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  1. I have been naughty and insulted devs and now im gone Dont Do the same mistake
  2. It's end of warspear I feel they should try to save it if they can they can't make anymore money 20% players stopped already
  3. In Eu server + 30% players got amp by scamming others even most high amp players scam, and 50% got amp by hassn or in a way they get all stuff cause of hassn even it's all about amp? In AoA no one can say no to hassn cause they will be nothing without AoA, they're own by AoA like servents or slaves whatever ! sounds awkward but it's true
  4. Us most of AoA are +10 without spending money just like ohini all they need to be servents
  5. It's not about that dude I do have pic but I never played I like to play on iPad or iPhone but this poor guy can't pay to iOS for update so they gonna delay its not iOS fault
  6. Still no updates now holidays I was about to arena 3vs3 seals but can't cause of GM
  7. I think Apple doesn't trust this dev lol 5 dates no update guys be nice to Apple theyll trust u maybe lol wtf or maybe Gm didn't made payment
  8. Bro it's not like other games it's expensive and hard mmo game most of players can't have 2 set equipment. Like other games can cause GM give there always gifts like bags equipment and there too many server and players can even get equipment from mobs so don't think this game can be like others
  9. I guess this update gonna kill newbies and those who don't don't use real money so get ready to see it, it gonna have a bad impression on users no idea how effective it will be and thing is that update isn't available on iOS yet lol
  10. Hi guys how's going on! Recently dev made a new huge update it's pretty cool new arena system and weapon but I don't like this update and I think this update created a history of world's most greediest update we can say,it's not about me it's about all those who can't consume real money in game and for those who can as well lol, cause now they need to amp 2 pair of different weapons one goes for arena and one for pve.means they need to invest more and more. I think this time when Mr. Peter was thinking about update he had one thing in his mind that was profit more n more. Sorry it sounds rude but it's all true they had better to bring old skills moon magic sun magic and astral cause it's similar to old one but with new names lol little difference, and there was a funny thing after a big update they send some tickets and couple of gladiator potion and I think 10-20 life seal and told plate go and enjoy lol but update isn't available on AppStore yet. Things are complicated now, i have no idea why they have no mercy on players . They took 12hours for update least they must give something special as gift to players. Sorry about my words but I am just feeling stupid now about this update, just 1 thing is good in update that's built in resilience lol Anyways guys if you guys like something about update let me know and if something you dislike let me know that as well thanks This update isn't good at all for all players as I think
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