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  1. By any chance, name starts with E and ends with I?and inbetween it's lasir
  2. Aye! Saying s*it is quite a rough choice of words Hey hey, you are my senpai
  3. Fakeuser, get your choice of words together)
  4. Hello! This is a matter you should discuss with the technical support! You can either contact them at [email protected] or at the official website https://warspear-online.com/en/support
  5. What you are saying has always been a complaint since a long time lol. The thing is that Sentinels and Legions always think the same of each other which kinda shows that both sides are equally strong (or almost). Some classes have their strengths in certain areas, like Druids, Charmers, Hunters, Dks and Warlocks are strong stunners.... Out of all 16 classes there are only two you find it hard to go up against. I don't get how this makes the whole game unfair. Just don't pvp Bds and Druids if it frustrates you that much. As BD I also don't pvp Charmers and Hunters because I simply can't beat them.
  6. Open the game -> click menu -> click my profile -> click change password. There you go :)
  7. Morgana

    BUG in my acc

    Even Warspear wants you to die
  8. Morgana

    Lost account

    Hello there! Usually you can just log in to your account again by entering your ID/email and your password. In case you haven't assigned an email address and don't remember your account ID, please contact our technical support and provide them as much info of your account as possible. E.g. how many characters there are, which level they are and your characters' names, data relating miracle coins purchases, date of account creation.
  9. I can't tell you anything specific about gear or skill point distribution but since I'm an elf who pvps now and then I can tell that the best pvp rogues are those with dodge set up. I can only beat one if it's not +9/+10 and then also only when the rogue is extremely unlucky with his dodges (which happens like never xD). p.s. I'm a +10 BD with main focus on accuracy and even then I can't beat. Imagine everyone else with the standard pvp set up which includes pene, res and hp in most cases. They would do even worse when it comes to dodge rogues x.x Well, I don't have any arena rewards but only normal arena gear. +10 people with full arena rewards might have a good chance in winning
  10. Hey there! Download the game client from the official warspear website, install & open the game, choose logging in to an already existing account Before you are able to do so, however, you have to set yourself a password on your account and make sure you write down your profile ID somewhere! You can also set your own email address as ID which might be easier to remember. Hope this helps you somehow:) Good luck and Merry Christmas
  11. Morgana


    Lol just post the youtube link and it converts into a screen herewe can watch it on the forum then
  12. @lallouss yea I don't need them thanks :P would have donated the gold to mercs instead
  13. Morgana


    Can you upload it on youtube and post it here? Otherwise everyone who wants to watch it has to download a 200MB package and I doubt that many want to do it
  14. I want to open them but after I'm done I'll blame myself for not selling xD
  15. Awwww your English skills are very good! I totally get your point of you and the point of you of everyone I have argued against but I still believe that success only comes from lots of work On the one hand, those players who aren't able to play several hours a day should also have the chance to gain good drops etc. However, on the other hand, I feel like it would be pretty unfair to those who worked really hard to get where they are now... It's a hard topic to discuss, finding a solution that everyone is happy with is nearly impossible :D Though I believe that the devs are trying their best to make the game comfortable to play for everyone!
  16. @lallouss that moment when you promise rewards to those who like your post, you gain 4 likes but all of them are from EU-server
  17. Wow... thank you so much!!! I've never expected anything like this and now that it happened I can tell that I'm very grateful to everyone who helped making the forum active or a better place. Especially to the Lords of Knowledge and my mod/admin colleagues who put in a lot of effort to make everyone feel comfortable! I hope all of us will have a lot more great years ahead of us which we can spend together in joy! Merry Christmas!!!
  18. @Liidert not all farmers are mean and hardly anyone of us goes farming. If questors come we always let them kill first so they would get their quests done. Of course, there are exceptions everywhere when it comes to greedy people. We also had to deal with such people. On this one I definitely agree with, those farmers are very annoying. Just because some people play a lot it doesn't mean they don't have a real life. When x2 tournaments are up we spam non-stop because it gives the most benefit when it comes to gp and drops but during normal weeks we only achieve the required gp which is 10k at the most. The rest of the time we split between real life duties and free time for playing. That's called time management.
  19. In our guild we handled it the way that the guild provides free staminas and gp pots and in return you would share 50% of the drops you got from those spams. A few years ago, before Ayvondil, there were technically no dungeons you could spam and we also earned our money by doing quests or farming items that other people needed to complete quests. When the first town of Ayvondil was released people would spam RG dungeon and please mind that the max. level was lv20 back then. There was no craft gear, no lifesteal accessories, no expert skills, no guildbuffs except hp and mana buff, no guild castles, no relics, no CC from tournaments, no CC gear in general except those lv16 gears at Nadir. Did I miss something? Oh yea, completing the quest 'Six Shadows' was a must to be able to continue with the storyline. Finishing CL quests was also pain because Ashcoast was the only map that existed, so people would come hunt you down once you have crossed Nadir. Six Shadows and CL could take months to be finished. Today you can do it in 3h. You said that nowadays the dungeons are hard but considering how many things we didn't have back then, even dungeons like RG and TT were hard to complete and people died during spams. It's just the same now. Regarding arena rewards: When I first started playing Warspear one arena season lasted half a year. It was very very VERY special if you had only one single arena reward.
  20. @Pecleb So you think that people who put more time and work into something than others shouldn't be able to gain better rewards? Then what's the point of working hard to improve your character when you could get the same good stuff at +7. By the way, Glad's guild hasn't always been lv12 with all kinds of guild buffs. He already spammed like crazy when it was lv6 without great benefits. Also, his guildmates weren't always +10 as well. They were a little group of low/middle amped people who got together to work hard to improve the guild + themselves. It took them 2-4 years (depending on the person) of damn hard work to achieve their target. If someone doesn't want to spend so many years on a game just to be able to do dungeons flawlessly it's fine with me. But then don't start complaining that only high amps can do certain stuff because some of those people worked their butts off
  21. The things is that not only players who buy mcoins are good enough to complete difficult dungeons... Gladiator and quite a few other people reached +9/+10 just by working their butts off. I met Glad when I was a noob +6 Pala 4 years ago, now he is +10 and hasn't spent a coin on Miracle Coins. Speaking from my point of view as player now, not as mod :D If you put in enough work and effort everyone is able to do well. Unfortunately, a lot of people think that things will come easy if they just keep on complaining. Therefore, I definitely support Gladiator's idea.
  22. Aww so you are one of those guys who always take every single bit of criticism personal I was saying exactly the opposite. Do NOT rush and try doing it slowly so you won't die. Of course you can always say your opinion here on the forum but that doesn't mean that others aren't allowed to have a different one :) The snow event hasn't lasted for too long yet. Take 2-3 days to try figuring out how the dungeon mechanics work. Not everything can be done by bold add killing. Few things also need tactics
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