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  1. @Higgings it's a very good idea but then people complain about not having enough hotkeys
  2. I feel like too many skills got nerfed because people who only care about pvp complained that they were too powerful in pvp stuff. Yet, they haven't considered their use in pve and it kind of makes me angry.. There are players who pay more attention to pve as well, you know Like myself lol. I never spam arena and hardly spend any time at pvp cave. I wanna spam dg with my Druid but literally no one wants to take a Druid because it's not useful xD
  3. There is no information about it yetBut Aigrind might be planning something, you never know
  4. Uhhh this would be so nice
  5. Morgana

    why bees skill?

    It used to be very useful before expert skills came
  6. Awww, that's very humble! It's amazing that an old costume entry amazed someone that much
  7. Good that you asked!!! What you planned on doing is exactly what is handled as a bot character on Warspear. Characters, which aren't controlled by a human player but used by a programme. It's considered as cheating
  8. But I want to join, too!!! Make Germany available!
  9. Awwwww, you are the very best! Thank you and also to the development team. If they spent second of their time on it I'd appreciate it a lot
  10. @Arshi I agree with you on it though. Rogue's Stealth isn't really useful anymore because it can be detected by anyone. Stealth should have a chance to avoid being detected... something like avoiding stun
  11. Congratz, you just missed the whole point of the topic.
  12. Well if there were 10x 50k gold drops a day wouldn't it kinda ruin the economy in a long term perspective as well?.-. It would make gold completely useless after a few weeks
  13. Gold drops instead of items from bosses lol. If lucky you get a drop of 10k gold or something like that
  14. 3-4 years ago there used to be an awesome skill called 'Invigorating Stream'. Well, there still is a skill called like this... but it's not awesome anymore In fact, it's so useless that hardly anyone uses it. Let's compare the differences: When the skill was invented, it had a push effect which pushed enemy players or mobs only one yard away (it didn't even stun) and it had a small amount of aoe heal. It was really small... Somewhere between 200-300hp per person (only one tick, not like the Totem). The skill cooldown was also pretty high (~40s? Correct me if I'm wrong lol). Because Druids used to have a lot of stun skills back then, people complained that it was too op. Let's take a look at how it works after a trillion of nerfs. It heals one single person at probably about the same amount as back then and it doesn't push anyone or anything. But at least the cooldown was decreased to 12s or so. Now, we shall take a look at how all other skills of Druid changed during the past few years. -Forest Song got nerfed in area effect and chance of stunning (which is okay though, it was pretty op) -Tornado got a massive nerf in area effect (the circle has gotten decreased a lot), it also doesn't stun anymore -Secret Link can't crit anymore c: I guess those were the three major changes which made Druids a lot weaker in comparison to before. I'm not saying they are a weak class!!!! Just saying they are a lot weaker than they used to be. We can also admit that most of the people who complained about Druids being op are people who weren't able to beat them in pvps. It's true, Druids were extremely strong because of their stuns but like all of them except for Roots have been nerfed or removed. What I want to say by this is that Invigorating Stream was never the problem which made the Druids so strong. In fact, Invigorating Stream was a very useful pve skill which got a major nerf because of the Druid's stun dominance in pvp aspects of Warspear. But since those op skills all got nerfed, I don't see a reason why Invigorating Stream shouldn't go back the way it used to be. To make it optional for pve usage it could have the ability to (at least) push away mobs and aoe heal party members, no outsiders. It technically wouldn't have any effect on pvp or arena matters then... Please think about it and take it into consideration! There are very few people who would take Druid players for dungeon runs or harder quests because except for Forrest Song, which doesn't always work and can stun only a limited number of adds, and Secret Link, Druid has no decent support skill. Priests have Redemption, Resurrection, they can increase damage of all party members and deal aoe damage. I can't tell much about Shaman and Necro in this matter.
  15. Morgana

    Daily chest III

    I must insist, do not forget the power of costumes as well *it's not like they eat up 60 of my bag slots*
  16. Morgana

    Daily chest III

    But I like defence spheres!!!!
  17. Well okay, it's your own decision Good luck
  18. Lol I just replied to your other comment but anyway. Why uninstalled just because you can't gain xp by mob kills? You said you enjoyed yourself until you found out and the storyline is fun to play .-.
  19. Awww that's a pity. Few people think it's stupid that you can't get any xp by killing adds but there are so many different quests to do that you don't really need xp from mob kills You could give it a try at least
  20. Sorrydon't cry my son, Julia is here
  21. F you too Long live irony
  22. Lol storytellingmine is boring to be honest. Was 13 years old and got my first smartphone. I never was into gaming, only books (When I wasn't at school or somewhere else, all I did was reading basically lol) but I wanted to find out what some people were so excited about when it comes to online games. So I just searched Google Play Store for online game and Warspear was the first one to pop up. My first character was a Warlock, second one Necro and third one DK. I liked the design and atmosphere of Forsaken the most. I didn't understand the game mechanics for about half a year xD DK was my main for a few months and I never levelled it higher than lv14 that time because I had a lv14 arena crew. Still, I didn't know anything about stats or how to get gear/how to improve it so I really just played for fun and entertaining reasons. After half a year I met someone who introduced me to the Sentinel side and that's where I am until today :3 Ah yes, at first I also didn't understand the thing with different servers lol. My warlock happened to be on a Russian one so I deleted it after some time. Had my priest on EU-Emerald though and that's where I played until I made a DK on US-Sap. - 1st Character Name: Finir (deleted) & Starglitz (still exists) -Server EU-Emerald -Class: Finir Warlock, Starglitz Necro -Creation Date: don't know anymore but I think May 2013 -Difficulty of playing in your perception from 1-10 (1 being easiest / 10 being hardest): Honestly, when you have never played any similar game before, it's freaking hard to understand how the mechanics work. Especially when you have no one who explains everything. Please mind that when I was new, there were only beginner islands, Ashcoast, BG tower, Swamps and lab 1. And Six Shadows was a MUST to continue with the storyline!!! There were also very few high amped players. I only remember one +10 guy and that was the Priest Oracles xD even +7/+8 were kinda a rarity and the total legends of Warspear haha. Difficulty level for mewbies ESPECIALLY nowadays is at 10! Though, there are pros and cons if you compare it to 6 years ago. -Did you recommend it to anyone you know: No, I haven't. None of my friends was into gaming. In fact, I've never told anyone that I played an online game. -Best feature you find it in game: Norlant Swamps! They are my favourite things since I was able to play on them. Crazy mechanics and very diverse. Loving it! -Whats your average playing time (Daily or 2-3 times per week or 1 time per week or 1 time per month or you don't play anymore): It depends. When I was really active from summer 2014 to Spring 2018 I played a few hours a day (depended on how much time I had. But guild tournaments were so important!!!!). I haven't logged from April 2018 until the end of October 2018, then played during event for 2-3 weeks and quit again. Now logging maybe once a week at its maximum. Busy with studies. -Did you buy miracle coins? (if yes u can flaunt and say an approximate of much total $ u spent on game): I have spent money but I don't really wanna say how much. I have a pretty strong BD and a good Druid and I was very happy when I was able to amp them, but I definitely regret having spent money on a game. I mean, it's just a game after all and eventually it's of no use to me :P
  23. Morgana

    Weird chat error

    The Latin word "Victoria" stands for "win" and all other words like Victory etc. are in relation to it .-. Has nothing to do with music @Higgings are you sure you didn't get chat ban because you sent those messages too quickly? Edit: Tested it by myself, it's true. It doesn't send the message xD
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