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    Danfake reacted to Starshinee in Lady Flora   
    Lady Flora
    Em um reino distante movido de inúmeras guerras uma graciosa menina nasceu, mas havia um problema, ela era fruto de uma traição, sua mãe era uma das amantes do Rei, e quando a rainha descobriu sobre isso ordenou a execução de ambas, matando também o Rei, no entanto algo estranho ocorreu, ninguém conseguia matar aquela bela criança, então a deixaram na floresta a própria sorte, e o mais inesperado aconteceu, a floresta a reconheceu como filha a protegendo de todos.
    Conforme crescia, poderes dentro de si foram despertando, era evidente o vínculo que ela tinha com a natureza, mas ao descobrir sobre seu passado por sussurros da noite, sua alma radiante se escureceu, seu desejo de vingança se mostrou, ela planejou executar a rainha e todos aqueles que a seguiam.
    Em um dia de primavera ela apareceu nas ruas do reino, todos a olhavam com admiração, era belíssima, seus olhos eram rosas assim como os cabelos, e se alto denominava Lady Flora vinda de um dos reinos aliados.
    Ela entrou no castelo como uma verdadeira dama, e durante o jantar de boas vindas executou sua vingança, matando todos os membros da corte impiedosamente com sua magia venenosa, desaparecendo deixando apenas os cadáveres secos como evidências.
    Feito da mais pura e delicada seda, ele imita minuciosamente as roupas de Lady Flora, quando mostrou seus poderes aos membros da corte, assim como na lenda a sua representação é graciosa porém com um ar maligno.
    Todas aquelas que escolhem vestir este traje sentem seus poderes transbordar.

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    Danfake got a reaction from Akasha in [2019.12.19] Update Warspear Online 8.2: Chernobog is coming. Release   
    @Holmes @Peony
    Put the last phase of the "neutral zone" event
    What is the grace of crusar and that you kill the faction that has more player ..
    And lose the buff and transformatio

