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  1. Wasp Wasp is predacious insect that live in the grasslands and forests of Arinar. Using poisonous sting it attack other creatures, even inhabitants of Arinar were not safe from its attack. Spring is the perfect time for its attack. As it is very quick it's impossible to flee from it. If you hear it thrilling buzz, it is too late to escape. Kratus, us-sapphire
  2. Jester is an athletic wizard with a magical abilities. His main weapons are a set of various joke gimmicks converted into deadly weapons, designed by himself. He used a variety of modified toys and gimmicks, including a yo-yo with a weighted knob and steel cable which emits earsplitting sounds when whirled at high speed, ball bearing marbles, exploding gas-filled "popcorn", plastic flying discs which squirt an anesthetic drug, rubber balls containing plastic explosives, an extendable artificial hand equipped with an electrical charge, and other devices. Jester is a well-trained acrobat, hand-to-hand combatant and fencer. He is trained in gymnastics and is also a minimally talented actor. Jaguard, Us-Sapphire
  3. Yes he's dead immediately, but when the Necromancers and Priests of Arinar came to Nadir-Sard they revived and healed him, and from this time he's guarding Nadir-Sard.
  4. Heraton is the most powerful Warlock in Nadir-Sard, one of the best warriors of Arinar, during his childhood Heraton was so pacifist, he liked to play with his brother Danair. by adolescent, Heraton had become fascinated with wars and fights, and from this time he started to learn magic skills and fighting arts. Few years ago Heraton were hunting with his brother Danair, they had reached the Humble Graveyard, too many stories about this place, only mighty warriors can survive there. They have found a hidden temple, Heraton insist on entering it but his brother Danair refused, at last Heraton decided to enter the temple without his brother Danair, it was the last time they meet each other. On entering, Heraton finds a huge statue with a bright gem, there was inscription on the stone wall "Whosever touches this gem will get cursed, beware!". Once Heraton touched the gem it channels dark power to him, Heraton was shouting because of pain and his body started to transform. The transformation causes a cave-in, and Heraton is buried and presumably killed, not being heard from again until it appears again in Islenort as H'ton. Heraton had lost his soul and doesn't exist anymore, the power of gem transformed him to a bloodthirsty creature, H'ton. H'ton used the dark power to return back to Islenort, his first appears in Bitter Ashes island near the dragon statue, he started to attack anything living there. H'ton is planning to conquer Arinar, he became invincible with ability to control Air, Earth, Fire and Water. H'ton destroyed everything in Bitter Ashes island, except one shaman called Hyarvard who managed to escape. Hyarvard immediately moved to Western Caravan Camp to ask for help, once Hyarvard reported, we heard the sounds of a trumpet of war all over Islenort. An unknown evil creature attacking Islenort, we need your help. As soon as they heard that, the warriors started to gather. The mighty heroes of Arinar will be ready to stoically withstand all of the prepared challenges and thwart H'ton plans, going to H'ton place and confront him to defend all inhabitants of Arinar. Once the warriors reached the H'ton place they started to attack, Barbarians and Deathkinghtson foreground protecting the shooters from deadly attacks with shields, Rogues keep jumping on H'ton dealing direct hits, Hunters' arrows flying so fast to H'ton. Shamans, Necromancers and Charmers healing the injured warriors to regain the ability to fight back, Warlocks using magic skill to keep H'ton stun for long time with massive magical damage. H'ton felt that he will lose the battle so he used his dark power again, immediately he vanished. H'ton teleported himself to Nadir-Sard, his childhood and birth place. As soon as his brother Danair saw him he looked at his eyes, but those eyes doesn't belong to Heraton anymore. Danair shouted on him "HERATON, IT'S DANAIR YOUR BROTHER WAKE UP PLEASE!", But it was unsuccessful try. H'ton now is fill with anger and hatred, he suddenly attacked his brother Danair with unexpectedly way, one magical shot was enough to knock him down. H'ton gone mad and start to scream, he started to destroy everything. H'ton wasn't satisfied with that, he summons four dangerous bosses to serve him, Rufetria, Slimy Gaash, Heavy-Handed Jabbar and Jeniery. Ruins and devastation allover Nadir-Sard, only courage warriors can stand up to this terrifying creature. It's so hard to defeat H'ton now, we can't reach him since he is guarded, we need to defeat his bosses first to weaken him. Nadir-Sard became a battlefield, everyone carrying a weapon to defend Arinar, no matter Chosen, Firstborn, Mountain Clans or Forsaken. Once the warriors of Arinar reached Nadir-Sard they started to attack Rufetria, the strong dragon tried to shoot massive flames waves but it couldn't handle the weapons of Arinar warriors. As soon as Rufetria defeated they started to shoot Slimy Gaash, Slimy Gaash tried to protect himself but this not gonna success against those brave warriors. Once Slimy Gaash defeated it's time to attack Heavy-Handed Jabbar, it started to use a deadly attack but it wasn't enough to break the Tanks shield, and the shooters started to attack it hardly. Heavy-Handed Jabbar can't reuse it's deadly attack anymore, it's already defeated. Jeniery felt inevitably defeated, so he resorted to magic force and disappeared. H'ton alone again, all his allies betrayed him, and he is surrounded by the brave warriors of Arinar, there is no other option but the shameful defeat. The warriors of Arinar started to attack H'ton with no mercy. H'ton felt defeated no way, and at this moment he closed his terrified eyes, he began to remember the days of childhood and his family, he remembered how good warrior he was and how he became now, he killed his only brother Danair. H'ton is almost defeated but suddenly he surrounded with a magical shield that absorbing all incoming damage, and immediately he disappeared again and nobody knows where he went. Warriors of Arinar expected that H'ton in hidding inside Colosseum of Champions dungeon, so you will meet all four elements bosses again, once you defeat them you can meet your main target, all-elemental boss, H'ton. Be extremely careful with him, as from time to time he can select a single player for a special challenge. Prepare for a very tricky battle! Your's Jaguard US-Sapphire
  5. I just found out that last winner of the best costume contest were Leviathan and it's a sea monster, that's why I wanted to join with other sea monster since we have underwater town now.
  6. Armored Seahorse is a mysterious and powerful creature, it hunt eals, octopuses, sharks, and even wild sea monsters in ship graveyard. Armored Seahorse don't like strangers that's why it attack pirate ships with all it's strength, it also able to destroy even the biggest ships that cruise the seas. Armored Seahorse using tough armor that making it impossible to harm it. Jaguard, Us-sapphire
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