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    Playing for 12 hours straight today, ditching lunch and dinner, looking at phone while ignoring others, dying 16 time ( I was triggered cuz dying to mc hunters) finally lvl up to 15.was freaking happy andbirthday sad at the same time cuz I'm hungry :( . Never put so much effort playing since started a week ago( after leaving tibiame game then started warspear), at some point I was feel discourage cuz at my lvl now I can't even solo camp leader for quest, literally weak -_-v but thanks to my savior at times I almost give up (xbluebirdx) I love you mi Amor for helping me everytime, I wisheven I could give you pizza cuz I'm eating it now Q(^_^Q). Miracle coins tempting me so hard cuz investing for sure make you strong but I choose theto hard way not to top up LoL stupid meand make myself miserable going theto hard way xd. As much as I can say 1st thing I do when woke up afterat a good sleep I go into the game, that's how my daily day start now. Addiction? I can say yes xd, what about you guys? Addicted enough? Kappa
  2. Hi I'm looking for a mate and guild that would help in quest such camp leaders slaying/ dungeon. Tried to ensure playing solo and honestly it's hard. So if any guild mind to help and invite I would be appreciate. IGN: laurayjc (ranger level 8) Server US sapphire
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