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    Danfake reacted to YTER in хил тикающий   
    А может проблема не в хиле, а в том что банки на хил мешают арене? Почему на время боя на арены с персонажа просто не снимать действия бафа банки, после боя возвращать  и так сделать со всеми замковыми свитками и банками. Ведь по сути это гильдейские бафы и нужны для гильдейских активностей, а не для пвп арены между игроками. 
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    Danfake reacted to Kaesarz in [2019.12.13] Warspear Online Update 8.2: Preview. Part I.   
    everyone asked to lower the level of constant energy consumption of some skills ...
    And instead they increased him.....
     Ok ok is this a punishment for asking too much? Or do they work with reverse psychology xD?
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    Danfake reacted to Rorks in [2019.12.13] Warspear Online Update 8.2: Preview. Part I.   
    😣I feel extremely frustrated with this ranger buff list? extremely strong class and gain such a ridiculous buff, and the main the ridiculous strong wizard's shield absorbs ridiculously high damage and you still buff him for damage. I feel extremely sad to have returned to the game and spent $$ to just as always support and benefit elves. unfortunate 
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    Danfake reacted to Kamisama in [2019.12.13] Warspear Online Update 8.2: Preview. Part I.   
    VERY NICE, you made mcs weaker and elfs stronger again 
    hunter was weaker than ranger already , and now its very very weaker 🙂 you gave ranger lot of dmg 
    while mcs dont have pve dmger really
    mages = dealing lot of dmgs with their AOE skills 
    Ranger = Dealing lot of dmg with their Skills on 1 target (ranger dmg increase skill will increase more dmg than hunter)
    BD = everyone know what is 70% speed bd with 40% normal dmg increase 🙂
    Seeker = high pene , high crit , and now ... more dmg
    NOW LETS SEE what mcs have there 
    Warlock = TOTAL TRASH IN PVE 
    Hunter = gets out of mana very fast , and dont have op skill like Ranger Blessing , which have chance of doing extra dmg from every hit 
    Rogue = REALLY? , i think rogue is made only for pvp , not pve 
    elfs also have 4 dmg and mcs have 3 
    they can do any dg easy with their OP warden and rangers 
    while poor Dks will die easy with Healer in their parties 🙂
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    Danfake reacted to necrotp1 in [2019.12.13] Warspear Online Update 8.2: Preview. Part I.   
    Hello there brother/sister have you ever seen any class tank a whole ton off chars and players and not die? Not even using pot. Do you think that that is nice? Would you like to get farm/quest blocked by an immortal char? Do you think its right to get in an arena match that even if the enemy cant touch you you can't win? Do you feel that that is right? There is no dg that has as many mobs to possibly drain all wd's mana lesser the bosses, so please spare us.
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    Danfake reacted to memo2o1o in [2019.12.13] Warspear Online Update 8.2: Preview. Part I.   
    why GM is always on elfs favor? you guys should really notice the difference of population between mcs and elf which is because that elfs have way more advantages than mcs already, but u are still buffing bds, paladins and rangers who are already overbuffed, seriously? that rework is gay already
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    Danfake got a reaction from Jorge Zor in [2019.12.13] Warspear Online Update 8.2: Preview. Part I.   
    And the nerf of the shield mage skill? That skill is stolen, absorbs damage ridiculously .. The only good thing is the Necro skill which I appreciate, but I smell like there will be a trap in that ..
    #NerfMage #NerfShieldMage
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    Danfake reacted to TheSoulless in [2019.12.13] Warspear Online Update 8.2: Preview. Part I.   
    I rarely share any criticism on such subjects before actually seeing them but as bad as it seems "on paper" I gotta say that this can't be a good fix.. And it definitely is not made accordingly to people's feedbacks&opinions, so I don't know where that came from. But yeah... I could give more details and back up this opinion of mine but as it seems it'd be close to pointless according to the skill "fixes" you plan on executing. 
    Rest of the update could very well be alright but the balancing part of it just ruins it for me at least. You pretty much buffed classes that were already considered overpowered, and nerfed the ones that were considered underpowered.. Don't know how you came by with that decision but it's definitely not something I personally wanna experience. Then again, WSO is probably getting used to the decrease in player base by now so it doesn't really care if few come or go. Game remains somewhat the same - Half-dead ish with barely any new players while the old ones are slowly but surely getting tired of updates such as this one, and simply give up on the game they once saw potential in.
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    Danfake got a reaction from Kiisha in [2019.10.28] Update Warspear Online 8.1: Celebration of the Dead. Preview   
    This idea of the day of the dead for Halloween, it was an idea of Akasha and Splendor, the two of them had proposed this idea two years ago, I think. 
    And i credits it to them where
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    Danfake reacted to Darkstyle in [2019.09.11] Важные новости Подводного мира!   
    Работа по балагану шла сразу после выхода 5 сектора, а чем не раз говорили админы, когда мх просили добавить кнопку событий и т.д. 
     У меня вопрос, когда вышел 5 сектор? Неужели  за это время невозможно было сделать балаган?
     Я играю в эту игру с 2011 года и ниразу не видел хотя бы банального уважение к игрокам, хотя к себе вы его просите.
     Почему в прошлые разы бал стабильно выходил 24-26, а сейчас что? 
     Видимо игра для вас стала уже больше средством зароботка, чем делом души... 
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    Danfake reacted to coldravens in [2019.10.14] Week of bounty: Double rewards and rare costumes for Dungeon Explorers!   
    At this point just say we wont get horror event and lets move on, anyways it wont be plasent for anyone cuz will be grind fest.
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    Danfake reacted to LiLeagle in [2019.10.14] Week of bounty: Double rewards and rare costumes for Dungeon Explorers!   
    This year devs are lazier than last years ...  
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    Danfake reacted to Kamisama in [2019.08.01] Update 8.0: The Ship Graveyard. Release   
    and also please reduce the chance of using it for mobs , its like when you fight a single enemy , they will use that skill 
    and then you will go to another enemy and they will use that skill again on you right after last one ends 
    and so on 
    untill you die 
    i cant even do anything 
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    Danfake got a reaction from Lashabi in [2019.10.14] Week of bounty: Double rewards and rare costumes for Dungeon Explorers!   
    Man I went 6 hour farm SEA heroic, do not drop any keys or item, only a relic, spend like 230k gold this week and there is no drop, 115 Dungeon done.. 
  17. Haha
    Danfake got a reaction from Lashabi in [2019.10.14] Week of bounty: Double rewards and rare costumes for Dungeon Explorers!   
    It's amazing that we're still falling into AIGRIND's x2 trap. 
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    Danfake reacted to Jorge Zor in O Mestre dos Espíritos   
    O Povo de arinar sempre amou a chegada do Circus e suas atrações, mas nos últimos anos a sua chegada trouxe consigo vários perigos e grandes vilões, poderosos chefões. 
    Alguns corajosos guerreiros partiram para a luta, porém poucos retornaram.... Você vai se surpreender com os gritos de ajuda, gritos de questionamentos... um desses valentes guerreiros está preso, algo quer tomar conta de sua mente.... é uma luta contra o relógio... Você deve protege-lo dos espíritos que estão presentes no local, eles viram até ele e você deverá matar antes.... Caso os espíritos consigam o dominar  por completo será tarde demais, um espírito levará a morte todos os guerreiros presentes na área.
    Os mais fortes guerreiros serão capazes de impedir todos os espíritos e irão descobrir a verdade por trás de tudo, quem é que sussurrava e invocava os espíritos para controlar o guerreiro perdido. 

    Ele é o mestre dos espíritos, alguns dizem que seu poder vem de um antigo conhecido em arinar o Demonologista, ele é a sua vontade de vingança em espírito... Fragmentos da foram deixados durante todo esse tempo, mortes, desespero... a cada vilão derrotado ele se fortaleceu mais e mais... até que que adquiriu controle sobre si mesmo, ele se aproveitou da fraqueza dos guerreiros e agora quer controlar a todos nós!

