first glance, because you definitely cannot do without traps. Once on the territory of the event, you will not immediately find a single monster, but you will come across 12 unusual altars. These altars are needed so that you can summon bosses yourself, while weakening their strength. To do this, kill players at locations with altars, filling them with the souls of the dead. And, upon activation of three altars located nearby, one of the stonefangs will appear. You can, of course, neglect the killing, but then the monsters will come by themselves and will be much angrier. Therefore, it is advisable not to hesitate, but to immediately shed the enemy's blood in order to pacify the monster first.

    In addition, on the territory of the event, you can find special steles, which for a short time impose the invisibility effect on the character. This will help to make ambushes or just hide from enemies. You can also significantly increase your strength if you touch the blade of Iviral, which is hidden in the very center. But be careful, it is well guarded!
    Restart time: on schedule
    Guild event on a dedicated territory “Forgotten Hallways”
    Serpentus left behind an insidious gift – an Onyx ball filled with the energy of darkness. As you might expect, this energy found a way out and began to spread to everyone who found themselves in the school basements, including even rats, spiders and even flies. The entire School is already under threat, because the danger is spreading very quickly. Hurry up with the forces of your union to stop the invasion of darkness!
    Once inside, do not get fooled by the friendly attitude of the surrounding creatures. They are all infected! Therefore, instead try to cleanse them from the influence of darkness, because the more clots you defeat, the faster you will find the way to the lair of evil. Use the help of La Gushes guide toads, because they have lived in these corridors for a long time and will tell you the right way.
    First stage “Exorcising the Darkness”
    When Serpentus was preparing his ritual and his plans had not yet been revealed, he put a huge amount of dark energy into the Onyx Ball. The followers who swore an oath of allegiance on the Onyx orb were to become conduits of dark energy and subjugate all other magical powers to dark magic. The headmaster's plans were not destined to come to fruition. However, the energy of darkness that had been invested in the orb had not disappeared. Released, it went to the school basements, where it boiled and stirred, reflected in magic mirrors, absorbed and infected any living creature it found on its way. 

    Second stage “Gloomy Shroud”
    At last, having gained enough power, the energy turned into the Gloomy Shroud, a hideous monster preparing to punish those responsible for the death of its creator and the disruption of the ritual. The shroud craves power over magic, for that is the desire put into it by its creator; it is one of Serpentus' last creations, his frightening legacy. Destroy it, or it will subdue all other magical powers!

    The energy of darkness only multiplies, filling the entire territory of the school basements. There is no time to waste, you need to get to the very center of evil as soon as possible to end this nightmare!
    Conditions of activation: complete 15 times any dungeon on the Blissful Isle.
    Restart time: 12 hours after the event ends.
    Holiday skill
    A special holiday skill will be added to each player only during the celebration as a faithful magical assistant. Please note that this skill cannot be used in Arena battles!
     La Gush's Help
    Among his brothers, La Gush stands out for his abilities to combat magic and the ability to heal on the battlefield.
    But that’s not all!
    With Update 9.3, for players of level 6 and above, an Activity Season opens, with the help of which you can spend time usefully and receive additional rewards for it.
    Season 1: The King’s Trials
    The season of activities is an individual set of game missions with progress and rewards awarded for a certain number of points.
    Quests can be daily or weekly and have a certain level of difficulty. For the successful completion of the mission, the player receives special points – gold chips. Be careful, because daily tasks change at 23:00 CET and you will lose the progress of an unfinished mission! It also happens with weekly tasks every Sunday at 23:00 CET.
    The missions themselves can be completely different: kill several monsters or complete craft tasks, deal damage in the arena, or go through a dedicated Dungeon. You can find a list of available tasks in the Activity Center located in the Quick Access Menu. Moreover, if the specified mission does not suit you, then it can be replaced with Miracle Coins.
    When you collect the required number of points during the season, you can pick up your well-deserved reward. The more points – the more pleasant bonuses you can collect! All awards can be viewed in the same Activity Center.
    Battle Pass
    But if you always want even more, then you can purchase a special premium pass, which will open access to an expanded number of awards, among which there are absolutely unique positions. The premium pass is valid only for the current season and applies only to the character who has carried out the activation. Details of the rewards will be available in the release.
    The changes also affected the game interface: a new "Information" section will appear in the menu, where now you can enable / disable not only the display of general information (name, level, guild, map, status markers), but also the display of incoming / outgoing damage and healing, and See also health scales over monsters and destructible objects. Now you yourself choose what information you want to see.


