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  1. Nice idea, sounds like the server I should have started on. But I have different chars on eu and won't start from scratch again ;)
  2. I was also wondering if it is even worth studying the talents. What is advanced defence? It get maxed only if I am in fight for ever. The next talent- body check- is only active if I could kill 3 mobs in less than 10 seconds. Both are really expensive and exclude each other :D also no double reputation for quests. So again everything focused around top players only, who propably maxed everything already anways
  3. Yes I see. I had a friend playing with me, and it was endless fun to go on boss hunts etc. But really, there are only a few ppl who can afford upgrading a guild, and thats why there are so few high lvl guilds. If there were more of them I could play on weekends to do gp. But most guilds kick the members by friday. And merman offers nothing for working ppl to catch up in the game progress. So thats were I fell behind, and my friends stopped playing. I for my case made a lvl 10 char and go for arena once in a while, or on a solo lab hunt with my necro 24, or cicada solo hunt with my lvl 30 rogue. Thats still more fun than the desprate try to get sea map done. Last time I ve spent money for warspear was before the sea update or in halloween events. I know warspear needs money, I am a developer myself. And i am sure they would earn more if they support the entire spectrum of players not only the highest guilds.
  4. Absolutely. I played warspear from 2010 on, but stopped once the sea update came. I don t like the concept of game content focused around guilds. I loved to play this game alone, but since the sea map update it got useless. Without high lvl guild buffs I can t even do quests with my lvl 30 rogue +9 and lifesteal Accessoires. It takes hours to complete a handful of quests and I recieved only a few merman points. Skills are too expensive even now, because again without highl lvl guilds i can't find anyone to complete easy sea. Quests are still too hard, movement slow, oxygen missing. This whole game just took the wrong way when devs started to focus on guilds only. Count the high lvl guilds with 100 slots each and you will understand that the end game content was designed for 500 ppl only. No fun there for all the other players.
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