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  1. 13 hours ago, Jcbreff said:

    the game is f2p but its different if the game is p2w or not


    wars and especially gvgs are events that are in the game so players who have reached max level and have nothing else to do in guild can go to them and maybe try out their pvp gear and all that

    if you refunded anything that is basically instant ban until you pay it back

    why wouldnt they care about players' opinions since the more players they make happy the more players keep playing the game

    p2w was a better word right for this game. Also, Everyone knows that most servers now have deals for battles and gvg. You win today tomorrow. (mermen dg deals also). About care, you can think like this. You made a mistake and people laughed at you.  Do you rethink the mistake you made for this or do you remove those who laugh at you from your life? If you have made a mistake, you must first question yourself. This game blames its players for the mistakes it has made. In 2021, inexperienced developpers blocked 10 of my friends.  they all spent years on this game. All they say is "This game only thinks about money". Because if you can tell a 10 years player to go and open a new account. Either you're joking or you're wanting they spend a little more. Anyway, you know better.

  2. 4 hours ago, Speedom said:

    They should implement more of ways to earn mcoin items. Popular once such as signs, repairs, bag spaces, etc. These need to be in daily quest. The ideas we give and no one listened to us unless you're on Russian forum speaking Russia. Anywho…

    We all got some kind of drop. But what we actually called drops are gear.

    All I see is favoritism in this comment. What I mean is that is, Are the Devs mainly focus on big spenders vs f2p? This game is f2p, but definitely not a welcoming for them. For example, you have brand new account and have the limit offer for Novie gear and if you dont buy it, you will struggle(except charmer and bd).

    Anyone who says this game is f2p is lying.  There are very few people who will start this game today and continue it.  (you can clearly see the presence of the same people in the game) Also you can be sure that the developers do not care about your opinions.  The only reason this game is played today is because it is unique on the mobile platform.  Producers who think they are unique take advantage of this situation.  As most people know, a single currency is used in games.  Currency of each country is accepted in this game.  (I personally haven't seen anyone who got $28.5k miracle money for $100).  Currently the cheapest currency is Turkish Lira.  You can buy 28.5k miracle coins with an average of $30.  This creates an incredible injustice in the game.  Another issue is that the game only consists of special days.  The game, which has no other purpose, tries to make money with four special events.  I am ashamed that my childhood game was in this state.  (ah btw I scammed this game for about $10. The developers suggested I open a new account for 10 years of hard work.)

  3. On 6/1/2018 at 1:16 AM, Legionn said:

    Çok uğraştık, çok yorulduk. Her şeyimizi verdik. Aynı ülkeden olduğumuz insanlara karşı özel bir çaba gösterdik. Olayların görünen ve görünmeyen kısımları vardı. Gerekeni paylaştık, gerekeni içimizde tuttuk. Uzun bir süredir Warspear Online ile bağlantıyı kopardım. Sizleri, hepinizi çok özledim. Umarım her şey yolundadır. Hepinizin hayatlarınızda mutlu olmanızı diliyorum.


    Zaman geçtikçe, sayı arttıkça, kazanç arttıkça sizler daha az umursanmaya değer oyuncular olarak görüneceksiniz. Bu tip kurumlarda durumlar böyledir. Ben buna karşı çıktığım için bu görevimden ayrıldım. Sizlere yapılan haksızlıklara karşı durmak için elimden gelen her şeyi yaptım. Çeviri için uğraştık, indirim için uğraştık elimizden gelen her şeyi yaptık. Burada adını duyduğunuz ve gördüğünüz kırmızı isimli arkadaşların hepsinden daha uzun süre bu camia altındaydık. Ama bu yeni insanlar biz Türklere üstü kapalı adeta bir kin beslercesine tavırlarda bulunup bizleri küçümsemeye ve umursamamaya başladılar. Dönüş yapılmayan onlarca mesaj ve geri çevrilen onlarca mantıklı istek bunlardan sadece birkaçı. 


    Buraya gelip beni yalanlaya bile bilirler belki de bu mesajı birkaç saat sonra silebilebilirler. Ama şunu asla unutmayın; birçoğunuz henüz genç yaşlarında hayatının en önemli saatlerini, günlerini burada harcıyor. Sizleri bağımlı haline getiren bu oyunların sizi ele geçirmesine izin vermeyin. Bizim de harcadığımız zamanlar vardı ama her birimiz pişman olduk. Hele ülkemizin geçtiği şu zorlu günlerde asla buna izin vermeyin. Unutmayın tek bir ülkemiz var. Kısacık bir de ömrümüz var. Bunlara sahip çıkın. Geçen zaman geri gelmez, vatan da elden gitti mi elimizde hiçbir şeyimiz kalmaz.


    Sizleri için ellerinden geleni yapan anneniz ve babanız var. Onları üzmeyin. Birgün kaybettiğiniz de anlarsınız değerlerini. Bunu o zamana bırakmayın. İnsan yaşlandıkça anlıyor onların sizin için taşıdığı asıl anlamı.


