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  1. THE DEAD ANGEL Ainar known in ancient times there was a very scary monster called the Dead Angel, it's like an angel monster killer, the era of this monster has killed many knights in ainar, the soldier ainar struggle to defeat the monsters and locked him in a dark cave and inside, in the end there was a knight who was able to defeat the monsters and locked into the cave, until now it has been dihidup monsters in the cave for thousands of years, for thousands of years that the monster was trying to get out, at one time it worked out monster , and the kingdom was again hit by fears ainar, look for a warrior king who is able to defeat the monster, who is a knight who could afford it? prepare you to be the knight's Boss Skill : Stune Breath Damage : 500 Radius : 3x2 Yard Front Of Boss Boss Phisycal Atack : 200 Boss stats Health Points:1,500,000 Energy:Infinity Defense:6000 Magic Defense:10000
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