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  1. Hello there! Jcbreff answered most of your questions but I would like to add that although Swamps' yellow/blue quests are frustrating, it's the most fun out of all islands! It takes some time to understand the mechanics but once you unterstood those and maybe are a little bit stronger than now, they become fun
  2. Morgana

    tree event bug

    Because nothing and nobody is perfect! Mistakes happen sometimes and we are glad that people don't hesitate to let us now If possible, could you please give a more detailed description of what is bugged?
  3. Hello there! Please treat every forum member's opinion and suggestion with respect. You would like to be treated the same way
  4. Every class has a skill to depend on somehow... Firstly, Fetter is a basic skill which has been there since day 1 so I can understand why Palas are upset with it being nerfed. Secondly, when the update post got released, Gladiator admitted serveral times that Palas are op but like everyone else, he didn't want a basic skill to get nerfed for some problem which lies in expert skills. Thirdly, now that Nabnecro was against your opinion because to him it's possible to beat Palas you suddenly jump on him and blame him of playing the most broken class on mc side. If there is a 'most broken class on mc side' which can defeat Palas not only in 1vs1 but also in party play mode, why don't you play that class P.S.: The forum is for all Warspear players, no matter from which guild they come. I can't see anyone else from THEMERCS guild posting here except for Gladiator. Anyone being forum member is welcome to join discussing in all available topics. Only by discussing the negative or positive sides of a suggestion/complaint would turn out. Just because one person says something, it doesn't mean that it's the only right thing. Also, threats in any way aren't appreciated in our community. Therefore, I must ask you to take your personal issues somewhere else. Thank you for understanding
  5. No but we don't want to get raped by mc
  6. Morgana

    drop info

    Hello Please take some time to check if there is already a topic about what you are searching for. I don't know whether acessories have been removed or not but maybe @Reivenorik can answer this one :)
  7. I definitely agree that there has to be done something about those dgs! They used to be fun to do but the rewards right now really aren't worth the effort An idea that popped up in mind is to make level specific guild tournaments for those dungeons. A lot of players, myself included, are annoyed that there is so little competition when it comes to weekly tournaments and we also find it unfair that low level guilds never have a chance to win. What I want to suggest is that every week there is a dungeon tournament for rg, tt, ts and tp. With the upcoming update next spring also the town 5 dungeon. For the tournament you can earn dungeon points, not guild points! Let's say that each of the dungeons is guild level restricted. For example, only players who are member of a guild with level 3 & 4 are able to gain dungeon points from RG dungeons. That doesn't mean that other people can't do that dg, but they won't receive dg points. TT would be available for lv 5 & 6 guilds, TS for lv 7 & 8 guilds and TP for lv9+. The #1 #2 #3 ranks of each dungeon tournament category would receive unique awards but the rewards for all categories should be the same!!! Each dungeon mode should give a different number of dg points, e.g. Easy: 10 points Normal: 20 points Hard: 30 points Heroic: 40 points Of course, this is just a rough description of how it should go but over all I would like something like this to be in game so that low level guilds also have a chance to win nice rewards Let me know what you think about it and make additional suggestions!
  8. Personally, I'm against that I like being surprised by new things that are coming. It would also be a shame if devs planned on putting something in the game, admins posted here, players would be excited for it and then for some reason they couldn't make it xD worst case scenario Or that players might get even more impatient for an update if it's in their favour
  9. Did someone call you by name and you didn't like it?
  10. And that's what I've been telling since over 3 years
  11. Most people give costume design examples, that's what I meant by saying 'make a suggestion'. A drawing or something
  12. Since this is the suggestion forum, do you actually want to make a suggestion on how to improve instead of plain criticism?
  13. Hallo alle zusammen Trotz der wenigen deutschen Warspearspieler und Forumnutzer wünsche ich euch allen einen wunderschönen Feiertag! Genießt die Zeit ohne Arbeit und Pflichten und verbringt ihn mit den Leuten, die euch am Herzen liegen. Ich persönlich habe zwar nicht während der Teilung Deutschlands gelebt aber sowohl Geschichte als auch Familie bringen einem jedes Jahr nahe, wie wichtig es ist die Zeit zu nutzen, die man miteinander hat. Auch wenn vieles in der Politik nicht reibungslos verläuft, gerade heutzutage, seid trotzdem stolz auf das, was Deutschland nach und während der Wiedervereinigung geleistet hat! Wir können uns wirklich glücklich schätzen, dass es uns so gut geht
  14. I'm aware of that but I would like Akasha to explain in Portguese what you just said so he won't have trouble understanding you or me
  15. @Aкasha could you please take care of this case since he speaks Portuguese and doesn't seem to be fluent in English
  16. Good day We understand your concern and agree that it is not correct to share the account with someone else since it is a violation of the EULA. However, the forum support doesn't deal with such things but only our technical support! You can contact them at either [email protected] or right here https://warspear-online.com/en/support Provide them an explanation of the issue + the necessary proofs and they will take care of it. Good luck and have a nice day!
  17. Morgana

    warspear download

    Hey there Yes, I also have those pop-ups when I try downloading the Warspear file but there is absolutely no virus or anything wrong with it! Just go on with the download and enjoy playing
  18. Yep, if he spams my facebook it's my problem. Thank you, I'm smart enough to know how to keep different social media separated. Never gave him a warning on facebook or anything, I only acted on behalf of his forum actions. For good now, this argument should stop. You don't even listen to what I'm saying and only point out those parts which could have been a wrong action but clearly weren't. I get your point of view that you want mods only to able to moderate content but if we only moderated content for every single player who has even violated rules like 5 or 6 times, at some point our whole life would only consist of approving posts 24/7/365 nonstop. Also, none of the mods abuses the ban option, neither do we permanently ban often. It happens that we have to ban someone permanently maybe 4-5 times a year in average. Though, I can't speak for the administration here. All of us try the best to keep everything going smoothly. Just because there is one case which looked rough, it doesn't mean that it's always like this. In fact, there has NEVER been anyone making so much drama about a ban like Ela. Therefore, I dare to say, he was the troublemaker in first place. Thank you :)
  19. Alright but if there is something you need/want to know please don't hesitate to give me a quick pm I wouldn't want any misunderstandings to happen Awww yes, Higgi is awesome, I'm sure he knows what you mean Shame on youuu
  20. Errr in any way, I believe this discussion should be done in mod's room But I agree with Higgi, Man's case should be done for good now... If you want I can let you know about further details in pm Mari
  21. Hello there! You did right contacting the technical support regarding your issue since they are in charge of those kind of things. Unfortunately, your account will not be unblocked if there has been a good reason to block it. Every single player has to agree to the EULA when creating an account and a violation of those rules will lead to punishment in any way, depending on how bad you violated the EULA. In this case I fear you will have to create a new character and make sure you don't do anything wrong again Sorry for those bad news! Have a nice day and good luck with everything :)
  22. He admited it a few months ago. Reivenorik, Higgings and I were aware that he is Elasiri. You judge us too quickly. It seems like you only know his side of the story or that you only know what happened with Ela during the last two days. But you don't know what happened months ago and why he was on our blacklist. Therefore, if you haven't done it yet, please read the post in which I wrote all the reasoning to understand my point of view. I know it's pretty long but it will make things understandable Thank you
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