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  1. I kind of agree with this though bd is not that bad if you kite Maybe nerfing the notorious counter would make most people happy. Hamstrings damage could be also taken away, but it still must be a stun. BD is weak as a kitten against casters without a stun. And yea, if you look from a 1v1 point of view, mage is shit atm. It really is and everyone knows this. Maybe give it similar skill that lock already has? That one which makes lock unable to do anything but at the same time it does not take any damage.. Would let the mage start spamming it skills all over again once he can move. But on the other hand, with proper team play, mage can be ridiculously strong. Despite all this, game is actually pretty balanced atm. Dks and barbs got decent skills, palas banner was fixed and Druid's tornado is not anymore 5x5. Good job devs
  2. Well I'm sorry if it hurts someone's feelings but it logically thinking, the Bible and Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets have similar basis in real life If someone wants to believe, no problem, but don't get offended if others tell what they think about it. And back to the topic. The great wall of 'Murica on Mexico border would be something worth seeing
  3. Yes, The constitution should be repealed and replaced with Hammurab and Ten Commandments. Also US should send their troops everywhere to mess things up again. And yes, homosexuals must not be able to marry because someone interprets some old fairy tale in his own favor. In addtion, Iran must be punished because they almost managed to decide start their nuclear weapon programme. No country should be allowed to have nuclear weapons. And even though whole idea of parliamentary democracy is to let the representatives to decide, we must not let them decide because of the bible.
  4. Tbh, the best part of this game is making other faction mad. Everyone who denies this, is a liar and hypocrite.
  5. juuelikkas

    Any Danes?

    Ei loydy aakkosia eika ookkosia taalta, valitettavasti. Positive, never encountered any Danes. Either Danes do not exist or they are just too shy to talk
  6. I absolutely demand that we get these costumes. Do not t disappoint me Roland.
  7. Idea was good, execution something beyond horrible
  8. Problem with new pvp areas is that no one ever uses them.
  9. juuelikkas

    Any Danes?

    There are not many danes here tbh (or they are afraid to admit that they belong to such a group )
  10. Well get more mc players then by means of not being a lousy alliance
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