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  1. Hello, I would like to know how to change my banner and my profile image using my cell phone in this forum ...
  2. HallsMago

    arena 7-8

    What does not make sense was the existence of level 8 items on the halloween of 2014.
  3. HallsMago

    arena 7-8

    I don't see anything wrong. </3 :(
  4. HallsMago

    arena 7-8

    Hi, I came here to talk about something important, unfair and wrong. Well, I was wondering why there is no arena 7-8 if there were level 8 items in the 2014's dungeons... I think it was a mistake to jump the arena 7-8 and go straight to an arena 7-10, same stands to arena 11-14. About the craft items - you were right not to make them available for levels 9 and below since no one at these levels has nothing to do but do quests. Also, I think placing the level 9 crooks was a mistake, they should change the level from arena 9 to level 8, so we can have a new era, a new way to upgrade and new championships. (if possible create a 7-8 dungeon)
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