    Bizler bugün burada olamıyorsak yapılan haksızlıklara karşı tahammül edemediğimizden olamıyoruz. Sizleri yüzüstü bıraktıysam, herhangi birinizi kırdıysam özür diliyorum. Affedin ve hakkınızı da helal edin. Sizleri saygıyla selamlıyorum ve hepinizi çok seviyorum.


    Hoşçakalın güzel dostlarım

    Güzel günler çabuk geçer diyorlar doğruymuş. Umarım her şey yolundadır senin için. 

  4. 13 minutes ago, Nolan said:

    But as you should already know, as stated in the community rules, the forum isn't the place for this. :nea:


    Discussing Disciplinary Actions

    This category includes:

    • Creating posts or threads to discuss disciplinary actions taken against a player, including chat logs and email correspondence between a player and a Game Master (GM)
    • Creating posts or threads to discuss disciplinary actions taken against a character or account on the forums

    I know general rules and more. Obviously, this issue is already closed. I thought you might be of some help. But as you can see it won't do me any good. No problem. I already quit the game. I prefer games that don't leave their store open overnights and don't blame their players when they make mistakes. With each mistake, the player they lost increases even more.

  5. 30 minutes ago, Nolan said:

    So you're trying to say that if I forgot the doors of my store open overnight, I am also guilty because you entered in and stole the goods? :suspicious1:

    This game has been in operation for over 10 years. If you can go without closing a 10-year-old store, if you blame your most loyal players and leave the rest, yes. (by the way this is not the first time) What mistakes I saw and no one was punished. Take a look at the season 1 rewards if possible, people got them all in one day. They are still playing. If you want, we can go further back for the mistakes. I have more than 8 years experience in this game. I saw many bugs. But again, my intention is not to cause trouble. I just want a deal. 

  6. 18 hours ago, Akasha said:

    Crafting a Killer One-Liner. With the help of some Ryan Gosling gifs | by  Kyle Hall | Welcome to The Family


    First of all, If you got something deleted it wasn't me, but whoever did had a reason.

    You were moderator in the past, don't play the victim with me like you don't know the forum rules. Por favor...

    Yes I know the rules. I also know that something will not change here but there is an injustice in the game. We both know these very well. My only regret is that my account, which I spent a lot of money and effort on, was blocked. Why would anyone ignore problems and blame a loyal player? I made a mistake and asked for forgiveness many times. The game was making fun of me by saying "you can open a new character". So do you think you're the only criminal player in the battle pass update? Is Aigrind not guilty? If I still have a chance, I want to go back. You can ask @Higgings about my role in the game. I'm sure he wouldn't want that wrong to happen either.

  7. 8 minutes ago, Higgings said:


    Your desire of seeking the truth is righteous and fair, but it's not when you write on a topic meant to talk about the incoming update.


    Let's please sort these matters in a different place. :smoke:

    Yea uncle sorry about disturbing. sometimes nice answers are better than deleting them. 

    Everyone knows there will be no solution here. But support sends so many automatic replies. If we swear them, they will say thank you, dear player.


    Those who wear the "Alter Ego" costume on the first day of the season, ask them abuse of bugs first or who farming bot still in first map. 

    Well let’s celebrate new update now.

  8. On 4/26/2021 at 3:29 PM, Zeusthegod said:

    What the duck is wrong with you guys?

    I can explain for you. We found a bug that we duplicated everything (spring chests, reputation points etc.) all of battle pass rewards. So AIGIRING stopped servers 8th times or wait maybe 7th. Then they fixed that. But still many players continue farm botting afk gold and many player still continue botting in arena. By the way, previous reset they fixed battle pass quests that you could have given unlimited tasks. 

  9. On 4/21/2017 at 3:44 PM, Daria said:

    Gold dropping from killed monsters


    The time has come when after killing monsters you may get not only skins and goo, but also gold. No need to extend your bag anymore and constantly visit merchants! Gold may drop from normal (Blue_crown.png), strong (Green_crown.png) and elite (Yellow_crown.png) monsters. The chance of getting gold from elite monsters is higher than from strong monsters and much higher than from normal monsters.



    2021: Battle Pass Season 2: The rise of the Farm Gold Bot

  10. 19 hours ago, King Death said:

    Management needs to be aware that the shaman's healing totem can accumulate on top of each other over and over again, drastically affecting the survival of the entire guild, in addition to debuffs in the area that the same class has while in the rival faction, it only has this ability, but nowhere near heals as much as the shaman's healing totem.

    Legion now has a lot of survival with damage debuffs and crowd control, in addition to massive area damage compared to mages, while sentinels do not have good survival and crowd control is nowhere near as effective even with the arrival of the templar

    You re so funny. I remember you while you play hunter. Now probably you sold your hunter and cry for it here for defend your class sentinel.

  11. Yıllarca bu foruma emek veren biri olarak koca metinleri çeviripte bir teşekkür almadığım günleri biliyorum. Ve bu forumun en sağlam destekçileri bizler olduk (kim sonuna kadar buradaysa). Daria yakında bu konuyu çözecektir merak etmeyin. Yeni tercümanlar Türkçe dil üzerinde çalışmalara çoktan başlamıştır. Eminim yakında moderatör için de birilerini bulurlar.

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