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  1. i tryed to find if suggested before i didnt find but i bet its out there id like to see a message board for guild a place we can still talk and chat if not on at same hours all the time, id perfer it be simple and basic as possiable only explorer and up can post and lead can chose who can delete messages its a pain communicating with the current guild message thing even if i have to pay mcoin or lots of gold for it plz add it
  2. i dont like bluestack cause of the lag but i love the veiw area and size of screen also thier picture quality is better, id like to see the windows version at least get better picture quality lol i take alot of screen shots
  3. I mostly play mage so I'm bias but I think it chould be interesting
  4. when im running around on my mage i like to buff people it shows i care lol but dragon eyes is all i got and it not last to long soo my suggestion is for a mage mage skill inferno imbrace engulps ally in flames causeing damage to nearby enemys (alt version also my fav version) engulps target with flames causeing dam to all in area
  5. voodoo does not work on electronics

  6. I'd like to see a set of expert skills that all classes chould use like a general set of skills
  7. yes i like this idea whould be interesting
  8. i keeping thinking about armor skins so say i can make gt gear look different, i really wanna be able to fully costumize my look costumes are better yes but armor skins can be awsome too lol
  9. bdiuspxD


    hello, umm alot of rumors about what happen over at sithlordz, id like to know why 1 memmber and guild for sale i'm not buyer just wondering
  10. war is not capture the flag its more like a seidge or town raid, capture the flag is player must grab flag and run it to a base of some sorts to get point, but i agree multi battle modes for arena sounds soo awsome
  11. i seen azertixxx on today it was a char he made right before we ran tour, few people mad at him, he loged off right as i loged in, id be willing to talk to him even make him heir but i wont pass lead at least for long time
  12. azerti is no longer lead, he did good for guild but idk where he is now me jxjx and drewsin are pushing the guild to a new lvl, luxani was the leader who originally invite me but idk where he is either, dispite the stuggles we will see this guild grow and reach a potential it never has before
  13. dont delete war i say switch it up thou, capture the flag, raid boss invades nadir, massive death match between factions i just dont wanna see the same war over and over id like a change in protocal
  14. id like to see a version of war thats capture the flag say when the flag is droped by the capturing player it respawns randomly at 1 of 3 spots or something (who will mabye be weilding the flag as a weak weapon and slowed by a debuff, also all enemys can see flag holder on map but not allys lol xD), mabye or a big raid boss is droped in nadir say a pirate captain of some sort invades nadir with his crew that mc and elf have to kill all who atk the boss gets drop or buff or mabye just a massive death match which ever side gets most kills wins or each side has to escort a small caravan from their t1 to enemy t1 xD ..... just a few suggestions to spice war up i like the current war its like a town raid but whould be awsome to see a varity of wars esspecally the huge capture the flag
  15. yes like invis potion but mabye lil less transparent
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