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  1. Can you reformulate the idea yourself?
  2. Warspear Online - Evolution Hello everyone! In the past, I had posted about levels 7-8, and you guys apparently really cared about the case. So, I bring you here — a new idea so that our paradise, Warspear Online — can become an even more complete game. Well, to begin to explain this, let's understand the basis of each armor in the game. Cloth armor is for healers and wizards in general. Light armor is for assassins and archers in general. Heavy armor is for guards and barbarians in general. But what about ACCESSORIES? This is our goal. And it can be a little confusing, but calm. As we all know, accessories do not need a certain requirement to be equipped. In the same way that a healer wears a ring, for example, a blade dancer can also wear it. I've been thinking about adding new accessories with magic damage with parry and block. Why? Simple. The cloth armor is extremely ineffective. The defense of the game is very unregulated. For example, a cloth armor without amplification has a base of 100 defenses. If, by chance, someone amplifies this armor +10, the defense would expand to 500. And that, it is absolutely nothing. This would decrease a monster's damage by only "1". • How would it work and what would it affect? Well, my idea is to provide those with long-range weapons, a little more defense. I would like you to add new magic damage accessories, with block and parry. Example, a Halloween ring. Magic damage *, vampirism *, block *. Example, a Halloween cape. Magic damage *, vampirism *, parry *. I don't think there is a need for a change to the amulets, as I have never seen one with parry and/or block. And I would also like to ask that the players could enchant staffs with the paring rune. It makes perfect sense. This would help PvE players a lot. It would be the beginning of an era. And certainly it would be extremely useful for magicians, since many of them are tanks.
  3. Can someone please send me the music that plays when we are walking on the firstborn map? I wanna download the song :3
  4. HallsMago


    Is this portal at the entrance normal? I know that it has almost no relevance.
  5. Hello, I would like to know how to change my banner and my profile image using my cell phone in this forum ...
  6. What does not make sense was the existence of level 8 items on the halloween of 2014.
  7. I don't see anything wrong. </3 :(
  8. Hi, I came here to talk about something important, unfair and wrong. Well, I was wondering why there is no arena 7-8 if there were level 8 items in the 2014's dungeons... I think it was a mistake to jump the arena 7-8 and go straight to an arena 7-10, same stands to arena 11-14. About the craft items - you were right not to make them available for levels 9 and below since no one at these levels has nothing to do but do quests. Also, I think placing the level 9 crooks was a mistake, they should change the level from arena 9 to level 8, so we can have a new era, a new way to upgrade and new championships. (if possible create a 7-8 dungeon)
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