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  1. Yeah sorry, how can i forgot priceless hairstyles. Now we have another reason to buy battle pass. D :
  2. 2999 coin for emoji and useless chests, I think thats beautiful. Everyone should buy that.
  3. Shaman gets better stats gods-help skill from priest, necro dark power stronger than aura and you are telling me priest gets buff from COMPLETELY USELESS MYSTIC MARK THAT NOBODY CARES
  4. Imagine doing international woman day but only adding pink troll because pink represents women 😧
  5. Changes about rugged hide and mantra of healing quite op since these skills are make you immortal. I dont think they need to be use on ally.
  6. I am quite happy about the general chieftain improvements. Class already dealing the most dmg in pve legison side. Although i am still thinking its not good as seeker or mage, it works fine.
  7. I bought miracle coins with steam but it didnt give coins, just took the money. What should i do
  8. At least they could add another different type of dungeon for weapons, accessories or armors right?
  9. -Only one type dungeon as always. -Unique solo token runs that nobody cares. -Same yellow quests that eventually lead worthless emoji reward -World events that people stop doing after 1 week - And final, of course spamming same 32 lvl dungeon non-stop until the end of event. Warspear doing this almost about 10 years and it stills works. People are happy again so at this point i dont even want to blame devs. xd
  10. What makes this event different from the last year. Changing theme thats it ? lul
  11. It has huge area effect but %30 really bad, it should be 60 or higher. Also in order to deal high amount of dmg with this hero, at least you need 500 magic and this is almost impossible if you are not 30 level.
  12. lul you are telling me that these are the content of the game XD. okay cool very cool next meme
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