    In addition, it became possible to prohibit a character from exchanging with other players.

    The “My Guild” tab has also changed: now you can easily find out how many people from your union are currently in the game, since the online counter has appeared opposite the name. Also added buttons with a choice of sorting: in addition to the usual sorting by the number of Guild Points, you now have the ability to sort by online or rank of all members of the Guild.

    The window with information about the Guild has also been updated: now, when viewing, the Alliance symbol is displayed above the name of the union, and a block with legendary achievements has been added at the bottom.

    Corrected the mechanics of the "Distortion of Life" skill book: the skill book no longer triggers off of zero damage, while the “Power of Life” bonus does not interact with the effect. The effect is triggered no more than 1 time in 2 seconds. The strength of the Power of Life’s effect is now halved during arena battles. Have you noticed that there is not a word about the boss? The fact is that there is no information about who is behind the dangerous atrocities taking place at the school, and all hope is only for brave warriors who will be ready to go on the trail of the criminal. However, be extremely careful! The danger may be much closer than it seems.
    The rest of the information, as well as news about awards and gifts, wait for the day the update is released!
    See you in the game!
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    Ogull got a reaction from Esoterix - WO in Petition for the rebalancing of DK skills!   
    meh, who cares about our ideas for dk at this point, i sure know devs don't. the only thing that could redeem this shitshow of a class is a new defensive tanking skill whenever that happens but i am 90% sure we would get a magic damage skill, but don't worry! i will tank mermen dg and raid bosses with my magic damage!!
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    Ogull got a reaction from Khrone in Petition for the rebalancing of DK skills!   
    meh, who cares about our ideas for dk at this point, i sure know devs don't. the only thing that could redeem this shitshow of a class is a new defensive tanking skill whenever that happens but i am 90% sure we would get a magic damage skill, but don't worry! i will tank mermen dg and raid bosses with my magic damage!!
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    Ogull reacted to Khrone in Charmer Build Idea for 9.3: Zoo Build   
    Zoo Build
    (Also known as "Who Let the Dogs Out build")
    Basic Skills:
     Dark Prism or Weakness: 3/5
     Warrior Healing: 5/5
     Call: 5/5
    Expert Skills:
     Help of Chaos: 4/4
     Demonic Pact: 4/4
     Summoner Skill: 4/4
     Dark Prism for direct magical damage or  Weakness to increase all types of damage, from you, from your party and even from your pets (in my opinion, you should use it instead of Dark Prism since you're going to use your pets very often. You can use Weakness + Summoner Skill to give a huge amount of damage to a single target).  Warrior Healing for healing. That's it. If you're fully focused into dealing damage, you can use Dark Prism or Weakness 5/5 instead of it, but i don't think it's good.  Call is the main skill of this build. In 5/5 with Demonic Pact 4/4 it will live for 48 seconds instead of 30 (since the attack speed of the wolf is 2 seconds, it will do 9 more attacks than the normal), and using the right relic, you can double its lifetime (60 seconds). Also, to maximize its potential, you should use Summoner Skill 4/4 to have more control on the wolf and to deal increased damage in area.  Help of Chaos is the skill that every Charmer uses. It deals damage to the enemy and heals the chosen character. It will also live longer using Demonic Pact.  Demonic Pact is the reworked version of "Energy Manipulation". Now it increases the lifetime of the pets and decrease the damage that they receive. If you're going to focus on using the pets, it's perfect. But remember, it is a constant mana comsuption skill. You'll probably need to have a high amount of Mana Regeneration to keep it.  Summoner Skill got a rework. Now, it makes the wolves attack the chosen target and increases the damage of the first attack of them, and also deals damage in area. It's perfect. I can't see a reason to not use it.  
    Final Comments: Basically, you trade the defensive skills to use offensive skills (maybe you can consider Demonic Pact as a defensive skill). However, you still have Warrior Healing and Help of Chaos to heal yourself. I think it is a good build, give your opinions about it. 
    It is not certain though, since there are still the tests servers coming.
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    for some reason they are so content on keeping the 10% health lose as if its a key feature for saturation
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    dont talk to me or my son ever again?
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