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  1. You are right but it doesnt motivate to play it anymore. If my hero doesnt do anything literally no damge no heal no pvp ... why would i even play that.
  2. There wont be any changes.i They announced big update thats it. Another big update will come 1-2 years later. Also there wont be skill balance update. So i stopped playing now i have no intention to return back now. Game is broken and trash and its my fault to play this game almost 3-4 years. Do you have any chance to see test server, wardens doing 1200 dmg auto attack, druids heals 4000, seekers completing tt hard alone and my hero again gets the worst skill 4 times in a row. Apart from that i put aside all these nonsense skill unbalance, arena system is trash , events are same as last year and toxic players who paid 9568625 dollar to this game acting like king of the game. No man i quit thats it. I hope one day people stop playing this game.
  3. Well they dont even know priest has resurrection. They respawn instantly. Probably i used 5 times since it came.
  4. Everything about priest bad. I wish i hadn't created this useless hero. It is the worst pvp hero, worst damage, worst healing. My only function in game open aura and giving others players gods help.
  5. I just checked priest. Its bad man, 1vs1 it doesnt prevent using skill, only nearby enemies prevented. What is the point of that? do it also main target. My first impressions that druid, necro, bladedancer, shaman broken. Even if devs nerf them, still they are going to be broken
  6. someone check please priest skill. is it useless again?
  7. So then change chosen passive. Its even worse than forsaken. There is no point of crying this situation.
  8. I hope priest skill is going to be good because I fed up with these useless exhausted burden and mystic mark. I would say Necro skill is going to be broken in dungeons and they will have to nerf immediately. Warlock, bladedancer, warden and paladin got good skills and i didnt understand why shamans complaining about new skill. Its way better than redemption. Shamans probably will immortal with armor-def skill,heal and this new expert skill.
  9. Sorry my bad, there is no even need warden, after all mages can do literally eveything right?tank dmg heal pvp...Just go with mages, thats enough.
  10. No man thats how warspear works. No need healers just take warden and go with mages.
  11. It seems like good event but probably i am never going to expreinece like most of the players who are in average guild .bruh.
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