    HABILIDADES :  Por ser um espírito não se sinta incomodado, pois por algum tempo ele irá se esquivar bastante. 
    Ele irá demarcar áreas, guerreiros que não se movimentarem receberão o debuff do mestre dos espíritos,  o de buff troca seus status principais de lugar, dano físico para dano mágico, dano mágico para dano físico. 
    SERVOS E LACAIOS: Os espíritos continuaram sendo invocados mas dessa vez com menas frequência e causarão um alto dano, uma % do dano causado por eles irá curar o mestre dos espíritos ... então aconselho que os guerreiros levantem seus escudos e protejam aqueles que não podem usar armaduras pesadas.  

    OBS: Na área do mestre dos espíritos a morte está sobe o controle dele, então guerreiros aliados não poderão ser ressuscitados no local. 

    Boa sorte guerreiros, lutem por todos aqueles que estão esperando para descansar em paz ! 

    By: Iffz    Br- Tourmaline

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    Danfake got a reaction from lallouss in The Mercs (Lvl 12) <This is Mercs>   
    The leader of this guild is from the United States? 🤔
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    Danfake got a reaction from Konditer in Игра сломалась.   
    Отключить игру, Google. 

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    Danfake reacted to Xokkep in Игра сломалась.   
    Не заходит в игру, идет бесконечная загрузка, чинитите, как я без ночного чата жить должен?
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    Danfake reacted to Akasha in [2019.10.04] Competition of stories "Secrets of horror"   
    Dear friends!
    We're glad to announce the start of a new contest, dedicated to the upcoming event celebrating the Median Night, that is coming to Arinar soon!
    Not long ago, we were visited by our old friend Barker. He said that the Median Night is near, but alongside the grace of this autumn celebration, he also brought some bad news. Minions of the Horror Circus have started their preparations for the holiday. All was going well, until in one too quiet day, the clouds were torn with thunder and the skies darkened. A resounding human-like laugh boomed and only a few words could be made out -- "Sam Hain... I am coming for you!". An unbelievable evil came either from the world of the living or the world of the dead. And this time the brave defenders of Arinar are to defeat an undescribably powerful foe and not let him shroud the rest of the world in darkness. But who can it be? Barker has come to ask your help. Assist him in unveiling this mystery and expose the villain that is just about to invade Arinar!
    Conditions of the contest:
    Your goal is fantasize about the main villain of the Median Night holiday and describe its story. Who is that? How and why have it appeared in Arinar? What should Sam Hain be afraid of and why is the celebration under threat again? You will need to write a coherent story, using literary features (similes, metaphors, epithets and so on). Your story must contain a plot, closely related to the Horror Circus.
    The following criteria will be taken into account:
    Description of the main villain (their appearance, abilities and so on) Description of the story in Arinar (the purpose of arriving to the Horror Circus) Descriptions of minions, assistants and servants wouldn't hurt either. Rules for writing your story:
    Try to fit your story into 5000-6000 symbols. Fewer is okay, more isn't recommended. But if you're feeling particularly inspired and want to write more - be our guest.
    Prohibited content:
    1) Obscene words and phrases, even in veiled form
    2) Political or nationalistic themes
    3) Descriptions of sexual actions
    4) Insults of non-fictional characters (players, other people)
    Remember: 1 player - 1 story!
    Submissions breaking any of these rules will be disqualified from the contest.
    How to participate in the contest?
    To take part in the contest, post your story in the special topic here on forum by 24th of October. Your post should also contain the name and server of your character, to redeem your prize if you win.
    Rewards for the winners:
    For the authors of the most beautiful and interesting stories, Barker prepared some wonderful gifts:
    1st place - 50 Seeker's Stamina Elixirs
    2nd place - 40 Seeker's Stamina Elixirs
    3rd place - 30 Seeker's Stamina Elixirs
    4th place - 20 Seeker's Stamina Elixirs
    5th place - 10 Seeker's Stamina Elixirs
    Additionally, for the author that gets the closest to describing the main villain, their goals, appearance, minions and servants, we've prepared an additional reward - the villain's own costume! 
    We wish you good luck and inspiration!
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    Danfake reacted to Higgings in [2019.09.11] Important news from the Underwater world!   
    I gotta say one thing though: I hope you guys won't take until the next summer for a class balance/new skill set: an update like this is needed before anything else before even a new PvE environment imo. 
    Another advice is to split these updates in several more little updates, in order to keep a sort of continuity in updating the game. 
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    Danfake got a reaction from XreaperX in [2019.09.11] Important news from the Underwater world!   
    I think Ayvondil will only make it to T5...
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    Danfake reacted to necrotp1 in [2019.09.11] Important news from the Underwater world!   
    And about t5 map4, please pay attention to all of us don't test the game changes on modded chars since its not a realistic situation. The game is already almost pay-to-win don't make it pay-to-play too.
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